Our beautiful beloved Earth – III

a poem by Ramesh T A

After industrial revolution and technological developments electronics rules;
Civilisation without culture is spreading and capturing the whole world now!
Knowledge without wisdom is changing the world into a mad, mad world!
Political and religious fanaticism without knowledge is too dangerous;
So, to save the world from destruction, madness wisdom should prevail
And the thoughts of tomorrow’s world based on history help avoid craziness!

By Nuclear War, world cannot be conquered except complete destruction!
By military might all nations cannot be invaded to control the world by one!
Not by dictatorship but by democracy aiming human development can do so!
In fifty years five billion population will jump to ten billion population;
So, without renewing the natural resources for food, energy and raw materials
How can the present world go on exploiting it for the safety of the future world?

Without recycling the natural resources competitive industries are exploiting them;
Deforestation is destroying resources, increasing soil erosion and bringing floods;
Consequently an abnormal change in Nature develops unhealthy trends for transition;
Industrial Civilisation controlled by One Authority cannot make One World work well;
Also free World Industrial Society allowing human developments can be a dream only;
So, one Agrarian World State to avoid nightmares is a good idea to dream about now!

Civilised World life without Nature is a horrible Utopia even to dream about!
Even Art without Nature will not be universally appealing to human nature!
Without the touch of Nature in life, culture and art it won’t be enjoyable ever!
Nature that has created Earth is so beautiful, lovely and lively can’t be ignored!
With the destruction of Nature including us our beautiful beloved Earth will be out!
And No Imprint will remain to speak about Human World if destruction is certain!