Medical Prescriptions

a poem by Pancholi Nandlal Kanjibhai

To teach kids about hieroglyphs
We can show them doctor’s prescription slips
For this illegible version
Exactly tallies its description
Medicos scrawl letters with awkward curves
And to read you’ve to strain nerves
While reading the prescribed drugs
Often a dispenser sneers and shrugs
The prescription of ‘pheniramine’
Often gets misread as ‘amphetamine’
If they write ‘ethambutol’
It reads: ”Thy death toll”
And when they pen ‘dexamethasone’
It appears like ‘desist my son’
Many die of fatal reactions when dispensers
Misread doctor’s prescriptions
Handwritten prescription has become
A potential health-hazard
Which requires urgent and immediate safeguard