a poem by Maryse Saldanha

I run to the mountains from where flows the streams
Him, I am here, to find
Leaves sway in the breeze, blue birds fill the air
Wild beasts prowl around unkind

I hear footsteps run, the distance it grows
Dried twigs crush ‘neath my feet
The chase has begun wild geese on the run
Just get him and happiness be mine

Faces go by, friends and family they be
They call I pay not heed
My baby she cries, I toss her a sweet
I can’t stop now, he has to be mine

The mist clouds my eye, I leave miles behind
Closer now I speed
I capture him at last, elated I feel
At the mountains peak we stand

He is all mine, success is mine
Pride at the mountains peak
But wen I look around there’s none to share
All have been left far behind

Successful I stand yet all alone
In ambition I failed to see
All loves left afar its too late to return
I got him but at too great a price