Mind on Lease

a poem by Janakiraman Ra

Person reverently saying Mr.X, Mr.X very often
Is a nobody since he is somebody else’s person.
He may be a great scholar and a good speech maker
But his mind and thoughts are out of his empire.

Mr.X has effectively occupied his entire mind
Muffling and silencing his inner voices’ sound.
Even if he tries, this way or that way he can’t bend.

Alas, His outward physical body alone is his own
His mind has been stealthily taken on lease
By someone or some Ism cleverer and shrewder.

An illiterate brother who is unaware of Mr.X. or Mr.Y
Is cleaner, pure, more honest and respectable indeed
For his mind and thoughts are exclusively his own.

If some one quotes Mr.X, Mr.Y etc; again and again
It may be to impress others with his scholarship
Or it may be that he doesn’t have his own thoughts.

One must be keen and open to all types of thoughts
But must process and discriminate such thoughts
To have one’s own thoughts, aims and principles.

Quoted thoughts may be good for beautiful speeches
But verily One’s own thought is what really matters.