Marriage Blues

a poem by Inchara

Two unknown faces met over a coffee
Both avoiding each other’s quizzical gaze
Each one waited restlessly for the other to pop a query
Birds of million thoughts flew in their minds

Before they could imprint each other’s face in their minds
The strangers were bonded together for a lifetime
Elders blessed the couple to become triple
The ship of marriage slowly took off from the harbor

Leaving the path of bachelor life seemed tough
The path of togetherness seemed rough
Sharing and caring, loving and living seemed burden
Mismatch of attitudes became the highlight

Slowly but steadily the tide of clashes were ebbing
But the scare of occasional looming storm hung
In order to win one has to lose was elders counsel
Shedding the egos and accepting the facts was thorny

Each made silent promises to makeup for the past
The plant of marriage gradually commenced to grow
Bud of patience and understanding began to bloom
Petals of laughter and fragrance of love filled the room