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ke siad I said i

a poem by

When I was a little girl,
I asked my mother,
“Why should I go to school?”
and this is what she said “Oh kid,
you have to learn,
so that when you come of age
You will earn,
And let us our butter churn”
Thus I learnt the first lesson of my life
Even before I completed my schooling,
that love is not free in this world.
Mother earth is much more kind,
For her you have only to till,
And sow some seed,
And she makes your belly fill.
One thing one must bear in mind,
that you must not pollute the air
by cutting the hair of Mother earth
that are green in colour
otherwise to eat the fruit of your labour
You will not be there

Mournful squeak of the trees

a poem by

“Oh! my Mother Earth,
Can’t we take our breath?
Before fulfilling the greed,
Of the everlasting human need.

Our branches gone,
And offsprings unknown.
But, we are On,
For this sorrowful mourn.

In the form of wood,
Feel that they should,
Become so rude,
To turn us into Crude.”

Friends, let’s make a balance
Of both trees and humans.
It’s time to co-exist,
So, please don’t resist.

Trees across the bay,
Survive all the day,
In the dark, passes a light ray,
To which I say:

No trees; No peace…
Without peace, life to cease.
So, bend on your Knees
And protect the Trees.

Climate Change

a poem by

Don’t you feel at night?
Suffocation in the absence of light.
The future will be bright,
Only, if the climate is right.

Pollution here and there,
Question to live where.
It all becomes a nightmare,
When you walk with a lot of care.

Vehicles up and down,
And Aeroplanes flown.
A key for Pollution crown,
With the usage grown.

We need to fight,
Against the air-tight.
The future will be bright,
Only, if the climate is right.

The Beach

a poem by

On the beach I sit for hours entranced
Seeing how the world around me danced
A feast of cheerful sights and sounds
The spice of life’s variety here abounds

Kids squealing in joyous laughter
The elders only happy to run after
Lovers are transported to paradise
The surroundings lost to their eyes

Friends gathered to forget their care
Breathing in the freshness of salty air
Fun and entertainment for all ages
Even fortune-telling parrots in cages

The kaleidoscopic scenes make me wonder
Making my harrowed mind cease to ponder
Lost in a state of blissful reverie
A magic eraser rubs my memory

I feel not the fine sand in my palm
Dripping through in celestial calm…