Poems on
Material World

Dark Side of Life

a poem by Sudarshan Madhav Karhale

The more you try to bring a smile on your face,
the more your little heart starts to cry;
the more you try to forget your past,
the more it comes to you-Why?

You lit a many lights to brighten your path,
yet the darkness keeps it swallowing;
you seek for a breakthrough in your life,
struggle hard today for the following day coming.

We miss the happiness of this moment,
run before the unknown future;
we mould ourselves as electronic machines,
burst open our brains from the suture.

Eyes no longer stay hydrated,
our thinking powers are degraded;
we are engaged in earning for our living,
then what’s the difference between a mule and a human being?

Families are slowly becoming nuclear,
limbic systems shrinking down to an inch;
all the six senses are falling cold,
no more our skins feel any pinch.

There are no bedtime stories heard anymore,
kids don’t go early to sleep;
laziness has occupied their lives,
they shut the alarm and pull on the rugs again when it beeps.

The skies have black clouds instead of white,
the chirping of sparrows has fainted;
in no time has the dark sun arisen,
the world of reality has ended.