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Ganesh Chaturthi

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Plenty of festivals in India engage people all round the year;
Ganesh chaturthi, being the saviour of Gods, is a grand one!
Craftsmen carve many artistic statues out of clay or chalk
That rejoice everyone in the festival by its divine attraction!

Sage Vyasa appointed Vinayaka to write Mahabharata;
Bluntless needle was needed to write on dry palm leaves;
So, Ganesha broke his own right tusk for the divine duty
And wrote the narration of divine Vyasa non-stop then!

God is everywhere and everyone in the world and Universe!
Lord Ganesh is the symbol of animal, man and God in one;
Vinayaga worshiped before any deed leads to victory always
And human life also goes well if elephant culture is followed!

The worship of Elephant God all over the world fascinates all
When facts about the love of elephant by all are in the affirmative!
The calm, steady pace and majestic look of the gentle giant
Reflected by the statues of Ganesh inspires awe to worship Him!


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Delightful Meetings

Autumn showers
Beckon rhythms
Rain and thunder
Dancing winds
Patchwork clouds
Stitched across sky
Sunny smiles
Buoyantly flies.

Hide and seek
Noisy children
Boisterous buoy
Dreamy influences.
Beat of drums
Conjure visions.
Early day’s store
Trace reminiscence.

Customary norm
Homecoming ritual
Numinous image
Of Bengali convention
A trip every year in anticipation
Ma Durga visits her mother in reunion.
Give and take, exchange smiles, greetings.
Attain festive celebrations, delightful meetings.


a poem by

meant to mark victory over evil,
desired to design triumph of values-
certainly, are occasions to reckon!

Every event…
demands demarcations,
evokes envy-
exercise in self aggrandizement!

Luminous laughs,
blinding brilliance,
deafening explosions-
certainly, mark celebrations!

Faces are there devoid of brightness,
contours bereft of contact,
relationships relegated unceremoniously-
yet, they too have a right to exist!

When every hungry mouth gets a ball of rice,
when a pair of moistened eyes are soothed,
when every shattered family is resurrected-
certainly, it’s a day to be celebrated!

Playing Holi

a poem by

Holi I played, for the holiday I got;
Got colour not for what I do, but for that I don’t;
Don’t feel sorry for the colour you lose;
Lose face rather soul and play Holi as you like.

Like it or not, play Holi as you like;
Liked are those who can’t otherwise blacken face;
Face confidently anyone mighty, except one’s own soul;
Soul that has no mask, but mask the face for what it isn’t.

Not colour your soul, which is colourless;
Lest you will lose your colour proudly possessed;
Possessed are masks of tiger unable to stand even before a cat;
Cat crying the game which I love to play this Holi day.


a poem by

It’s festive season, with nature at its best,
Enriched with flora and fauna
That adorn this beautiful earth.
Colourful nature, spreading
Joy and Prosperity.

Can you hear the laughter and the giggle?
The tinkle of the anklets?
The bangles jingle?
It is now and here, that I long
To see my little girl.
She has flown away from the cocoon
To soar high in the sky!
The girls, enthusiastic,
As they adorn the front yard with flowers and ‘Rangoli’.
My little girl spreads her laughter and joy
In another land.
While I with eyes moist,
Bless her and wish her well.


a poem by

Amitabh and Rekha sung, was not behind SRK with his drum
Sardarji couldn’t even be far behind, the tam was breaking the time
Festival echoes the color of peace and serenity
A time to behold and rejuvenate
Come March! summer sets in with grandeur of every sort
It’s the time you paint yourself
Hindus sung in every wings, with christians making it a mine
People hug each other-with an union in thine
Buy colors of every sort, breaking isles of peace
Sweets of every sort making it an ideal treat
Bhang can be a dosage sometimes
You might just want it to feel

Kids play at street, with elders too joining
Newly wed couple gets a chance to be in colors
Elders bow down and decorate the feet of their parents
While boys play pranks with lasses

I wish, I could paint a picture of warmth and compassion
A poor beggar lying down and watching all these
For him, it’s all the same
Listen and welcome the season of color
Bless and thou sing the seasons’ songs
It’s Holi my dear! It’s Holi
Let’s kiss the color of seasons with love and peace

On the 53rd Republic Day

a poem by

Let’s carry on to remember
each other and greet
on occasions, on anniversaries;
let’s carry on to count years,
add on the numbers,
for the delight of managers
of our affairs;
let’s hope for the magic wand
to work miracles by the turn
of the endless night.

If not other than our common
ground to meet,
let me remember the anonymous,
for once at least,
beyond the patriotic floats display
on a Republic Day.

Season of Lights

a poem by

Dunes of vapors from crackers rise,
Engulf, as odorous airs resound
Effusing joys to all abound
Pearls of gleams in these autumn nights
Adorn our lives else trite
With sparklers that motley skies
As soaring spirits of powder wander
Let us thank the heavenly might,
In this festive season of lights.

When that day will dawn?

a poem by

What is Diwali and why is it celebrated so lavishly?
Diwali is the celebration of the Death Anniversary of the Demon Narakasura,
The incarnation of All Evils in Toto in the legendary age of the world!
Corruption, dowry, unemployment, poverty, ignorance and disease are the Evils today;
So, unless these evils are eliminated, it is meaningless in celebrating Diwali.

The commission called corruption has to be paid for any job to be done today
Whether to get admission for education or getting a job in the govt. institutions.
Such a demand there is in all walks of life due to population that
Quality, honesty, sincerity are all thrown away as obsolete escutcheon.
Simply fair or foul, nothing is impossible by corruption;
With this evil power politicians exploit the people during and after the election;
And the people vote them in power to deceive themselves believing their words!

From time immemorial the domination of male over female is there till today;
The dowry system is the evilest of evil that degrades the whole of woman race;
Under this system dowry is paid to make women folks a life bondage to men in marriage;
The women like the mother earth are born to bear good issues but not the foolishness;
This the women folks should eschew in mind and mould the modern world.

Due to ineffective planning and over population the unemployment problem looms large,
Putting the youth educated or uneducated in despair and desolation;
They out of fear of the future get excited and restless and unreleased;
Not knowing what to do next they seek for some asylum in vain;
And finally to get peace of mind somehow or rather succumb to drug culture,
From where there is no escape to anyone but only in death!

Poverty is acute where population is high and development is poor;
Superstition, inefficiency and ignorance put people endlessly in misery and poverty;
Poverty is the last stage of the border line to the death of eternity,
Where on millions make the tight rope walk between life and death,
And thousands of hue and cries are heard everyday without a solution to find yet;
Even then the days are somehow pulled on though the poverty line not reduced to tolerable limit!

An old saying says, “Ignorance is bliss,”
But a recent saying says, “Ignorance is sin,”
Bliss or sin, ignorance certainly makes one a slave;
Economically or socially an ignorant person may be independent but psychologically a slave;
The mass ignorance makes the politicians easy to exploit and stay ever in power;
Most of all ignorance is the root cause for poverty, unemployment and disease;
So, unless ignorance is squarely eliminated no progress is possible.

Disease leading to death is the net result of all the evils afore discussed;
Of all the causes the most inexcusable cause of disease is certainly ignorance.
To cure but not accrue disease drugs and drinks are used,
But many to get kick so as to kick out worries lick liquors beyond limit,
And often not satisfied they go to drugs and fall ill wholly forever;
Unlike physical diseases psychological diseases are dangerous needing serious treatments
Or in some rare cases spiritual healing is needed to bring about enlightenment to the ill.

To have a better future for all, the evils have to be destroyed by the Almighty;
But mentally brightness comes to one only after profound experience in meditation;
When such a status is achieved by all that day darkness will be driven out by brightness!
So, let us all celebrate Diwali with that in mind to achieve a better tomorrow soon!

Gods and Goddesses – One Great Power

a poem by

Bead-String in one hand and Book in another hand Goddess Saraswathi sits on a White Lotus
Victoriously invoking art with her beautiful Veena eternally divine notes infinite
To grace the ardent one with knowledge to stand in this world
    and have a permanent place in that world!

Sitting on a Pink Lotus Goddess Lakshmi shines bright
    in all her glory wearing Ornaments of Gold and Diamonds
Gracing the suitably great persons with progress, prosperity and wealth;
Briefly, beautiful Sri Lakshmi symbolises all wealth, comfort and jollity wherever she is present!

Goddess Sakthi majestically sits on the Red Lotus with a Trisul in one hand and
    a Tambourine in another hand
Ready to slay down the formidable foes, who act arrogantly against dharma in the world;
Also, without Sakthi no one can survive fighting courageously against adharma in the world!

So, Saraswathi is the source and for the development of Knowledge for everyone in the world;
Lakshmi is the source and for the development of Wealth for everyone in the world;
And Sakthi is the source and for the development of Power for everyone in the world!

Without knowledge creation of any kind cannot be good and great;
Without wealth protection of lives cannot last longer;
Without power destruction of evil cannot be perfectly complete!

To accomplish all these aspects the Consorts of these Goddesses,
    Brahma, Vishnu and Siva are there respectively
Looking after eternally the works of Creation, Protection and Destruction
    both in the world and the Universe
In many Forms of Incarnations variously pointing out the One All Pervading Great Power!

Four Vedas in the four hands of the four headed Brahma sits on a beautiful Lotus Flower,
Whose stem is connected to the abdominal navel point of Lord Vishnu
Doing the duty of creation of Stars, planets and living beings in the Universe!

Lord Vishnu reclining over the five headed Snake Bed
    comforted by the hand pressings of Lakshmi of His leg calves,
And surrounded by the Gods of Heaven ponders over the ways to protect the Good against the Bad
Keeping ever ready in His hands weapons like Chakra, Conch and Club
    to do His duty of protecting dharma!

Sitting on the highest Snow Mountain top in a best possible yogic position
With a String of Beads, Holy Water Pot and Trisul in His hands
Lord Siva coolly calculates each and everything and performs His duty of destruction in time!

Cracker Barrage

a poem by

Oft have I wondered at festival times
Why crackers fascinate us Indians so
What’s in us that generates
This compulsive obsessive urge to explode?

The cracker bursts with a deafening sound
Ear drums shudder, shiver and quiver
The cracker shoots splinters, shreds and smoke
Gasping lungs recoil, living beings choke.

Are they a potent loud ad for hell?
For human ears a splitting, blasting bombshell?
A flying arrow in the dark, a stab on the night air
An ear-splitting bang to test the stone-deaf?

It’s a deafening call to scare and scatter
Shattering the nerves of man and beast
Dogs shiver, rabbits dart off, elephants panic
Perching birds flutter to escape the airy lash.

Diwali’s a harrowing time for light-sleeping folk
For a relentless noise barrage assaults their ears
A spluttering burst shatters the night calm
Sparks fly and gleam mocking the sky.

How I wish more lights and lamps lit up
The festival night like soft twinkling stars
From scintillating airy displays, pearly sparks
Parachute gently on the festive earth.

Noise encroaches, shocks, violates your sanctuary
With bangs and bursts of intense decibels
Kindly light beckons mellow, gives a warm glow
With courtesy and grace invites you gently…

The Lord of the Seven Hills

a poem by

Yes! The Lord of the seven hills, Lord Venkeshwara is there,
The powerful God capable of curing all ills well
And powerful enough to make even impossible problems as nothing,
If one surrenders oneself totally right earnest
And reposes full faith on Him only once and for all!

The uncertain life and future of man incredibly goes on faith only!
Faith on God only gives man power and strength to venture on enterprises
Based on knowledge, intelligence and intuition unique to man!
This non-conformists should know relinquishing their brand of rationality;
For rationality actually distinguishes man from animals and develops to divine hood;
But his scientific knowledge alone cannot prove the existence of God,
We believe, who is immanent, transcendental and immensely merciful to all!

This can be understood and realised when one visits the abode of God,
The spot that unites the Earth and the Sky uniquely in the Universe!
One such spot is the Thirumala of the Seven Hills,
Where dwells the Divine Magnetic Power that attracts and energises all with power!
That is why there is so much rush always there whether one believes Him or not!

The pressing pains of all kinds pulverise themselves before the image of the Lord
And the combined effect of happiness and peace called the bliss
He blesses with to one and all;
There after success accompanies men in their professions and life!
Such is the effect of the Magnetic Power of the Lord that attracts and produces!

Holi hai!

a poem by

The trees smile with their sprout
Of tender leaves and blooming flowers,
Eternal nature with its transient expression
Hails spring! with ecstasy and joy!
Bewildering shades with so many tinge
The land of beauty and greatness
India, witnessing colour of happiness and peace.
Nation come alive to enjoy the spirit
A celebration of colour- holi!
An experience of content, harmony and delight.

Holika burns amidst merriment and mirth-
Evil overpowered by love and devotion.
A festival to commemorate ‘rash lila’-
An enduring love saga of radha and Krishna.

Gulal – red, green, yellow and countless
A day’s canvas – a riot of colours.
Lively crowd running hither and thither,
Rainbow of colours, dashing from every nook and corner.
Disregarding their woe and despair
Fervent folks, rejoicing at the marvel of colours.
A day filled with luster and gaiety,
A day to smear our dreams-
With a splash of vibrant frenzy colours.
Holi hai! A spring of unbounded fun and frolic…