a poem by Rita Malhotra Dr

Dumbstruck time
Stands motionless
Head hung in shame

Broken thoughts fragment
The child-woman’s dreams
Dreams woven across time
Since the first stirrings of passion
When love’s frenzied pulse-beats
Went racing through her being
Disbelief breeds in the
Blood-soaked sheet
Evil lurks in every drop of air
Howling winds pound on
The lone window-pane
Hailstones rain ruthless

As dead dreams fall heavy on her
She staggers out in tatters
Bruised breasts smell of raw flesh
The soul weeps in the ashes
Of burnt apparels of dignity

A feeble futile attempt
To unwrite the story fails
Time stands stone-still
Echoes of dry dreams
Haunt uncertain metaphors
Of still-born tomorrows