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Birth and Death Excluded

a poem by

Breakfast internet
Lunch internet
Dinner internet

Morning internet
Noon internet
Night internet

Write internet
Read internet
No Off internet

I go to internet
You go to internet
We meet at internet

Live by internet
Pay by internet
Get from internet

Dates on internet
Elect on internet
Select on internet

Fresh at internet
Grace at internet
Crash at internet

Silicon hub

a poem by

Silicon hub, the new Alladin’s
lamp, spreads its munificence;
Investments flow; every Collectorate
hearkens to gift away land for a
buzzing islet in the backyard;
Cosmopolitan ambience breathing
into every town; nudging away
its squalor, rural touche; The halo
of jeans sneers at dhoties, elitist
English pecks at indigenous flavour;
Land price mocks the sky, the
enterprising have a finger in the pie.

Roads crumble as gleaming cars zoom;
the hub needs power, its growth has
its own power; on the sidewalk,
villagers gape through dust-laden eyes;
A new world is shaping up; jobs
beckon, only one has to replant in an
alien soil; barriers come down; yet
as the avalanche goes past, the old
clutch to their sack of traditional
beliefs; the young swept on its course.

A new mantra at the tip of the decade;
under the surface the divide widens,
tectonic plates loosening
mass of earth.

Hate lurks behind masked gunmen;
Like the green woods, the hub
flourishes in the bay of its mantra

Internet, a virtual reality

a poem by

Hey friends of mine through net!
Not one I know by face,
Nor do I care to know
Your caste or creed or race
Nor religious background too
A criminal or a saint,
An intellectual or a fool
A celebrity or a non-entity
All I have to say is that
Bound as one we are
We share our poems and hearts,
Exchange our views and points,
Show concern and love,
No personal queries asked
Yet warmth there is aplenty
In this tiny world of ours
I love ye friends a lot
From the bosom of my heart
Thank you
For the friends provided true.


a poem by

Now I am face to face with my CPU
I spread beams of light on the monitor screen
There is deflection yoke to collimate the ions on to the screen
See the miniature sky
With edited Sun
Thanks Mr. Edison
Here there is virtual clock made to reality
With IST, GMT, etc
But who is the browser to fix our time
There is matter inside the “OS”
But I have no matter inside my brain
For all have been washed by rain of dissipating thoughts
In the dark clouds of youth
Hence I restart my system with increased “GB”
Therefore I go to Sapthagiri
To have full tonsure and to resurrect myself
O my beloved system I am done with John Donne.
Is it metaphysical interchange of ions on the animate
And thoughts with “WWW”
When, what, where!

Bugging Annoyances

a poem by

Had a strange dream
Wriggle worms enter, my closet
Through tea on line
Earth net
Pleading one
Via post
Bare lines
In the sky Jets fly.
Bomb rain
Low and high
What an ugly scene!
Means little things are bugging
The place with little annoyances is.
Get energy up for better perspectives please!

Seeds of Deception

a poem by

I fear
even when I trust,
the thought enveloped me
like a blanket wrapped tightly
around my neck, slowly strangling
me as I lost my breadth,
You returned to your last lover.
I believe that is plausible
as nothing makes sense,
the game was played brilliantly,
I lost my senses in blind faith.
Trusting instinctively without fear,
trust should be felt, not heard
like the rain washing my soul
gently caressing my stressed mind,
why is it that I am gullible,
enough, to believe that you cared,
the picture is being re-painted
even though contact is left behind.
I see you in your bed
smiling, briefly with your last lover
and then I flash before your beautiful eyes,
the pain shoots through your soul, momentarily,
your mind has chosen your path.
Your lover gently caresses you
bringing you back into the presence
I am lost, a vision, hopefully,
you hope not to be retrieved.
Truth stares at me smilingly
I feel the distrust building
calmly, like the calm before the storm,
in everyone around me.
“Is this true”
I yearn to ask you
but our wall of shame stops me.
You did not lie
you did not speak,
you did not say anything at all
but you did not justify your silence, scheming
as I played into your hands, like the fisherman
who waited for the tides to turn
before he got what he sought.
Now are you happy,
to hurt me and to have made your last lover
realise after he was hurt and he had yearned,
that you are the master, the queen in a chess game,
even though you did not play.


a poem by

In the evolution of
human thought
I become a fish
and glides into the
pure fantasy space
of cyberspace.

Where I am a whale
none is bigger than me
none is smaller.
I am the master of
my destiny
ruler of my law.

All are equal to
survive and wage the
battle of life and
come unhurt.

It is the only utopian world
ever existed, and will be
where I swallow the air
of happiness,
drink the nectar of

I have an existence in perfect harmony.


a poem by

Now computers are used
not typewriters,
now floppies are used
not notebooks.

Now dotcoms have been opened
now shop is on net,
now bank is on net
now the whole world works by net.

Children play games
people check mails,
youngsters searches for jobs
and some do gambling.

Cyberspace – A Support Refined

a poem by

All work is still work
But all time is not short,
Life still breathes with ambition
But time for joy is not lost.

There is a place of home
Under the roof of aim,
Its saved the time
Thanks to cyberspace.

Knowledge a bliss
Travel its prime
No distances in lives
For connection on-line.

We know them unknown
Feel each land a home
For distances shortened
By the new enrolled.

Thanks to cyber
For the gain on earth
Is like magic of Heaven
A support refined.

Its my Cyberspace

a poem by

Clicking the Mouse to the Internet Explorer
Connection was established to the Server

It opened the window to a world full of dreams,
Where one could browse endlessly as it seems.

Being Online for an hour doesn’t suffice,
For Surfing and Chatting does entice

Logging on to various interesting sites,
Does upgrade ones knowledge in its own right

Checking my Inbox for messages and matters obsolete,
Saving the best while others are on delete

Downloading, Composing and emailing my intentions,
It puts one at ease with various options

It has its own world at its own Pace,
Its my life, its CyberSpace


a poem by

The question is asked
within the following text
I’ll attempt to unmask
the meaning of the word we’ve heard so much
the truth undeterred
remains untouched.

From what I comprehend
an artificial dimension created by intelligent men
a network of influence
in its blinding plethora
furnishes insipid individuals
and blemishes they’re aura
and the short-sighted sheep are duped by the shepherd
and steered into cyberspace
by this effective method
so population control
has eventually succeeded
and cyberspace assures
that free thought is impeded.

Why are we intrigued with cyberspace so much?
Are we controlled like pawns and chess pieces?
To me we resemble flies around faeces
and we all know what faeces are worth
yet many are not free thinkers
within this embezzled earth.

The authorities
eliminate rebel minorities
and detach brotherhood
and separate sororities
even though they maintain
they’re views as humanitarian
the methods to seize the state
were explicitly totalitarian
the government
is the main instrument
in the hunt
to subdue population
and get them where they want (cyberspace).
They cannot be trusted
nor should you take notice of any words they have mustered
to me the Prime Minister
will always appear sinister
the Presidents
overshadowed by they’re decadence
show irrelevance
in this society
where the all mighty deity
is a refuge
for his creation
in a nation
where the people are connected with satanic manifestations
and this is called democracy
but is built on hypocrisy
where the population is taught mythology (cyberspace)
encouraged to commit polygamy
and indulge in bigamy
and at the end we do it
and the leaders enjoy it when the see us go through it
we’ve been raped verbally
because the words they have ejaculated
have impregnated our brain
with a foetus that will grow
to render us disdain.

So cyberspace
is there main plan
to rid the world of free thinking man
while the passionate ones remain the fools that they’ll be
cyberspace will chew their existence endlessly
whilst the free thinkers are sought
and are sliced from the throat
just because the threat they pose by the free thought they denote
due to this reality.
There is sorrow on my face
this is what I’ll tell you
since you asked about cyberspace.


a poem by

Searching for an Icon
On the Desktop of my Heart

I established a Connection
Just to make it Fast

Searched using a Search Engine
Even Logged on to a Messenger

But realized, Love is Not Found
On an Engine or on a Messenger

I sent an eMail
To a known female

Her Server did Respond
‘Connection Established’, it did Prompt

I got a Dedicated Line
As she said ‘You Are Mine’

We started Sharing all that we thought
And opened a ‘Discussion Board’ for our thoughts

She showed me the Sun
Thorough the Window of love

An Angel in CyberSpace
Who has an ever-smiling face

Network Neighborhood, I no longer need
Thoughts, Talks! Emotions! Feelings is all that I Feed

Our love for each other is an Infinite Loop.

I have Saved her in my Heart
Who can never be Deleted
Even if I Format

Alt+F4 for now