Poems on "Government"

People’s Tax Money II

a poem by Ramesh T A

Other people’s money should not be used as we like or please!
Other people’s money should be returned to others after serving the purpose;
Or other people’s money should be returned to others in some other form!
No one has any right to use other people’s property as one likes!
If it is our property how careful are we to use it for our purpose?
So, if it is people’s tax money it should be productively used as a principle
Without harming the people so as to avoid development of vested interests.

Mobilisation of funds is most needed for nation building activity and clearing debts;
People’s tax money alone is not enough but funds from other sources too needed!
Selling barren lands and detecting black money funds can be raised for the nation;
Liberalising economy and globalising trade increase the economic power
Enabling entrepreneurship to take hold of the reign for development to enhance
The socio-economic status of people on par with the developed nations of the world.

But in reality people work, earn money, pay tax and pull on the days sans hope;
Their children’s education, employment, marriage and their own retirement
Are too difficult to cope with at the ripe old age in this nation of rich culture!
Intelligent men may escape, but innocent men can’t manage at the fag end of life!

Increasing prices of commodities and squeezing out tax money are very bad!
It is easier to harass than to harness honourable people for nation building.
For that they have to answer in some form one day or other in the Court of Dharma
And what sort of punishment they have to undergo will be decided by the Lord!

Abusing power they may escape before the eyes of the public but not before Dharma,
Which will punish them all without fail till they correct themselves or till they die!
Power, which comes from God, if used against Him, the user will become poor, sure!
The last resort for such sinners would be God only for redemption, a true fact!
If the God is merciful those sinful men may be saved; otherwise no hope for them!

People are the Gods in any democratic country and before their power
Bureaucratic or ministerial powers are matchless in the world ever!
So, this the power wielders should know and utilise people’s tax money
Wisely and properly to up hold the honour of the nation in the world!

People’s Tax Money I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Peoples are the heroes of democracy but not the ministers
And the administrators who govern them in any nation!
People pay tax for the maintenance, development and
For running the government machinery of the country;
So the ministers and the government machinery should know
The roles and serve the nation better than before coming to power.

Without the contribution of the people no country can progress;
But politicians play with the people’s money for their pastime!
Also, the bureaucrats enjoying all benefits perpetuate corruption!
Politicians come and go but the bureaucrats stay longer in posts
To scrub away the wealth of the nation for their survival only.
For all the mistakes of the govt. people are victimised always
By frequent price rises and all kinds of taxes to be borne by them.

Actually the tax paying public is the employer of the govt. employees;
So, these public servants should be faithful and truly serve the people.
If war comes or flood comes the national economic loss is borne by them
And whether the ministers or officers work or not total risk is on the people.
Tax money means what? It is not a donation or an alms but
A share of the people’s income given for the good of the nation;
Tax is paid not for the comforts and facilities of ministers or officers
To while away the time without doing any good for the nation
Wastefully on useless projects increasing the debt burden to the people.

For the failures in the implementation of five year plans generally
Ministers blame the officials and the officials blame the ministers!
But people’s tax money is wasted incurring heavy loss to the nation.
Centralised socialistic system is the cause for all the spoils of the State;
Decentralised democratic form of govt. is the solution for this spoil system.

More than 70% of people’s tax money is paid as salary to the public servants
And only 30% of people’s tax money is utilised for nation building activities!
But the govt. machinery doesn’t have people’s approach or even care for them;
So, people have to fight for another national freedom against such infidels!
With this meagre fund how can a nation develop itself in the world?
A nation can only pull on the days without any progress and strength!

Much nonsense is committed in many nations in the name of socialism;
Social justice is not stealing the riches of the rich to fill the pockets of the poor,
But it is to make the poor rich and equal to the rich in all respects in reality.
Many organisations follow the former rather than the latter method to achieve it;
They all should see failures faced by the erstwhile Soviet States and East Europe
And reform their policies to up lift the poor people to achieve social justice.

Water, Water, Water…

a poem by Ramesh T A

Drought in many districts in many States of the Nation
has been alarmingly usual every year!
Proper drainage system and provision of drinking water are the problems yet to be solved
Even after half a century after India got independence from the foreign rulers!

Without water there is no life in the world, which is covered with two-thirds of water,
Which cannot be used for human survival and live longer!
That is the delicate problem we have to deal with so as to survive in the world!
So, providing good water to the people besides electricity, road, transport, health, school
and training centre for job is the priority for any Govt.

Otherwise, only parched earth and dried up lakes and rivers would be the yearly truth
Due to the failure of monsoons, insufficient rain falls and improper planning of the Govt.
And also due to exploitation of natural resources for
food, energy and raw materials for home and industries;
As a result and due to man’s negligence flash floods,
soil erosion and destruction of natural resources occur.
Exploitation sans recycling of natural resources leads to the destruction of
modern developments and development of diseases!

The storage of rain waters in tanks and river waters in dams
save men at severe drought situations;
Not only at the times of monsoon failures do the tanks and dams help men
but for agriculture, power generation and fish culture as well.
Also if the rivers of a nation are linked together,
they may help the nation in a multiple way
Like providing internal ferry services by way of canals, drinking water to all and for irrigating inland areas too!

In the West men sing as “rain, rain go away,” in wail;
But here men sing as “rain, rain come again,” without floods and fail!

Without air, water and food, human survival anywhere is impossible in the Universe;
Air for breathing, water to stop dehydration and food for energy
are basic necessities for human life here!

Scientific search for life and water in other galaxies and planets is only speculative still;
Sun and soil, though solid scenes, cannot evolve life without water anywhere;
So, the discovery of some trickles of water in Mars
is just a beginning to solace ourselves in verse!

Water is the God in the desert as it is the life-blood for all there!
Water of floods is the God of Death if it does not stop soon!
The air in the sky kindles fire to release energy;
But, of all, only water makes Matters out of energy with life on the land!
So, water is all; and without water no Matter can evolve with life anywhere!

Indian Judiciary and Delivery of Justice

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

What a wonderful judiciary!
What a marvelous delivery of justice!!
Match to Indian Cricket Team,
Stylish to Indian batting, bowling and fielding.

Used, abused and worn out judiciary,
Delayed and denied justices to almost all,
Ever increasing injustices of all kinds,
Caused more by the state than others,
Indian governance moves forward and forward,
Sans justices to all at all levels,
Be it political, social or in economy.

Money can buy justice,
Money can cause gross injustice and go scot free;
When money could replace God,
What matters it if justice delivery is for a price.

Contempt of court procedures are used,
And respect is demanded and forced upon by judiciary,
Knowing little that respect is to be commanded and not demanded,
Playing the role of a factory producing moulded furniture,
In the form of advocates, judicial officers, judges and clerks;
Who can dare to bell the cat other than Indian people,
Who should first understand their strength and constitutional rights;
Time has come for the judiciary to stop playing cat,
Drinking milk closing eyes as if no one else would see it.

Courts are growing giant with imposing buildings and staff strength,
With coward judges surrounded by police and guards,
And moving in imported and expensive motor cars,
Attired in designer made suits with neck ties,
Ill-suited to Indian climatic conditions,
As if these are prides for judiciary to hang on,
From its own colonial past to modern democracy,
Taking for granted people’s goodwill,
Getting eroded faster than ever before.

Mortal marketers of justices in respective gowns,
As judges, advocates and court staff,
Are advised to change for the better and not bitter,
If the institution of judiciary should get back its lost glory,
And delivery of justice is smooth, natural and with compassion,
Sans loss of billions of man hours and tones of papers,
Conserving man hours and trees to protect mother nature,
Else Indian Judiciary will be like a silkworm,
Making cocoon taking lot of pains
Little knowing that it would get itself imprisoned inside,
To ultimately die little knowing the beautiful world outside,
And the Divine Power that ultimately grants justices to all.


a poem by Aswini Mishra

Welcome to the world’s largest anarchy,
I’m sorry, I meant democracy.
But they are the same thing, aren’t they?
The politicians mean the opposite of what they say.
And when the police and administration aren’t asking you for a bribe,
They’re too busy toeing the government line.

And if it’s not bad enough already,
We have to deal with these morons from the BJP.
Hindu pride? Who gives a rat’s ass?
Togadia looks like he’s been smoking too much grass.

He spews hate and expects us to admire that!
He expects us to relate to him and his pack.
And don’t get me started on those Jehadi jerks,
That Laden freak and his kind drive me berserk.

Brainwashing children, making terrorists out of kids,
Man that must make you feel really big.
You say the government screwed you?
Well they screwed me too.

Hell, they screwed the whole country,
That’s why we have surplus grain and still millions go hungry.
So if you really have to blow up someone,
Why don’t you take parliament hostage? That should be fun.

You can demand whatever you want from us,
But all we’ll say is “Keep them ******!”
Eventually you’ll beg us to take them back,
You’ll do anything to get the parasites off your hands.

‘Coz they are maggots, the lowest kind of animals,
I’d rather give my vote to a bunch of cannibals.
Now I’m an Indian and I’m proud of that,
But I just had to state the facts.

Police Force

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Poverty at heart with arrogant power in hands,
Overlooking crimes and looking for money,
Living on bribes over growing crimes all around,
Impoverishing hapless citizens with a tyrant’s hand,
Caring little of citizen’s welfare at large,
Encouraging corruption and crimes at all levels.

Favouring those with bag full of currency notes to part with,
Order of the day has turned out to be in money-making,
Rarely finding criminals and punishing them,
Caring only money and ruling political powers of all kinds,
Ever widening the gaps of the governed and the government.


a poem by Hiren Shah

It is strange that while the game of football has a Referee,
Our parliamentarians, with worse fouls are allowed to go Scott-free.
Some of their behavior and doublespeak resembles jumping of monkeys from tree to tree.
For how long can one tolerate such behavior and to what degree,
Educated or otherwise, they have to behave themselves irrespective of their pedigree.

The parliament is not a place where one can expect bonhomie.
The parliament, is a forum where they are supposed to debate, agree and disagree.
Considering, “work is worship”, instead of having the attitude of an ardent devotee,
Their conduct reminds one of a hovering butterfly when stung by a bee.
They might as well be playing with Frisbee

This kind of behavior one does not expect even from a management trainee
Rather than exchange insinuations the way kicks and blows were exchanged by Bruce Lee,
They should participate actively and spice the discussion with repartee;
They should mend their ways and listen to the speaker’s plea,
For with mass communication media, their conduct is there for all to see
They, not some government servants in Bihar who should be deprived of their salary
It is high time they conduct themselves in a way that can be deemed parliamentary.

One cannot grudge anybody wanting to be carefree;
Because there is nothing wrong in it prima facie.
But not when it involves tax payer’s hard earned rupee.
Unless they reform themselves, any real progress can only remain a fantasy.
Individuals do not matter, all should be responsible;not just Arun Shourie or Jaitley

On the subject of reforming themselves, unless they give some guarantee,
The systemic vicious circle makes one feel as helpless as a refugee
They need to pull up their socks and mend their ways badly
Otherwise the electorate shall look forward to get permanently rid of them gladly
Nobody even in retrospect then shall look upon it sadly.
At least nobody then shall react so angrily.

America vs Laden

a poem by Rajdeep Gupta

11th September, a day that changed the world.
The world trade center was attacked with a mission.
Some fanatic in guise hijacked a plane…
”We’ll destroy America came the clarion of an man.
An old man, tall, gaunt figure, wearing a turban on his head
With Grey-streaked beard… peering as us enemy number one
8th october, with its allies us attacked on Taliban with all furore…
Incessant bombs were first dropped, followed by shelling
Within few days armies were deployed the Taliban was crushed
The war bore faces of innocence, cries of widow, the dried eyes of a mother
Peace returned.
This time the shackles of women were released.
But where was the man, for which the war was waged
he was no more to be seen
America wants him dead or alive, but where is he?
13th December, another attack, this on Parliament of India.
India eyes Pakistan, Bush’s calls for restrain
The world questions Bush’s double standard policy
If laden is found then should America considered its mission over?
Nobody wants war.
But if thrust upon us we’ll give them a fight.
No more can West boast of his superiority,
one man had changed the complexion.
“Jihad” was the new one in the list for America.

April 1st, The Fool’s Day

a poem by Rahul K E

Today the day, when usually people make other fools
But this time government made the people fools
In the past, I with my friends made fun of others this day
Now Govt. with their friend WTO made “fun” of us on world fools day
For the starving fifty crores, now there are imported MNC’s luxury goods
For the illiterate forty crores, now there are internet and WAP
Whichever the party is, they forgot man needed and food and literacy before these
The Q.R’s are off, now the P.R’s (peoples rage) will be on
As estimated, 18% growth will be there with a bit change in fields
Our country will “grow” in poverty, inequality, socio-economic imbalance
Certainly population will be controlled, coz policies promote suicides
I don’t know how much my country will “gain” thru’ fools day
I believe, I will forget this day; coz “I” died today early morning.
But I love my country and still pray ‘Long Live India’.

The Village and the City

a poem by Rajendran M

Cities glitter with allowances
But villages close their bare necks
with torn ends of beggarly HRA.
Gandhi’s dreams are in books.

Vacancies in villages are unsought
but those in cities are booked in advance.
To the vexed rural public servants,
learned touts clinch the deals.

Till the prospective buyers
knock at with bundles of currencies,
vacancies in cities wait with garlands.
The rate goes sky high to rock the heaven.

Fridge, TV, PC -. are exchanged
to strike a bargain at times.
Officers wait at the feet of whores
who are the breezy shores for the scoundrels.

Vegetables, electronic goods, clothes
are dead cheap in cities.
For education and healthcare of their wards,
the ill paid in villages borrow in sorrow.

The soldiers are groomed in villages
but the cities breed beings with itching palms.
The pillars of the nation are from hamlets
but the killers are at large in cities.

To boost it’s luxury, a city has CCA;
a village has no VCA to scare penury.
Subordinates surpass the officers in Degrees.
The whole of India nauseates.


a poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

The Runner Is!

Silver tongued, but not erudite,
born with a pearl studded putter
in his hands. Gold plated larynx
smooth words and very little
substance. A politician running
for president. 147 condemned
prisoners, in the state he rules
executed (They couldn’t afford
a sharp lawyer) a proof that he,
behind a mask of smiling
charisma, is tough enough to
be the next chief executive of
the USA.

Rulers and the Ruled

a poem by Hyder Nayab

Father! Father! May I ask,
As to how you feel about your new task,
Bestowed upon you by the people at large;
To rule over them as the minister-in-charge.

My child, you’re too young to understand
The intricacies of governing the people of this land.
A minister though, has a short lived job,
Could certainly live like a king of the mob.

But, mother tells me that gone are those days,
When kings used to rule the masses always.
Now it seems the people have the power to vote,
And change the rulers, as and when they happen to gloat.

Those are the laws and rules of the game,
Which only we sit, contemplate, and frame.
The voters are shown the rainbows on the sky;
They get pacified and allow us to fly.

Sorry father! Does it mean that you knowingly cheat
The innocent masses who can’t make both ends meet?
Does it not pinch your conscience a bit?
Don’t you think, their vengeance might put you in the pit?

That’s why my child, I said you’re too young to understand
The intricacies of governing the people of this land.
As a minister, I for sure would govern the masses at large;
And make my kith-n-kin, the bosses under my charge.


a poem by Satish Kakri

Many a time,
Governments come
And they go
Desiring desperately
Their nations to progress
And grow.

Prosperity of the nation, in mind
Can all political parties, bind.
To the nation’s mission
Must stand above
Petty personal gains
Clinging to corruption, power
Leaders must refrain.

How funny

a poem by Mayank Mohan Pande

In a medieval land hungry for social and economic reform,
There are those who proclaim our ancients said the world is one,
and the very next moment this very belief deform.

By an honorable lady politician threatening to shave of her head.
If a courageous lady born in Italy can shed hatred and take her adopted country ahead.