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Her taste was only
She failed no exam
In school nor in college
Did she fail in courage
In and outdoors, at work or home.
Unfortunate she became
Was left on the road to spin
Like a top
From the swing of a rope
Failing to the masculine whip losing grip
On her life.
Their was a single choice to live again
By divorce did she fail or win? Question
Haunting her mind.

Purchase Manager

“I don’t love him anymore
My heart waits for him no more
Honest to the core
I stay duty bound as before.”

Though not a naughty woman
Smitten by strange emotion
She was out of love with her husband
Clarified her mind over the same, to him.

“My wife, mother of my child
Please forgive me if I’ve hurt
I plead, be kind, have mercy, don’t desert
Remember, together we withstood many hard winters.”

Compressed years flashed, in seconds
Epic sacrifice and affections
She hid the glistening pearls of hers
Got sold again on his remorseful words.

The Honeymoon

Woke up in a cold hotel room, in winter cold Wales
didn’t have coins for the gas heater
and it wasn’t quite morning yet.
Beside me, in the semi darkness
the outline of a woman’s sleeping face,
Mohammed Ali hit me in the solar plexus
woke up at count nine
when the referee was nailing my hands to the floor.
Hazily recalled a wedding reception
where I was the groom holding on to a table full of food and booze.
Why did she had to marry me,
didn’t she see that I was drunk?
Confused and bleeding I got up off the floor, dressed,
went down to the bar
and since no one was there
pulled myself a pint of lager
planning how to get out of that one.

The Marriage

She sat on an iron bench,
Amongst a coop of yew trees.
A faceless man, by her side.

Further down the valley,
In a shallow river,
I looked for shiny pebbles to give her.
She smiled, and the faceless faded.

But I sensed his presence
As a hurried shadow across a cloudless sky.

Saddened by the foretold,
I gave the river back its glimmer.

Walked away and not once turned around
To see what had become of my bride.

Raju’s Wedding

A familiar feature coming down the stairs,
Unmistakably, Rajarshi, adjusting his specs and arranging his disheveled hair.
No T-shirt, no Jeans, no Nike Air,
A chador, dhoti and choti combination, giving a look so unfamiliar.
Although expression is bright, but mind contemplating,
God knows how fruitful will be the new beginning.
Well cladded in a wedding gear,
Marching ahead to meet his lovely life partner.

The traditional rituals are making him irritated,
Appears a long wait before he could see his beloved.
Patience was now the only medicine,
Can cure frustration felt within.
Finally his effort ended,
As the Sonkho announced the bride’s advent.

Exquisitely dressed in a fabulous Benarashi,
Shining ornaments adding colour to the artistry.
Face adorned with floral designs,
Expression shy, making a vain effort to smile.

The boring mantras were finally over,
Both geared up for the final over.
Raju moved ahead, closing the gap previously created,
Sambrita placed the garland, dot on target.
Forgetful Raju standing upright,
Prompting crowd, forced him to place the garland right.
‘Shubho Drishti’ was a mere formality,
The eye game has been played already.

Basu suddenly in a dancing mood,
Wishing the crowd had not been around.
Sambrita wanted to say something special,
Surrounded by invitees, she neither could whisper nor be vocal.
Everyone having a go at the delicacies,
The cause behind these preparations are still on a day long hunger strike.

Finally the day ends in a sad note,
Bride’s family weeps, bidding her farewell for good.
Stop to think what a tradition,
After shaping her up, parents looses possession.

Wedding Scene

As the groom comes nearer, the face becomes familiar
My God!! Its TB in a wedding gear,
Concentrating hard on the new chapter
Which will soon follow after.
Torn jeans to dhoti
Pointed Gum shoes to pati choti,
Black jacket to chador
Helmet to Topor.
A combination mostly disliked,
But one has to compromise, for a married life
Boldly comes the groom, with the garland instead of the bike’s key chain
The bride stands clad like a maiden.
Groom take a step, standing upright
Bride takes double, placing the garland right.
Looking at each other, eye to eye
Meaning is clear, there is nothing to shy.
The scene has ended, but show just started
Boy has chosen the girl, his beloved.
Amidst crowded guests and loud noise
Both wants to ball, but has no choice.
Although they are the V.I.P, for the day
Will have to listen, to what elders say.
Looking at each other expectant by
Trying to foresee the years yet to pass by
A sincere wish for both of you
May your lives, be full of virtue.
Finally the day ends in a sad note
Bride’s family weeps, bidding farewell for good.

Fake Land

Somalingam tells me, “I became old,
Have and educated daughter who came of age;
The plight of poor man is to be told…”
Hardly can control and rage.

A teacher’s my daughter’s first suitor
Who counts the maidens seen last year
A dozen “says his own computer,
Hardly is he sold yet this year.”

As army soldier comes again
Goaded by his termagant mother
Of Bill Gates’ life who aspires to maintain,
Forgetting the Thar or the Himlayan weather.”

This time comes an unemployed
Whose thoughts are all sterilised by
Remained an ex, castrated he,
Discovering the spheres of dowry high.”

Beget no girls on this fake land,”
Whispers the dust in her voice weak,
This globe is solemnised in many a hand
Of grooms greedy, playing hide and seek.”

The Wedding

She was to be my bride,
But a shadow walked across
The pupils of her eyes, she loved
But not me.

In the park’s lake
Two black swans courted,
A graceful dance of a pair,
Which are being wed for life.

Threw gold rings into clear water
And saw them blink
Before settling
At the bottom of the lake.