Layers of a Mind

a poem by Aastha

Underneath the layers of the human mind;
Are the memories of a few shattered dreams

Faces on the curtains of my windows appear;
In desperation of the freedom that we once feared

Crawling on the walls of imagination
Must be the images that escaped somehow

But life still goes on from the outside
But inside a world has finally drowned

The anticipation and a strange feel
While we drift between illusion and reality

Provides the satisfaction that the soul seeks
To see people act wise and living in peace

We are bound as a whole and there are limits
To every thing that we must say or do

But still we can escape this cage, by
Going beyond the four walls if we should

Life still goes on from the outside
But inside, a new world shines,
Limitless and beyond the realms of reality
A treasurer of all times