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Just perfectly me

a poem by

I can’t showoff.
I don’t know how to fit in that jeans.
I don’t know how to cover my face with foundation.
I can’t make friends easily.
Sometimes I suffocate in a social gathering
I don’t know, how to style my hair.
I am not at all perfect,
I am just perfectly me.

It’s bad luck of those who can’t see my other side.
Because I know I am a nice girl and my beauty doesn’t need any certification.
I have accepted and loved myself with all my qualities and faults.
Because I know I am one of a kind and a blessed person.
Just perfectly me.

Romantic Ambrosia

a poem by

Our encounter
Was a sumptuous banquet
As we shared our hearts
And minds with the choicest
We discovered our self
On the menu of our
Our aperitif was
A meditation
On who we are
And our ethos
Of existential meaning…
We had candlelight dinner by
Opening our hearts out
For wine we shared our
Photos, we drank in
The relish of splendor…
Let’s become one and
Enrich our life in
Tokens of love
That are countless

Song of Songs!

a poem by

O ray’d dawn…
You have spoken to me
Adored darling
In the colors of love…
A dove there rising…
Softly flowing into
The clouds…
Makes me want to
Caress you and hold
You and hug and taste
The breath of the sweet
Morning in adoration
And love…
My nights have been
A cold freezer without
You, my precious jewel…
In you alone I nurture
Me heart’s content…
In your mysticism and
Magic, I find a solace
A nurturing grove,
A lofty hill, a towering
Light house…
All in cherished
Warmth endured
Loved adored and

For Her

a poem by

I have found you a blossom,
A flame of many orchards…
Of Passion and love for you,
I would like to be a river,
Devoted and flowing for
Your fullness, harmonizing
Your streams to a rich ocean…
Flowing forever, renewing time
In celestial whispers and echoes
That ring the music of dawn that
Would echo of some ethereal mystery…
A soul I have found in you…

Romantic Duet

a poem by

The Sun has entered romance
with its rosy and pink hues…
Call me lover, and delight
in the rich oasis of the evening.
Let’s love our self’s as evening
paints the sky with ethereal colors.
What whispers have in your heart
for me…
Spoil me in the luxury of your passion…
Yes I miss your honey’d lips ,
Yes my tender dew drop …
My darling you are the color rainbow…
My lips would melt in yours
as easy a brook flowing…
I have planted many hugs in
my heart and I have sown
them with loving affection
for you.

Ode to Psyche

a poem by

Oh Psyche-
Floating on the
Romantic sedative air-
Your words are on
The wings of poetry.
You have seduced
The earth as an
Angel of flight.
Why have you
Left your charms
Besieged in
Your fragile body?
Yes, you release
A beauty
As a painting
Of flight.
You have left
The forsaken body
Of lust and you have
Traveled to the air-
A heaven now of imagination.

Poetic Reverie

a poem by

The moon is lit in the garden
Shining as a glazed tongue,
Playing hide and seek behind the
I would have loved to have you
With me for a quite moment
Oh dear one, let’s feel
How the heart overflows-
Our hands are clasped and
Touch is an elation, joyful
Shuddering of the veins as
Feeling leaps up like the
Petals of a wild flower-
Oh darling how I wish
We were soaked in tremulous joy
Hugged and embraced emitting
The heart’s warmth as the burning hearth
The night glistens with pearls-
How I wish to adorn them to lover
As a necklace flaming passion
The dark of the night is an
Yielding bed to my lover
My loins have the dark of them
The abyss to give you joy
To circumambulate the
Nectar of your passionate lips
And stay in you drenched
As a song of love.

Lover’s Wish

a poem by

Love lingers
In the heart
Like a fire burning
As flames in the mantel piece
Every embrace, every kiss
Every whisper of the heart
Wakes all the flowers from
The body feels so cold
In the bed without you.
It remembers how
Beautiful it is
To make love
Forever like swans
Flowing in the lake of life.

For you O’Fair Lady

a poem by

Such lovely eyes,
Where else can I find,
It makes me sand blind,
Contemporary cat-like on which my heart plies.

Countless dense black hair,
Seeing which arouses my desire,
One of them kissed your cheek,
Alas, I infront of you look so meek.

Those widespread red lips,
How feminine you look when you travel in ships,
With a lovely little-big nose,
And such shaped ear to pose.

You stand so tall on your feet,
You make the hearts infront of you beat,
Worthy to be one of beauty queens,
And I say you look ultimate in jeans.

As I see you more and more,
My heart feels Aur Pyar Ho Gaya but has no pore,
Dil mein aate hai Josh,
And seeing you my tongue blabs gosh.

I dance with your Taal,
Enough, now let me tell to my pal,
Ssshhh… you are not a …
Yes, you are Aishwarya.

The Beauty of Moonlit Night

a poem by

Sitting near the lake I see a bright tinge appear in the middle
As in the sombre blue sky comes the moon in her chariot of pearl
Girting her silvery hue around groves of mango trees
While mango-foliages sway in cool summer breeze;
On tiny flowers showers the moon her rays glittering
Before whom look tarnished millions of stars twinkling,
The little flowers sip ethereal silver drops of the moon
And in ecstacy of opening their petals pretty they swoon;
Dance the waves of the lake glistening like molten silver
And the dark night becomes a beautiful painting in silver;
The beautiful night makes me feel as if I were in Eden
Free from the ugliness of this world revealing Beauty arcane,
My soul beholds Beauty in her pure divine light
That flashes and makes me pen the beauty of moonlit night.

Is Beauty Truth or What – II

a poem by

Dress makes the man but not the man himself in reality!
So, beauty is just a representative of a business company!
What is beauty to one is not the same for others too;
Truly, beauty lies only in the eye of the beholder!

How much importance man attaches to beauty here!
Beauty attracts and deceives perpetuating men’s affairs!
Beauty only loses but love lasts in the life of the world!
So, one can be a slave of love but not a slave of beauty.

Beauty without love is a serpent like beauty unreliable
And is much more dangerous than a common beauty.
Beauty without love is also a beauty without truth;
Such serpentine beauty surely coils round and swallows!

Beauty of Art may be a joy forever to men;
But beauty of Nature forever lives in mind
And gives blessed mood recollected in peace!

Beauty of Art may be a frozen one;
Beauty of a Woman is a losing one;
But beauty of Nature is a lasting one!

Beauty of Nature truly never dies in the world,
A live legacy for all to witness and appreciate!