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Finite and the incredible

a poem by

Time ever changing like streams running
The time varying
Huge, high, great and earthly
Ever trying to attain
In the hot sun too the sea blue

Not neophyte to see the blue
Converting the light for ever
As it comes down, the energy
So dual in time, the spectrum wide
Small and big the ranges and waves
Still I see the light and look back
I see light again

Also obstacles opaque and transparent media
So hard, so light
The incredible and the facts
The earth now a living planet
Matter in so many forms all true
Farther you see and does have no end
Boundaries visible and finite
To think the finite
Or to become thoughtless and silent
Matters of reality definitely finite

The evidence of light and planets
The evolution man knowing and the bounds of time
And atoms finite and molecules millions
Condensation and synthesis and growth

Even now the water drops condense
The clouds still rain
Man so evolved still
Exploring the limits and boundaries
You find planets, stars in space
The merging of wave lengths and fusion
Still different matters, take shape and colours
As atoms and molecules
And plants green and planets
And the little flowers are colourful
The beauty of nature as nature presents

Shaping and Creation

a poem by

Spheres of Activities so varied,
And efficiency counts in every work
The efforts counts every day
Time passing in varied moods,
Consistency of thoughts too matters.
Shapes varying and even matters.
And colours add to the beauty of Art,
The art of making everything,
The creation of man made
And nature with beauty.

So many flowers and seeds
The colours and density
The green leaves grows
The science advancing
As technology as well interpreting
As it ripens in many shapes.
The energy and effort
The ores and fossils
Promising potential
The flow of energy
To continue.
The potential density promising.

Times of Optionision

a poem by

So far the sun rises there
Yes so far
Intriguing distances on earth
And in the sky
Moon on the move
And the earth around the sun
The Circular orbit
And the distance
Moves closer and away
And on the same earth

Optimizing all the time
where one hits the
Maximum and the minimum
The optionism on earth
At the times the Maximum
And minimum
Times of peace
Is it a wonder
As waves the ups and down
In the voyage
It takes farther
Settling for peace a look back
Hurdles ahead

The race is on
The distances on earth
The energy and the moves
Thoughts crowding
The sky is clear. Even star lit
The moves on time in
The new millennium
How for the planets
At this time
So much the earth matters
A fact. The bio-sphere

Colour and Density

a poem by

High above the mountains
The clouds passing and crossing
Man’s effort to conquer
It is always the effort counts.
There are ways to go
Up the ladder and trekking.

Paving the way
The way of life
Procedures based on
Concepts of law and undisputable
In the world of nature.

Human efforts on every venture
The success enlightens
The importance of efforts.

The flower colourful and fragrant
The rainbow rare with colours.
The light forever with specter
All matters have colour
And density and intensity.

The Effort and Energy and Shaping and Creation

a poem by

The Effort and Energy and
Shaping and Creation

Spheres of activities so varied
And efficiency counts in every work
The efforts counts every day
Time passing in varied moods.
Consistency of thoughts to matters.
Shapes varying and even that matters.
And colours add to the beauty of Art.

The art of making everything.
The creation of man made
And nature with its beauty.
So many flowers and seeds.
The colours and density.
The green leaves grows
The Science Advancing
As technology as well interpreting
As it ripens in many shapes.
The Energy and effort.

The ores and fossils
Processing potential
The flow of energy
To continue.
The matter, metals, materials
The polymers and the natural ones.
The bonds of energy
Released and absorbed.
In the earth of organic and inorganic.
The Biosphere and the man evolved.
To mend every matter and the bonds.
The energy of plasma as stars.
And condensed matter and sparks.
The potential density promising.

The Transformations

a poem by

The light and waves
The electron and light
The energy and matter
The trees and flowers.

The matter condensed
The plasma and light
The igneous rock and lava
The crystals and spectre.

The flowers turn fruits
The spectra and nucleus
The wider spectrum
The rays and colours.

The nuclei are formed
The energy as rays
The matter and energy duel
The rays and the flower.

The atoms transforms in fusion
Many molecules do change
The light plays a role
Even heat and x-rays.

The forms of energy and matter
All trees and flowers and fruits
The clouds above the earth
Are the light rays of sun a boon.

The rocks and sand
The water and life and the sea
The Atoms and molecule
The energy and matter.

All moves are energy
The growth and water
The stars in the sky
The earth and the Universe.

Phaco-NIT Wonder

a poem by

My right eye was so much alright
That I didn’t know my left one’s plight.
Taking stock of the eye’s serious position
Doctors advised me an urgent operation.
But for the doctors’ timely intervention
My eye could have worsened in condition
And missed the chance of an easy correction.

Phaco-needle insertion technology
Made my eye operation extremely easy.
Thanks to experts like Dr. Shashi Mohanke;
Surgery was done within ten minutes
No pain, no blood, no waiting or bed rest,
Bandage was removed on the next day itself.
Phaco-nit is a good blessing to mankind.

On the third day my operated eye was clear
Everything became sparklingly brighter
What I saw was a brand new world.
Then I suddenly and painfully realized
That I had been for long half blind
Accepting a world that was mist covered.
Let every one check-up and take care
Let none assume that the world is hazy;
God’s world is very bright and colourful really.


a poem by

Waves in the sea
Waves in rivers too
The clouds of rain
The trees and time
In the realm of time
Like long sea waves
The raising human thoughts
And the science and needs
The footprints of human

The planets and universe
So dynamic
The wishes and thoughts
The wishes and
The moves of man
Still so many
The thoughts in shaping
The human actions
The cosmic offspring
The human the child and
The thoughts

The machines so many
The thoughts merging
With nature
The results
The yields
The buds and flowers

The Duality Limit

a poem by

The signal on its way
The pride and the cry
The scenes all a smile
The truth behind
The reality of the world

The silence and harmony
Are the waves a trouble
The subtlety of solitude
The apparent and the truth
Amidst the waves the disguise
The material reality
Atoms and molecules
The electron duel even wave
The interconvertibility and transformations

The components of waves
Rather electromagnetic
Atom the dipole
Density polarity and charges

The vibrations and wavelengths
Can matter become wave
Is teleportation a mere dream
Are the sunrays a boon
Or mere heat

The growth and trees
And the biosphere
The water and Life
Human in the same world

The global warming now
The winter rather chilling
The summer and dread
The wheels on the move
Heat reflections in the sky
Man resorted to fossil fuel
And now on new search

The hope of clouds
The trees and blossom
The rays.The light
The energy and heat
The matter condensed
The energy and matter
Many forms, all subtle

Creations a Handiwork

a poem by

The vibrations of air
Resonating as music
It travels in the air
The music, sound, noise
Effect of vibrations
The octave changes
The wavelengths of the column

Ups and downs and rocks
In music too the wavelengths
Vibrations of atom and nucleus
As rays. The light of sun
Are the rays of fusion
Felt as light and colours
It adds to the wavelengths
Acceptable to the senses
The light, sound and music
And waves beyond the
The senses of the human perceived

The twinkling stars
And flame and rays
To add to the green
The rays from the sky
In the evolution
The role of light
Still so bright

To offset global warming
The plants grow
The forest and times and growth
The rain, water and growth

The flame of Atoms
To identify themselves
The inference of flames
Stars scattered in the sky
With brightness
The lightning attracts
Vibrating in the clouds
The charged particles
And the light scattering

The ups and downs of waves
How many the colours
The polestar too sun
The poles of earth magnetic
The light attracted

The dynamic rays
The magnetic attraction
The gravity too attracts
On earth as well other planets
The light to continue
The reflection of light
In the biosphere
So rare as organisms
Is all the creations
A handiwork of Almighty
The atoms and planets
The light and vibrations
The green leaves and flowers

The Transforming Forces

a poem by

The force within transforms everything
The energy within also you find everywhere
The moves of celestial bodies
Are perpetual
The sunlight and shower
And the clouds and sea

The greens of trees
Colours of flowers
The growing wonders
The moves in time
The growing needs
The world is finite
The man so finite
The universe rather infinite
The growth potential of organism
And man the most evolved

The evolution still on
And the ecology needs to be preserved
The energy potential in many forms
The growth potential in organic forms

The Light Density and Potential Forms

a poem by

Wherever there are hurdles
However you might wonder
Yet you think.
Yield not for lesser
On every moment
Understand the true force.
Aligning the heartfelt moments
Reviewing down the memory
And thoughts
Ever look for the best.

Growing wonders of the world
Intriguing even the obstacles
View on both sides
Interpret the truth.
Newer findings may help.
Glorious God helps too.
A blessing in disguise or curse.

Believe in yourself
Lot of information to process
And judgement can be genuine.
Nurture in the right way.
Knowing the right path.

Lot knowing every aspect
On every matter
On the passing time the aspect
Knowing features of growth of time.

Try to be logical.
Renew the true interest.
Youth and the days unforgettable.
Towards a better future
On the stream of time and growth.
Beginning of the buds and flowers
Ever sweet the fragrance.

Levels of potential
Over many aspects of energy.
Growing the immense potential.
Intrigate Intense the force play.
Collective assimilation of matter
Arranging in different shapes
Levels of volume and density.
So big the universe and the world.
The illuminating light even from the sun.
And the energy stored in the Atom.

Energy in every form
And as atoms and molecules.
And also as electro-magnetic waves.
The energy logic and potent forms.
How it all conserved.

The sunlight beaming.
The trees growing with leaves
And flowers and fruits.
The total conservation.

Exothermic and endothermic
Every reaction and change in density.
The energy and mass conserved.
The plasma energy contained.
And polarising the Electromagnetic waves too.

Is atom a dipole
And also the earth.
Energy stored
In the earth and atoms.
The growth of bio-sphere.
Is the earth only sphere with water.
And you are still human.
Water and life.
Energy, human, organisms and life.

Abstract and Apparent Boundaries

a poem by

The Universe so big
High mountains even snow caped
Even the trees shedding snow and ice
Leaves of green and the Olive green
Matters everything in the sun light
At the mountain peak the rays scatter

So subtle and transparent white
Trekkers of low profiles with aim high
Trying ahead as the slope varies
Yet around, the light and rays
Every step when so careful
Rather the world around
With ups and down

How for the mountain matters
Straight roads too curved
Down to earth, the one earth
Planets similar rather so many
To go around in different tracks
The spin a wonder
The day and light
The light and time
The matter colourful
The flowers and fruits too

Is the seed a nucleus
Or the nucleus a seed
The spectrum wide
Through the dense forest
The rays of light
Amidst flowers the thorns too
The leaves green
The electromagnetic waves
The waves with up and down
The wishes of flowers
And the growth of time
The colour changes

Are the X-rays dark rays
Is the nucleus not visible
Is it not apparent
Is it transparent
Intense beam of light and colours
The leaves green and
Flowers so many
The seeds and fruits

The shadow of trees
Days and Rays and Clouds
The boundaries of clouds too merge
The thunder and lightning
The Planets and Paths
The stars twinkling
Shadows when they matter
The Orbits and paths of planets
Families of curves
Rather bound by laws
Defining the path
The planets and the stars
Everything matters
The sky so vast

Tracking the path
Or the count of stars
To wonder it requires more in the sky
The trees with flowers
The wonder rather earthly
The bonding have mattered
Colliding in time
The speed of and growth
Paths known and planets have history
Story so old
Is it history
Or eternal the dynamic cosmos

Puzzling Silence

a poem by

Playful at times rather puzzles
Understanding consequences
System the same even now
Size of universe too and the world
Flowers have fragrance
Stars have light
Interacting with sunlight

Every fragrance so nice
Every flower so colourful
Momentary, yet to remember
In time to ripen
Are the seeds the nucleus
In space infinite
The electromagnetic waves travel
Even the fragrance
And the light too
Wave lengths and the frequency matter
To synthesis the light helps
The almamatter waves and the atoms
Is the condensed matter leading to
Atoms and molecules as well

The matter and energy
Though duel still conserved together
The limits of duality
May extend beyond photon and electron
Which are inter convertible
As photo electric emission
As it is reversible too and obvious
The sound too energy
Is the silence a puzzle
Or a nucleus of thoughts

After death what?

a poem by

Death is a destiny for the living beings;
Life after death! Yes, we believe there is!
But life after death we can’t say as what
We will be like is not in our hands to decide.
Can we be born again as we wish?
Perhaps our wish and the Creator’s are the same!

Without sleep we cannot live;
Without life there cannot be death;
And without death there cannot be any life!
Life and death in this world we see;
But life and death in that world we don’t see!

After destruction of plants there is regeneration in Nature;
After death there may be Resurrection for the Holy Ghost;
But after man’s death if there is resurrection it would be horrible!
So, the Spirit of man from and to where has to come and go is kept a Secret!

As to the desire memory remains immortal to fulfill man’s destiny;
And after death there can be rebirth only for pure perfection.
But the Memory Disc of the Dead Man may be Programmed in a Robot or Cyborg
To carry out the pending works in the future too
Possibly longer to a logical conclusion beneficially purposeful!