a poem by Ramesh T A

Man is a great mystery yet to be discovered in the world.
Discoveries and inventions of Nature and machine are a fig.
For some the end is important and for some the means.
The end or means, aim is the deciding factor in all.
Rationality distinguishes man from beast here.
Art, Science, Religion and Literature are the output of his mind.
From God’s Nature developed man the Art in the world.
By understanding and controlling Nature lost he the fear.
Writing, painting, sculpture, music and dance imbibed in his life.
But between man and man the evils remain the same ever.
Lust, anger, fear and jealousy are hindering man’s progress.
Confusion, competition and conflict burn the mind of man.
Confidence, cooperation and creation grow the culture of man.
Only man to man understanding comes of kindness to friendship.