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Humanity, the mighty weapon

a poem by

I do stand helpless with everything being like a dream,
And I no longer see a child’s beam,
As the snowy field turned into an ugly red,
I realise all those people have found their ‘last’ bed.

Castes, Religions, Rituals for what they have fought,
And ‘Death’ is the reward they have got;
Now that there has been no use of their ‘birth’,
For no one can enjoy the fruits of Mother Earth.

Is this why we were a part of God’s creation?
With no one present to give us even a decent cremation!
So, at least from now, let us follow the path of humanity,
For we all belong to that community.

Brightest Star of Asia

a poem by

Kalpana Chawla, the brightest star of Asia,
Thou sudden fallen down over Texas,
Keep people mute on the earth.
Keeping aside thou thy own life,
Nourished thy mind for new light,
Unknown orbs were thy delight,
You wandered beyond doleful earth.
May the God bless thy soul,
The lover to see the bliss,
Whereas others work for the breach.
If everyone carry thou thy own hearth,
There’d be no production for war,
And great destructions be no more,
But peace be prevailed on the earth.

Ode to the sky queen!

a poem by

News flashed at 9 in the night,
Came as a shock to the world,
The sky lost its daughter,
One who kissed the radiant sky, had dreams to make home.

There she is, leaving us alone,
India along with Karnal cries, prayer chants in the temple of Texas,
So we join in the ceremony too,
“My daughter missed but not with tears”, quips her father.

She went, explored, reached her dream,
Nowhere has anyone hope and touch,
An Indian in every essence, she made us proud,
A role model to emulate.

The debris found, the investigation continued,
But the light won’t come back again,
The torch is out there in the sky,
I cannot do much: but feel proud for you,

We salute thee! Madam Kalpana Chawla.

The Seven Astronauts

a poem by

Her name was imagination
NASA space shuttle mission;
Columbia astronauts, Seven,
Kalpana, Clark, William, Brown
Commander Rick and Michael, Ramon
Eighty uninterrupted scientific experiments,
Bone disease, osteoporosis and kidney stones,
To enhance quality of life, human;
Launched, 2003 January, sweet sixteen
Mission, STS – 107.
It’s twenty-eighth trip,
Forever remain
Midst’s Stars and Planets
Across Heaven; In True Spirits;
Letting its body fall to sanctify the soil
Around Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas
Strewn across a wide radius,
Here on earth our silent tears,
Hopes against hopes
The Shining Seven Stars!


a poem by

Just time travel into the depth of her eyes…
Those burning embers bright, light years apart…
and yet so damn close to your heart…
Year after year… Aeon after aeon… there for you
and for all…
Then… why the sweet pain?
Why that 3D gravity sinking your heart?
Those stars are there…
and will be… forever…
but then again perhaps not until never…
Planets twirl…
Galaxies swirl…
Is there indeed a long range force?
That connects souls with the source?
Deep inside, somewhere… I know there is an answer to the above
Perhaps a force called love.

Cosmic Silence

a poem by

Paradoxes way to the
kernel of truth? So
have space-watchers gone on;
and ended up deeper in
the valley of the blank;
Cosmic silence murkier
than the Golden Triangle;
eye sees only the contours
as a bird soaring up;
does ear hear the
consonance that makes
a stone fall?

The Night Sky

a poem by

I walked across the street,
Gazing at the wonders of god’s deeds;
The lovely stars that twinkles,
The cool breeze that tickles,
The big round master playing hide and seek,
Made all my joys to leak.
There was a million of dots
Upon the sky, the white shining spots,
These are all reflected by the pool.
In the night there’s no noise of tools.
It’s really a boon
For the earth to get a friend like the moon,
Which shines in the night
With all its might.
As I stared at the night sky,
My thoughts held me back from saying a bye!

The Poem

a poem by

To the endless open sky,
I looked innocently.
In the layers of air,
Many thoughts and happiness,
Joys and sorrows floating and sailing on-
Many of those whisper,
In the close person of my ears;
I can hear your ‘Sighs’.
Multitudes of waves pushes it,
Throws it away-
Your ‘Sighs’ roll on, float on,
Swept through the streams of air,
Gets lost, behind the temple, beyond
The trees – to the eternity.

Leonid’s Shower 1

a poem by

Went up to the terrace
To watch fireworks from space
While they came down silently
We just watched patiently
We didn’t see them in a shower
Four stray ones shoot in power
Such wonderful behaviour
Of them celestial meteor
Earlier one I glimpsed from the balcony
Like a shooting star symphony
Incase you missed the view
Hope my picture is near true
While the meteors came from the sky
I did see my white bird fly by.

Leonid’s Shower 2

a poem by

Took Aaron and went up to see
Our starry sky and galaxy
The sky quite dark with many a twinkling star
You were there the brightest by far
Through the cool night our eyes fixed high
We saw this white bird fly by
Suddenly far beyond spied a bluish dart
The beautiful movement – a heavenly art
Another and another, oh there were so many
They sparkled like silver ribbons in ceremony
These sparklers all blue and white
Like tubelights filled the disappearing light
An announcement that the angels will be entering
Those little angels you are grooming.