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To my friend

No good messages to send,
No pictures showing we are friends,
Only a lone heart that remembers you often;
And in the twilight or sitting by the moon,
It cherishes to meet you very soon.

My Friend

An ounce of blood is worth more,
than a pound of friendship.
He is the true friend that;
never be trays.
He is, someone who knows,
the song in your heart,
and sing it back to you,
when you have forgotten those words.

We will reach up and hold;
a star for every time, made us a smile;
the entire evening sky;
would be in the palm of our hand.

Within you I lose myself,
Without you I find myself,
Wanting to be lost again.

I lost a true friend

I hugged my teddy bear tight
I knew my crying was going to go on all night
I just lost a true friend (you)
And I doubt whether our friendship will ever mend
And see together times once more
I truly regret from my deep heart’s core
Me and you, best friends that we were
There was hardly any moment we weren’t together!
But then suddenly one fateful day
Destiny brought you to part our way
My dear friend, I am sorry
If I ever hurt you or made you worry
I know you think to hurt others is my attitude
But I can well assure you I didn’t mean to be rude
All I want to say is that I really miss you
And I hope someday you’ll realize that my friendship is true!

In dedication to a friend who I just lost a few months ago.


We all need them and we all have them,
Our lives’ they very well comprehend…
Sweet as angels and precious as Gems…
Here on Earth we know them as

Some of mine, whom I adore,
For higher studies have gone offshore…
With a “Million things” in their to do list,
To be in touch with me, they often miss

Some of mine, who are super brains,
Toil hard out here day ‘n’ nite, be it summer or rain
Solving assignments at IIT and UDCT,
I wish all the best for the future of these technocrats to be

Some of mine, or I guess one of mine,
With whom the “Most vulnerable” friendship I share
At times shows ultimate care and on others leaves me in despair,
Not the best, but a good friend currently,
I wish it stays the same till eternity

Some of mine are very busy indeed,
Initially kept in touch but later did recede,
We talked, we laughed Hee Hee Hee
See I still remember you for my notes of IPC

And for all those whom I’ve missed on above,
I thank you, for all your love…
No matter how tough this life may pretend,
I’ll overcome all hurdles as long as I have you all as my

If I can wish for you

I do not know what you adore,
But I can wish you everything adorable,
I do not know what you love,
But I can wish you everything lovable,
I do not know what you hope for,
But I can wish you Hope itself.

I do not know your darkest day.
But I can wish you sunshine
Henceforth on your way.
I do not know what’s hurt you,
But I wish that Time may heal.
That you may let go the worst memories,
And a silent happiness feel.

I do not know your deepest yearning,
But I wish life gives it to you,
I do not know what you hold dear,
But I wish that it’s yours ever through.
I do not know your fervent dream,
But I wish that it comes true.

This is my prayer…

This is my prayer for you my friend
May your struggles would soon end;
May you feel His greater love
May He shower His love from above.

He takes care of your family and you
And fill you with happiness and joy too;
He does make your grey skies to turn blue
By giving His blessings down on you.

With gentle touch He would heal
Your children, much better would feel;
He would let you yourself know
That He would never lets you go.

I wish you trust Him each day through
To get rid of your permanent woe;
My best wishes to you I send
This is my prayer for you my friend.

The Wheel

News spread like fire
The wheel has come to town;
Down went the chic arkee girls
In quest of fun ‘n’ frolic.

I was one among them
And you were another
Together we climbed the twister wheel
To taste the spice of adventure.

I was confident and excited
As the wheel set into motion in a rumble;
The unseen gain of sudden drastic momentum,
Set my panic, explode in an outrageous scream

The whole world collapsed as in a dark centrifuge
My body was toasted into the air
My tummy churned; my heart pumped
My identity broke; my true colour exposed.

I lost self in that violent race
I closed my eyes tight in deep shudder
I cursed aloud, as my mind went blank
I prayed for the tremor to end in peace

Then, came the soothing voice of my companion
I felt the pressure of her reassuring arms
I woke to her urge to bring me back to fun
I sensed her being, breathing strength to my soul.

My self responded with awe ‘n’ admiration
The flow of energy; a feeling of togetherness
The dawn of wisdom; a sense of security,
My thanks for offering your support, my friend.

My Friends

Life is all, but about friends;
cherishing them with affection, which never ends.

I feel, I am a lucky art;
because my friends are a class apart.

They stood by my downs in life;
never leaving me drown in sorrow of strife.

They laugh when I laugh and cry when I cry;
lest letting my heart go dry.

Their friendship is an honor bestowed upon me;
is a privilege too profound, for a small mortal like me.

The gum of togetherness is our quintessential love;
which is as pure as a chaste dove.

That unbreakable bond which keeps us united;
is always an envy in the jealousy minded.

Deep in my heart there is a little prayer;
Oh Lord! keep this friendship going on forever…

Look Around

Look around and you’ll find me standing beside you,
Look around and reach out your hand, I’ll always hold you
Look around and I’ll always be there no matter what
Look around but if you don’t see me there, make yourself strong and move on

Look around you, if there’s no one there, here’s to let you no I’m forever there
Look around and you’ll see I’m not the only one who cares
Look around and you’ll see I’m not the only one standing there
Look around and you’ll see true love and true friends always backing you up!

A Perfect Friend

I never thought I’d find someone who’s so caring
I never thought I’d find someone who’s so understanding
I never thought I’d find someone who’d appreciate me for me
I never thought I’d find someone who’d look at my heart and like me and not for my appearance
I never thought I’d find someone who’d mean so much to me
I never thought I’d find someone who’d make me feel so special
I never thought I’d find someone who’d help me through thick or thin
I never thought I’d find someone like him…

I never thought I’d find someone who I could give all my love to
I never thought I’d find someone who’d help me smile away my sorrows
I never thought I would but I did… and it was in you…
It was in you that I found a perfect friend who’d help me and stand by me through my ups and downs!

I thank you for all the advice you’ve given me…
For all the good times that we shared…
For all the bad times you’ve helped me through
And everything else you taught me about life and how to live it!!


Strangers, acquaintances,
And later friends
As people enter your life,
Making a difference.
In presence, then memories
Now here, now gone
With each passing night
And days that dawn.

One for a need, another for a season,
Yet another for a lifetime.
Each for a purpose,
Come in your life for sometime.
The need met, the purpose over,
It is time for them to leave.
Whether you like or not,
Or unto them you cleave.

Some day, you have to let go,
If not today or tomorrow, then the day after.
Why cry and wail, when it is time
Make the moment sweet with smiles and laughter.

As you part and say goodbye,
Treasure the memory you have to carry.
For, that is what you will live with now,
Memorable moments of a time temporary.

Hey Kombdi wats up!

Hey Kombdi wats up!

Hey kombdi wats up!
is the opening line for him
we always end up fighting
to tease, he is forever very keen.

We both share a good rapport
since eight years we are friends
we enjoyed every bit of college
and went always with the trend.

He’s got a good sense of humour
but loves to misuse it
he wants to cracks a joke
on whoever he meets.

Kombdi is good by heart
but usually mess-up things
when things go out of control
he tends to munch on mints.

He calls me moti chicken
and thinks I am fat
Kombdi makes me scream like hell
and then say I behave like a cat.

We daily fight like bulls
but for each other we care
even for months we don’t meet
but great friendship we share.

To My Dear Friend

Far in the grasslands
Where the sun was shining bright
And the breeze was cool
where the sound of waterfalls
enthralled my ears

Where there was absolute silence
and everything around was so pure
Among the whispers of dancing grass
I heard a voice so heartwarming,
so welcoming.

She cried out to me
‘Want to be my friend?’
I looked at her as she stood there
like an angel with a broad smile
A smile that would touch anybody’s heart
I said to her ‘would be pleased to’.

We walked together amidst tall grass
A friendship flourished as we talked
she was like glass… no duality
she gave me strength and
in turn received poise.

As the sun rose I opened my eyes
to realize that it was a beautiful dream
a dream that had already come true
I had found a friend to share my joy
my sorrows and much more
I smiled to myself and said ‘Lucky me’!


Till last day I was in search
For a candle even in day light
To light it, just to make the day bright
I had enough opposition, enough fight
Enough insult from family members
Stayed friendless for couple of years
It was compulsion but not fear
It is just a feeling my dear

Left home, left writing poetry
Left food, left finding symmetry
Left mind, left my heart
Left all sweet memories
In search of so called desert

I need home, food, mind, heart and a quick rain
And with them all of my true and fake friends

A Friend

Will you be?
A pillow to lay my head upon,
A crutch, when I cannot walk,
And, not just play with me,
And let me cry alone?

Will you be,
A flower that blooms everytime,
And be with me always,
When I have no strength.

Will you be,
A friend in need,
A father, mother and a sister,
And make my dreams come true,
And never leave me,
Till my last fall.