Poems on "Wisdom"


a poem by Baljit_Singh Dr

Her blessed words were special
“May you always be together?”
“It is beautiful; you sing together.”
Neighbour from India
I said, yes!
I found her, overprotective of us
Through her greater charm
She was blessing us

Maxim of Her Life

a poem by Pratishtha Khatkar

She wanted to relieve the despondency
To Disrobe her Soul 
So, she can Dance
In Leeway…

Cool Breeze and her Passion 
Complements each other 
As Dawn frolics 
With Dusk…

Just like a flower of chivalry 
She Dances,
She Bloom 
And She Blossoms…

Her Glinting Gallant Eyes 
Her Tenacious Throbbing Heart 
Dance Fearlessly
To respond the diatribe 
Which bereaved her 
To shindig…
Yes, to shindig 

For now as the maxim of her life…
She dances
For an abandoned glory
O! What a lovely story

A New Song (From The Song of Solomon)

a poem by Miryam Sakeena Nahar

I stood at the window, crying
But no one came
I never saw you rushing

I stood at the window, waiting
The birds will come at least
I never saw you rushing
Promising me a feast

I stood at the window, alone
The birds never came
No one ever came
I never saw you standing, gazing

I stood at the window, alone
Every day, all alone
I never saw you peering
I never heard you saying ”Arise My love
My beautiful one, and come with me.”

I stood at the window, cold
But now, I see you rushing, You, Jesus, so bold
Now I see you peering, Now you are mine and I am yours
The winter is past
And the rains are over and gone

Dance with me, my Love, my Life
Dance with me
The Song of Life
The Song of Love
In the dawn of each and every moment.

Step of Faith

a poem by Miryam Sakeena Nahar

Climb to the top of the mountain
Every step He’ll be right there
Reaching out His arms of love
Reaching out His hand of care.

Do not be afraid to reach into thin air
His hand will be there, promising you He’ll never let go
Do not be afraid to step on ground you cannot see
He promises for you solid Rock He shall be.

Beloved, think not He’s waiting for you to reach out first
His loving arm is already extended
“Grace begins where human ability ends”
And there on the Cross your ability has ended.

Your right choices He has chosen before time began
Each wrong choice you would do, He has sorted
So take up your Cross,
Strengthened by His Grace and His Love only
You in Jesus dying daily.

And when you reach the final step
He’ll lift you up to the top of the mountain
His hand still placed in yours so faithfully
Each step you took having fought the good fight
Been true to the faith God placed in your heart
Not forgetting His yoke which made it so easy
And His burden which made yours so light.

And there at the top of the hill of the Lord you dance
The dance of Life in the arms of your Lord Jesus
Sealed in the song of each moment
And music to which Satan cannot listen.

My Friend Nizzy

a poem by Zarena

Nizzy Nizzy
Don’t be lazy

Nizzy Nizzy
Don’t be drowsy

Nizzy Nizzy
Don’t take this easy

Nizzy Nizzy
Life is to live and not leave

Nizzy Nizzy
Don’t be sicky

Nizzy Nizzy
Don’t think I am crazy

Nizzy Nizzy
I am telling this to make you bussy

Reality check

a poem by Rashmi

Between right and wrong,
There’s a boundary not so long,
Anything which you believe is right,
In other’s perspective may vary from black to white.
So never think you are always on correct side,
Because the margin to cross is not so wide,
Maybe your leg slips and you land,
In the side which has a different sand,
But since it’s ‘you’, so you will defend,
The margin, you will try to bend,
But if the person was not someone called ‘you’,
Then taunts you would have passed few.
“How can you say the boundary was not clear?
And now you are shedding crocodile tear”
This would have been your statement then
Which you would have passed in front of several men,
But when you have to face the same situation,
You may not like people’s reaction,
But how can you expect other’s to understand your view,
When you yourself found it hard to do.

Who am I

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

Who am I?
And what is my role here
What for I have been created
And who has moulded me?
I played as a child
And then as a boy for few years
I was taught to live
And wedded to a girl for procreation.
I ran after money
To fulfill the desires of my kids
He changed my role
As a man with grey hair,
Weak bones with pains;
Nothing has given to others and
Nothing received from Him.
What for this life and
What is His desire?
Let the great soul help me
Know the secrets of sojourn.

Who am I

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Who am I
I am the one born to grief
Abuse and poverty
I am the one that saw and acknowledged
The true awakening of life

I am the one that felt used
And was raped and confused
I am the one who cried to god
Because no one was there to understand

I am the one who had two daughters
And wanted better for them as I
Continued the abuse
I am the one who finally was
Told that my daughters were put
Here to be loved
I didn’t know simply put

I am the one who left the man
Of 19 years for another not half
As good and true colors were shone
I am the one who love to dance
Love anything that had to do with romance

I am that one who was called to bare
Buy my children as to their childhood
And abuse
I am the one who held myself from
Becoming a drug addict because
God provided for me another avenue

I am the one who stole, lied and cheated
With no respect for others without shame
I am the one who has since repented and
Know better

I am the one who watches my baby girl
Struggle with a sickness that seems never ending
I am the one that has seen my girls grow into
Their own characters and strive to give their
Children more love

I am the one who hopes my grandchildren
Will make me as proud as their parents have
And I am the one who prays for their grades
As well as their lackadaisical ways

I am the one that watches my grandchildren
Go through the everyday problems of life for the young
I am the one who met a great guy
And wanted to follow him to the end of the world
And would have if he had continued to be a great Guy

I am the one who recognizes his struggles everyday
And he provides for me without slight
I am the one he talks to but don’t love back
Yes I am the one with all these illnesses
That I hope to one-day get over
And finally I am the one that will die
With a sigh on my lips and a knowing
In my heart god forgives for real
I don’t know who I am but now you do

(Dedicated to My Daughters
With more love then I was ever able to give)

Praise be to the Soldier

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Praise be to the soldier as he gets up from his bed
Rolling right over on his one leg
Went to war meaning no harm
He left fighting for freedom but came back with one arm

Praise be to the soldier who cries in the night
Waking up from a dream of fellow comrades who died in the fight
When morning comes the dew on the ground
Shuffles like ashes the sky has let down

Praise be to the soldier who hoist up the flag
But now his poor belly is bloodied with rags
So staunchly they fought for freedom to win
As we ask ourselves why this fight ever begin

Praise to the soldiers who respects the commander and chief
Whatever decisions he makes it comes from his knees
For he knows that our homeland is one to be saved
And for other politicians this road he has paved

Praise be to the soldiers that never came home
But who’s loved ones and us patriots in our prayers do moan
For we have been left here when all is said and done
Safe and comforted because of those run
Praise be to the soldier who at attention they stand
With a proudness of life that all would demand
And their eyes with a look that compels everyone
And a stubbornness of a soldier that has just won

Praise be to the soldier who is far away from his home
Buried in soil that is not his own
With good deeds they’ve done and thanks coming from afar
These soldiers that we know now becomes a distant star

Praise is to the soldier who has come just to win
Has spread lots of joy and lost a few friends
These soldiers I dare say that would do it again
Because they love a country and its people and has shown it in
The End

Hate not!, O’ my comrade

a poem by Srijith K Unni A

Weakness in the limbs, heart stoned!
In despair, your heart so mourned
Colour thy life, O’ my comrade
In Calm blue skies, sudden thunderstorms
Disperse thy hatred not! Refute mortal norms

In life, we read, chapters of spite
Life is no small tome, but ends in sight
Lose thy grudge, O’ my comrade
Chapters they are, all tie the plot
As the pages turn, why leave a blot?

In that moment, when thy let loose
Vengeance, peril and bitter blues
I cried and cried, O’ my comrade
You set out on the path of no return
Frightened and hurt, my soul did burn

All dreams of our flowered fields
All was lost in ravaged battlefields
Stop thy hate!, O’ my comrade
To my tested soul, thy hate never did permeate
In seeing you fade away, I could not blame fate.


a poem by Simon M V J

Searching for inspiration,
Looking here and there;
Not knowing where the key is,
The lock’s in your mind.

Listening to the music,
Watching life go by;
Sensing an emptiness,
Seen by none

Its time to look inside, look inside,
The answer’s within:
You call yourself creative;
Coz he resides within.

Look inside, look inside,
The answer’s within:
Unlock those hidden treasures,
Right within you

You’ve got to look inside.

Don with a Key

a poem by Purushothaman P V

You raised your hands above your head
Don’t say your hands superior to your head
The hands acted as pawn of your head
Blame the head if your hands did some misdeeds

When your hands pluck a sprouting flower from its bud
Your hands didn’t see thorns alongside the flower
And if your hands got hurt by thorns, blame your head
As it never taught you how to avoid hurting by yourselves

You let loose your tongue without control
It hurts everyone and your tongue did all harms
All the blames never come to your tongue
As it goes against you and your head will hang in shame

You need two hands to clap
Don’t try to clap with one hand
If you try to clap with one hand
Every one thinks you are pestered with pests

Your good name not written on your forehead
It’s written on your words and deeds
Don’t spoil your name by naming others with bad names
Or else you will be known in your own bad names

Be on the queue like every one else
Notwithstanding nobody noticed you while on queue
If you go beyond the line with your own queue
Thousands of eyes will cue you and boo you out

Don’t make catcalls in any music extravaganza
The music get adulterated with your lousy noise
Don’t make the feast of music as a feast for rowdies
Else you will be known as don adding a key to it

When you seal your good name in a dark room with your don key
Unlock it with a light key and let the all brighter rays inside
You can see everything in black and white
Add color to it to feel the rainbow

Talent and the World

a poem by Apurva Iyengar B Y

‘Talent’ is a soldier
He marches ahead alone
Riding on ‘courage’,
The horse brave to be known.

Talent never wept, not once!
For ‘time’ his friend assured,
That for better things in future
Present may seem bitter

Across the mighty oceans,
‘Talent’ sailed
And popular then he was!

One day, when the sun rose in the east.
He called ‘talent’ a beast!

Off into the sky jumped talent
On the wings of ‘haughty fame’,
(A bird all coloured.)
The wings broke down,
down, down.
He found courage awaiting in the dawn!

Talent found his lost way
And off he galloped with ‘time’
Which gifted him ‘humble fame’

Often remembered is ‘talent’!
Alive in the books of achievements
Riding his strong headed horse.
Talent is an imprint of yesterday
Thinks of tomorrow, acts today

All of us will meet him and his friends,
Sometime in life,
Once and forever when gracious God sends!


a poem by Gaurav Mittal

When I was a little child
In my dreams God said to me:
‘I give you an important task;
Your highest responsibility.’

‘You shall till the very end
Take care of your family-
Father, mother, brother, friend-
Stay with them like coast to sea’

Are we pure?

a poem by Rafel Michael

Don’t think all that glitters are gold
Although all the glitters are enthralling
I am not pure as much as I think
I am not impure as much you think
You are not impure as much as I think
You are not pure as much as you think
Don’t think all that glitters are gold
Although all the glitters are enthralling

We see in 24 carats gold which’s the purest of pure of gold
But no one can use it in ornaments
More pure the gold in ornaments the more it’s the weakest
All gold ornaments are adulterated
So what our ornaments are our choice
No one can question
Like what morality in life we follow
That’s our choice no one can question
Whilst no one can say these are pure
We see impurities are mingling with purities
Our choice of selection is unto us as what glitters
That’s our quality but
Don’t think all that glitters are gold
Although all the glitters are enthralling

Our quality in us that glitters
We see it as purity of human mind
Purity and impurity of life
Intertwined to each other
But remember these are not one
If there’s purity, there’s impurity exists
Where God exists there devil too exists
Like how a lotus is blossoming in the mud slinging water
If we want to shine more, the quality of human is what the society counts
Like we see the lotus and not the mud
And this quality of ours shines like 24 carats gold
Which’s valuable to all humanity like pure gold in the ornaments, but
Don’t think all that glitters are gold
Although all the glitters are enthralling

Beware of those present us with impurities in the name of purities
If we know the difference in quality
And we select it willingly, that’s our choice
No one can question
Those who don’t know the difference of qualities
And become a victim of impurities of life
And trapped under their forceful devil acts
Remember they live in impurity without even their knowledge
Enlighten them about purities and impurities of life
And let them decide their own destiny
But make sure to remind them about their faux pas choosing the impurities in life
And make sure our voices are heard by them loud and clear