Merry Rhymes

a poem by Sudeshna Kar Barua

Daddy’s Pride

Aha! Said the Kangaroo,
See how fast, how fast he grew!
That’s my baby, sure it’s true
He’s now a Spice Net Aircraft crew!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Googy boarded Ting Tong Mail,
Wagging a fluffy, fleecy tail.
But when the Mail went off the rail
Googy got off but left his tail.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have You?

Have you seen Numami Zoo?
Is it right in Timbuctoo?
Have you tasted Lankan brew?
Is it spicy through and through?
Have you read “The Merry Berry Boo”?
Is that a thriller by Braddy Moo?
Haven’t you even a single clue?
Don’t worry, I’m as blank as you.