Mortal Sin

a poem by Rohit Verma

Sitting by the sea, all night
Fantasizing things, that could never be born
Murmuring all that to myself
That never could dare utter
Dancing with her at a soiree
Or say, a honeymoon flight to some snow capped unknown land
Trying to get some solace- but in vain
Something hammers hard deep inside
Thoughts of her throngs my heart
As if, never again, it will reside in peace
Heart pounds severely,
Trying to break all barriers
She can’t be the one you love
But of course, she is your little honey!
But probably she hesitates
Shrinks back because of your style
“Forfeited love”, one may title
Me, like a solitary traveler
Longing to reach his destination
Sailing in a sea without waves.
I don’t fancy life anymore
Like a bird
Looking up at the eternal divine blue-
But alas! look its wings are clipped.
Sitting in the graveyard- meditating
Or in the cremation ground
Staring at the wild flame
Confused- who perished tonight!