Poems by Sayali Joshi


a poem by Sayali Joshi

Dreams are the ones which we all see
Try to fulfill it, using efforts as a master key

Not all dreams will get fulfilled
But that dosen’t mean, it’s your defeat

See a dream with a positive thought
Make it your new aim and give your best shot


a poem by Sayali Joshi

Mumbai, the city of dream
In problems, it stands up as one team

The city welcomes everyone
Glamor in it attracts anyone

Here, life is very fast
On Occasions all have a blast

Here, all are in hurry
In crowd people forget their worry

The city also has its dark side
Still people continue to reside…


a poem by Sayali Joshi

Time, which we can’t hold or stop
Just follow it, in life you will be on top

Time waits for no one
So share your feelings with dear one

Once it is gone, everything remains in mind
From our life, we can see that special one far behind…

Today’s Life

a poem by Sayali Joshi

Today, everything has changed
Everyone’s schedule is already arranged

Tons of contacts are their in our cell
But few of us know, how many are well

All are busy in achieving something
Wait for a while and think, have we missed anything?

Old Age Home

a poem by Sayali Joshi

Parents’ love is selfless
They motivate us when we are helpless

Till today, they gave us everything
But their struggle, some children start forgetting

Holding their hands, we used to roam
Now be with them, don’t send them to old age home

Life of a Farmer

a poem by Sayali Joshi

Last night, I saw one dream
A farmer and his scream

Being curious, I asked the reason
He replied, no crops this season

Being helpless, I just gave him hope
But with frustration he goes

After some time he took one knife
Suddenly I woke up and prayed for his life…


a poem by Sayali Joshi

Father, whose words are his silence
Whose experience becomes our guidance

When we were wrong, he became a scolder
But in our success, he patted our shoulder

To complete our dreams he gave his best
Now, the time has came to give him some rest

What more I can write to express my feeling
Just I can say that because of him, our life has got the meaning…