Sonnet- The H.I.V. Victim

a poem by John Celes Dr.

‘Tis sad to see the H.I.V. victim,
Bedridden lie, melting away like snow;
And all the while, he knows his life is grim;
As DEATH unfolds grimacingly, his FOE.

Tho’ seemed life rosy just some months ago;
One blunder made, threatens his life somehow;
It looks as if he fell down from a bough,
A lethal fall that takes his life fast now.

He knows the blunder made was very grave;
No use, it is to fret and fume right now;
Had he, his common-sense used, God him gave,
Prematurely to Death, he need not bow.
Fie, DEATH, unkindly thou now grabs his neck,
When lies he, mental, physical, a wreck.