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So, help me God

a poem by

Oh, where am I?
Oh God, why did you push me down?
It is so noisy here.
I feel hungry.
Where is my yummy mummy tube?
My you tube!
It is not with me any more
What am I doing here?
You know God first time I made a strange voice
A voice of fear,
A voice of helplessness,
Of insecurity,
I learned to make the voice louder.
A cry of my heart!
Then someone fed me milk.
It tastes so good as in my tube
Oh it was my mummy.
She hugged me!
I was feeling comfortable.
God I think my journey starts here!
So, help me God.

Like the rest of Mankind

a poem by

Daily I thank my creator
He made me like the rest
With no crippling handicaps
Equipped to live life best.

He made me wonderfully whole
Fully enabled to play my role
Ears open to sweet sounds and sighs
To float and glide on music’s magic.

My eyes click nature’s loveliest hues
Feast on sumptuous works of art
I can give tongue to my inmost thoughts
Soothe hurts with honey words

My legs take me wherever I wish
To roam freely in hills or glades
My nostrils intoxicate with scents
The dowry of prettiest blooms.

Thank I God I am entire
Sans a single handicap
That I am like the rest of mankind
Like the best of the rest.

On a Friday Afternoon

a poem by

I was on roads on duty then
The time might be two or three afternoon
It was too hot to stand on roads, there
I received a message from my home.
I forgot everything and road too and
My legs were in a hurry to rush
I forgot my duty and traffic too
My legs reached my home and lost my sense
To remove my shoes at the doorsteps
I found a crowd in my bed room
Creating a jovial atmosphere
I had lost my patience and with a shout
I entered and had a vision of my little Angel
Which was near with a little rosy lips
In a sweet melting voice
It declared it’s arrival to me and to this world
Though she is now at eleven
It is green in my memory and it will be for ever.


a poem by

Seems just like yesterday when we took solemn vows
Together we’ve laughed and fought, but fonder got
Now to make us complete here’s our nugget of gold
A new heart to love a new heart to hold

A special day

a poem by

Birthdays are like pitstops

You reflect on the times you left behind
Till a smile curves your lips
You look ahead to greener pastures
Till hope glimmers in your eyes

All those who love you then make your day
With their wishes, messages or just a hey
And then at the end of the day
You are off on your way

On the rest of your journey called Life

Poetry is born, then!

a poem by

When none wants to see you
And you crave to meet them
Clouds thunder, oceans rise
Poem shapes in poet’s mind

When friends are faltering
And foes run to rescue you
Gardens flower, trees bloom
Poem shapes in poet’s mind.

When words steal, views fly
And thoughts begin to hide
Brain breaks, head cracking
Poem shapes in poet’s mind.

When pen, paper are no near
And rhythm fires as by gun
Trace fired poetic bullets
Poem shapes in poet’s mind.

Irregularity and adversity
Are thine friends, O Poetry!

A Little Angel

a poem by

A little girl was born in the spring of 1987
An angel came down to earth to fulfill an incomplete family of three
A fairy who was a boon to this family nineteen years ago
Has made us proud by her presence
The wonderful work she’s done
The extent of love she’s showered upon us
A beautiful woman, now, has stepped into the threshold of her youth
Daring all hurdles and hindrances coming in her way

A little woman with her unnatural beauty
A little virgin with a halo
A small wonder with all her intelligence
A small child with all her maturity
A great human with immense integrity and understanding

This is my little sweetheart
This is my tiny creature
This is my little being
This is my humble jewel
This is my sibling
My sweet little sister

Life within

a poem by

Soft clouds glided past misty panes
Crystal dews glistened on moist leaves
Raw earthy smell filled the damp evening
Refreshing surroundings hinted miracle

Besieged I soaked the beauty around me
Lord’s presence was evident everywhere
There appeared a arch of seven dainty hues
Created specially to bless me with goodness

A glow brighter than sunray adorned my face
I smiled radiantly and charisma enveloped me
A mystic aura filled my heart and body
My inner beauty transcended nature’s splendor

Lord had bestowed on me a precious gift
Fragile little one had taken birth within me
My body was a holy temple nurturing this soul
I thank lord profusely for making my life elite

My Third Birthday

a poem by

When I was three
Someone asked me
Hey little kid
Tell me what you wanna be
Blinking my eyes
Thinking for a moment
Scratching my head
Looking here and there
Browsing through about…
Three things I knew then
I said I wanted to be a garbage collector
That someone who asked me
What I wanted to be
Was none other than
My sweet little mommy
The day was my third birthday
And I was in front
Of about twenty other people
Who had come to wish me
Tell me how cute I was
Wanted to know… ever if I grow
What I wanted to be
A garbage collector!!!
The whole room was in a state of shock
I almost felt… duh!!!… I am a kid
I have a legal right to be dumb
But there was pandemonium
My father was sweating…
I bet there was a chilli in the cake
My mom was grinning
And I was like… uhhhhh
What did I say
My friend’s father… who was very fat
Found it especially funny
He could hardly manage…
His bouncing (ever growing if I may add!!!) belly
Someone dropped his plate
On someone’s dog (ya there were dogs in my party…)
And there was the poor animal whining
It’s the end of the universe… (may be that’s what he thought)
My school teacher (ya!!… I used to go to school when I was three…)said
This kid has been especially crazy in my class
It’s about time he goes to boarding school
He has to be disciplined

We shall appoint a ten member committee to look into this (that’s a hyperbole)
Someone slapped me out of frustration (now that’s hallucination)
I don’t know who was that… and I got another one
What… was the boogey man in the house
Someone had eaten my share of the cake (now that made me cry)
I am sure there must have been calls to BBC and CNN
What was I supposed to say
I want to be a dermopsychoneurocrypotologist (whatever that may mean!!!)
Spare my three year old pea brain!!!
Phooh I had a bad time that day…
I wish I can forget my third birthday!!!

(Disclaimer – Rather a small apology to mom n dad-
this is a pure fictional piece of creation,
please do not get mad at it…
I am just kidding… and don’t slap me…
I am twenty five maa!!!
I love you all.and pardon me for all the spelling mistakes)

When you smile

a poem by

Just sixty days into this world
You’ve brought us joy untold

Your knowing looks and selective smile
Shows your grace and early style

Simply can’t wait to hear you talk
Hold your hand and make you walk

In a turbulent world, a calm being you really are
Days of your growth and great deeds are not very far

To raise you till you rise, we shall steer
Blessed we’re to have you daughter dear

Every little sound you make has some meaning
Only that we don’t comprehend your fullest feeling

God has taken good time to create you
Our darling is the most lovable baby on view

A bundle of delight, you’ve struck an everlasting bond
We shall always be near, towards your glorious days and beyond

When you smile, a million stones in the sky turn stars
Lighting the lamp of joy in our hearts

As you cuddle in comfort, feeling light like a feather
Blessed you are to be born to a divine father.


a poem by

See crash on sea
Eye see on paper
Cracks on routes
Life on tracks
Daybreak at the horizon
Trajectory at tip of the soil
Hear chirping of two winged flights
Infants brought out by hands with tools and glouse
They not but blink on the first person they see
Are they the Brahma incarnation?