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A Fugitive Mind’s Servile Lamp

a poem by

Diligently bestowing its largess profound,
Beamed that light, alabaster, on His desk abound
Beamed it night after night, with a hope consummate:
To glance its master, some day- when fortunate!

Came not He, came not true, that hope consummate;
For the master is of a different sort;
His evanescence- constant- from one to another port!
Devoir cannot shackle him, shackles him not any forethought-
Free is he, from man’s anxiety and chills of tomorrow’s lot!

But that light profound, beaming diligently found:
Night after night, with that hope consummate
Flicker it did not, retreat it could not,
For duty bade it, to lie await…

But its master is of a disparate sort,
Now in an ancient fort; then at an eerie moat;
Gawking at a child- squatting under the glimmers of street light:
Books in his laps reminds
Beaming is My light profound, but I am not to be bound…

Because master I am of my own destiny,
Beaming they find me, when in true symphony;
Breathe I in shore afar- saunter in lands, barren of bars;
Wake I under the Orange ball- slumber beneath the twinkling stars!

Because fugitive I am, of a distinctive sort
Steadfast is my evanescence, from one to another port!

You and I

a poem by

A figure has its shadow,
And a sound its echo.

You and I are a similar pair-
But not so well do we fare.

‘Cos you’re my distorted shadow,
And a perverse, contradictory echo.

I gaze at the rainbow with childlike glee,
You just shrug at the natural phenomenon.

A flowing, silver cascade again
Is for you a mere force of gravitation.

I rejoice when I hear wedding bells,
But you think of fetters and shackles.

Marital bliss as I see
Is for you a doom in disguise.

I find in the babe a bundle of joy,
The same, for you, is a burden of yoke.

I love youth, mirth and laughter;
Brooding alone is what you prefer.

I greet the day that is born;
You weep the day that is gone.

You scowl at the black cloud,
I smile at the silver lining behind.

Firm is my faith in Providence;
Resigned, you are, to Destiny.

North and south poles are, indeed, opposite-
Yet, there’s an attraction they cannot resist.

An eggshell houses yolks two- yellow and white,
My soul, alike, holds minds two- grim and bright.

An intriguing psycho-paradox, perhaps,
Hard to define, harder to live with.

Pride and Humility

a poem by

Out of the window pane when I first see,
A building stand enigmatic strong and wise,
UnBothered Unexcited always in state of just be,
Yet protecting and caring whosoever within its see.

I continue to gaze and see a ugly black bird fly,
So insignificant, that it might want to cry,
But then it has habited itself to the sky,
And so it flies with no care or shy.

The bird passes across the building with the glory,
Yet the building stands erect with no qualms,
And doing what it does best in its own charm,
Proud of itself yet always humble to all.

Bond, the Hero of all times – II

a poem by

Terrorism and stock piling of Nuclear Weapons pose a great threat to peace!
The activities of world mafia cause grave concern to the whole of mankind
It is not enough if nations pay attention to their own problems only today;
International thinking is the need of the hour to save mankind from danger!

Never be a Nero to play the violin when the next house is on fire!
News of the neighbourhood helps overcome danger at the last minute;
Knowledge of the Self, Nation, World and Nature saves the world!
So also love in thoughts, words and deeds develops world unity firm!

Globalisation and democratisation of countries are essential for progress;
The Pen will be mightier than the Gun to develop the ideas of One World
And immortalise legendary heroes to inspire new leaders to lead mankind
Towards creating One World with One currency, defence, law and language!

How can the danger from outer Space be tackled when the world is in danger?
Man is much more dangerous than the destructive impacts of Comets on Earth!
Unity of Super Powers can be utilised to annihilate the Asteroids in the Space;
But with what madness of men can be tackled to prevent the world from danger?

Leaders like Kennedy, De Gaulle, Tito and Nehru nobody can forget;
But none of them took the initiative to unite all the nations of the world!
Then Gorbachov appeared with the mind of a statesman in the USSR
But disappeared soon in Russia with the balkanisation of USSR!

We know the legendary King Arthur or Vikramadithya of the Golden Age;
Likewise a chivalrous hearted and intellectually minded leader is needed
As they only with their gem of knights can fight out all evils of today and
Fructify the dream of One World visualised by the Utopians like H.G. wells!

To activate that Bond like heroes only can clear the ground infested with
Machine-beast-men and men of no conscience holding the world for ransom;
James only can smash out to pieces the projects of villains with mad ideas.
So, the mission of Bond is not over, is continuing and will continue further!

Bond, the Hero of all times

a poem by

“Bond, James Bond” says his name Secret Agent 007!
Tarzan, Flash Gordon and Phantom have come and gone;
Spiderman, Superman and even Batman have come now;
Yet, Bond is still the Super Hero influencing millions of men!

From time immemorial hero worship is there in the world;
That too Bond is a born Hero being loved by everybody;
He wins over everyone by his style whatever is the age or sex!
So smart, clever and humorous that he is the hero forever!

Modern incarnation of God seems James Bond to save the world!
The Bond dream of man may be the future manifestation of God!
James Bond seems to be the modern version of the classical Krishna,
Whose Chakra, club and sword are replaced by gun, bombs and missiles!

Diplomacy, tactics and intuition of Krishna are updated by modern Bond!
Both avatars take pains to save their devotees from dangers of the world!
Both are best in adventures at land, sea and sky to hoodwink all enemies!
Both use all kinds of gadgets smartly to escape and destroy enemy projects!

For all disappointed, dejected and depressed Bond is the best inspiration!
The world wars and terrorism are caused by the madness of some men;
Money, sex and violence are the objects of men all over the world today!
Pursuits of big crimes can be changed to love and peace only by Bond!

Forty year Cold War in the world ended with the dismantling of USSR;
Spy activities increased to ascertain weapons programmes in the world;
But Nuclear Weapons Race still continues in the world without an end!
Fuelling this Terrorism looms larger than real wars in the world today!

Films like Diamonds Are Forever, Moonraker or Golden Eye trigger
Fear of fanatic dictator like Napoleon or Hitler ruling the world again!
However hero worship gives inspiration to forget nightmares now a days,
Whenever inspiring hero, Bond appears smashing villains on the screen!

The best kings of the past with added traits were idolised by best artists
For inspiring people and the followers to worship them as a mark of tribute.
Gods personified as statues stand as symbols for men to achieve perfection
As they give inspiration to do jobs and achieve laurels joyously in life!

A portrait unseen

a poem by

A portrait unseen has been for me deemed
For as I soar with the angels upon withered wings
I did not ask for this flight
But hence is my plight

To stutter and stare
Is unjustifiable a dare
For I am as others see
Although a pleasure for them I be

I open my eyes
And in my blindness I sigh
For it grows harder by the day
To live with what this life has in play

I roam through the night
Struggling with this fight
But make you no judgment of me
For I will survive this too you see

The dawn comes around
Nothing heard but the sound
Of birds chirping leaves swaying in the trees
And the day begins again as I get to my knees

For alas I have been given a friend
And life does not appear so gloomy in
The End

Sexy and Strong

a poem by

I am sexy and strong
And I can do no wrong
I am healthy and single
And I am ready to mingle

I am talented and intelligent
And you will find that out when it is relevant
I am humorous with style
And some times I can be wild

I am into honesty and self worth
And I never set out to hurt
I am for one only
And cannot be considered homely

In the morning when I wake
You see the real me not a fake
Yes, I do work hard for my money
And I don’t believe in sweet talk honey

So when you take my hand as a friend
There is no pressure on this end


a poem by

I am a poet more than the God
The heavens and hells are not more than me
No wonders and miracles before my thoughts
I will be in a palace and a hut at a time

Nothing will restrain me as breeze and air
He might be the creator of this world but
My pen creates a thousands of worlds in a second
Nothing will prevent me
As the storm and rain
My hands will shower a numerous poems in a paper
I am a poet, can say with proud
None will be equal to me in this world

Play Lover

a poem by

Tall and handsome straight white teeth cheekbones distinguishing,
eyes like the glitter of diamonds.
Yes he has a head full of hair
shoulders to lean on
chest to snuggle up to
arms to lift my spirit and me.
I could dream
while he would rescue me on a washboard abdomen
with a member that will delight the best in any woman’s sexual fantasy.
Thighs that hold me close on a lap that I cultivate only in my data bank.
Calves that will make a long distance runner envious
feet that plant themselves firmly and steady me as I stand in awe of my play lover.

Intelligence demanding from me
my best he requires a nemesis of thought from within my soul.
Humor resistant of lives long lived before a plate of sensual aromatic existence.
Personality running just outside the norm,
and captivating within me
a place for life of passionate eroticism
that complains only within the four walls of our mind.
I find his spiritual depth withstanding long learned morals
and possessing knowledge of teachers gone by.
Every fiber in my body longs for my play lover

He makes the ideal husband loving for our children attentive to detail
unselfishly committed to our needs.
Releasing all doubts from my mind as he inhales the lust for life.
I cannot rationalize the weight of his love
for it is boundless and underscores for us shelter
from the most arborous storms of a life
so rich until it leaves a hole in the earths most inner axis.
He is my play lover.

I brand him with my love
and reach for him in my soul
as we glide towards the perfect union.
Sexually he beats and throbs inside my conscious
implying me with a mist so soft as the glistening off the morning dew.
Passionately securing for me all of my inhibitions
to form in the glass of our semen
as we push each other towards the stars of a galaxy so resolved
as to implant in one seed the moment of joy.
Yes he is my play lover.

If I left this earth with him
we would indeed settle on a plane much higher then the skies blue shore
to immerse ourselves into a heaven
not yet seen are contemplated.
Welcome to a glimpse of this life
assured and blessed by my play lover and me.

My Shadow

a poem by

Usually behind me,
Sometimes ahead of me,
Moves just like me
Sports dark Nikes,

Doesn’t walk till the sun shines
Never talks so it mimics mimes
Not really as dark as night

But never was as bright as light,
Doesn’t show as white as snow
But I know its there wherever I go

(For: Correll Thomas)

Be Prudent

a poem by

Folly makes the life tumble down,
Acts of wisdom brings you renown;
Deviate not from his path,
Despise Him never and get His wrath.

Make not a presence of a fool,
Handle not any evil tool;
Be prudent and discern His way,
God has for you His own pay.

Bring not to God abomination,
Instead seek Him for His own;
Keeping off greedy for unjust gain,
And helping the needy who’re in pain.

Have good sense, which wins favour,
Do good things that ever endure;
Seek for wisdom a fountain of life,
Keep cool spirits and get no strife.


a poem by

There exists a kind of people,
Who always want their way.
Sarcasm and taunt abound,
In whatever they do and say

Always needy for help from others,
They exclaim “What is there?”
But when comes their sweet turn,
They vanish in thin air.

To be eulogized they crave,
To be praised to the hilt.
Whatever they do, is only perfect
That’s the way they are built.

They always want to be served,
By every Tom and Dick.
Whether hale and hearty,
Or whenever they feign sick.

To issue commands they do love,
To get their work all done.
But when comes their turn to deliver,
Then it’s no longer fun.

Fault finding is their forte,
With always a pointed finger.
Generous to their own flaws,
On a heap of excuses they linger.

That’s the world of today,
With hypocrites abound.
And if you have gotta live
Then better hold your ground.

The Self and Nature

a poem by

Cutting animals like vegetables and eating
Animistic passion fire in the high
When human beings are killing animals then
Killing humans also mental desire.

Meat is dissolving with meat of human body
Acting to act of the dead body in.
Cruel to animals for fun of the tasty food
Cruel to fellows for selfish wishes.

Keeping the self as the center of selfishness
Losing the self in the infinity.
Nature is infinite, incapable to man
Possible for anything to happen.

Not any beginning and not any ending and
Events are happening conditionally.
Relative to condition happening events and
Happened the event, the birth of human.

Life is mere but to exist in form given
Right of living is for every being.
Culture the gift of the nature to man is to
Know the real nature in relative.

Instead running for the selfish motivation
Discover sense of the natural self.
Infinite nature can respond beyond human
Teaching in all the way fitting to live.

Finding the self in the infinite nature who
Finding the nature in natural ways.
State of the existence is the energy in
Conditional and to the state relative.

The Rumour Mongers II

a poem by

Like mosquitoes rumour mongers multiply and mar the progress of mankind;
These vermin alias rumour mongers work for the break of big families here.
If a family or a nation splits it’s a great fun for these green parasites;
Advantage they take of the opposing parties by spreading rumours adverse;
And pass on to new pastures to confuse and collapse the healthy in disease
Injecting seeds of destruction while eating the vitals of the society in rumours.

Antidotes have to be used to arrest the aggression of the invisible viruses;
To catch the rats, the cats have to be pressed into service;
To remove thorns needles have to be used tactfully;
Two negatives make one positive says a well known formula;
So, to stop the harmful rumours counter rumours have to be spread
And action and reaction have to be equal and opposite in direction!

In the good man’s attire enemies move shoulder to shoulder;
A particular personal problem they make a general matter
Beating about the issue with full of ferocity and verbosity
Leading to a serious crisis quite boiling and unmanageable.
Once that issue is diffused they start with another useless one
And blow it to make it big till it is identified and diffused again.
This is how main issues are side-tacked as pending matters
And the dynamic activity of the society is retarded to stagnation.

People who don’t like better changes follow the delaying tactics
And so pull on the days advantageously as long as they can
Just carrying out the routine with much fuss and foppery.
If at all they learn anything new it will be at the expense of the public
By impairing the vital machineries while experimenting with inept ideas
And incurring heavy loss to the organisation for every extra assignment.
They neither learn anything new nor do anything good to anyone.

Why do they do so when there are so many good things to be done in this world?
Perhaps suspicion, fear, small mind and ignorance are the causes for the trouble.
Ashamed to reveal this for rectification they hide them to deteriorate in their hearts;
And so they are useful neither to themselves nor to others due to closed hearts.

The Rumour Mongers

a poem by

The rumour mongers are the real rogues of the society
Who make the magnanimous a mere piece of meek puppets
In the world mill that goes on grinding the grist of rumours.
Unaware they spread rumours about everything and everyone;
But surely they will reap for the consequences unaware one day.

Who are actually the rumour mongers of the world?
The rumour mongers are the jealous hearted men here,
Whose jealousy soaked in the blood remains ever hot.
The rosy looking men are put to hardships by these green-eyed men,
Whose gaze is ever harmful to whomever they see in the world;
This every good man ought to know to live well in the society.

The fire of jealousy burns any man to the inevitable death,
From which there is no escape except by luck or accident.
The victim of jealousy loses all won in the gamble in the final battle;
Duriyodhana deceived justice in the Game of Dice in The Mahabharata,
But Dharma defeated him with death in the Battle of Kurukshetra.

Even today the fight follows on between the frauds and the pure hearts
And it’s true the Lord of Dharma is defending the good against the bad.
The rumours are the negative propaganda about men and matters;
But also, there cannot be any smoke without a fire somewhere here.

Antisocial elements alarm of a havoc quite untrue and baseless
And try to thrive upon the rumours cajoling the cockscombs.
They make hell of heaven and heaven of hell by their rumours
And pull on the days without bothering about better way of life.
Addicted to rumouring they ruin their own lives without any redemption
Whether the life of others is ruined or not they care about nothing.

They make something out of nothing and spread like a wild forest fire
And raise or lower the very status or position of any person as to plan.
The big frauds bother about nothing except their own well being;
They neither think of the past nor care for the future but the present.
Like the chameleons they change their colour according to the time;
Having nothing in hand they feel they are entitled to have everything;
And they act as if they are born to conquer the world and rule the people!

Democracy and socialism are the best scapegoat to deceive the society;
They make use of human rights harmfully against all human beings
Knowing all the legal loopholes to turn justice to their advantage always.

All are equal before the law of the democratic lands of the earth;
Both the crime doers and the sincere workers are also equal here;
All for all is the common justice allowed by socialism everywhere;
These justified policies make easy and beneficial the escapes
For the snobs from the judicial punishments anywhere here;
And these snobs talk and talk, don’t do any work and spoil the world!