Poems by Godavari

An Empty Nest

a poem by Godavari

A lonely heart resides in an empty nest
A mother’s anguish cannot be expressed.
My little bird has grown wings
It is time to cut those apron strings.
Fly high to seek the heights of success
Surf the stormy waves, defeat those who try to oppress.
Dive into the endless ocean of knowledge
Work hard to seek it, to perfect it to have an edge.
Look not back – ride ahead, make your future bright
I shall be behind you to support you outright.


a poem by Godavari

Xanadu -an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty

Hold my hand as I take you
To a place which is not far away.
Away from hatred, pretense and deceit,
Where fluffy clouds kiss your feet.
Where the purity of heart and soul reign supreme,
Where the river of joy gushes downstream.
Where sorrows, misery and hatred are repugnant,
Where love, joy and brotherhood is abundant.
Where the mind can roam free beyond the skylines
Where ideas and the doves of freedom touch new horizons.
Where there are no walls of religion to divide us,
Where disputes are considered superfluous.
Where there is no war, no genocide, no weapons of mass destruction
Where there is no corruption or pollution.
A place called Xanadu can exist
Only if humanity learns how to co-exist.
Live and let others live.

A dementia patient’s story

a poem by Godavari

Everything around me seems to be an illusion,
The present is Incomprehensible- beyond my perception.
I am an old woman – a dementia patient
Hallucinations and delusions are imminent.
I want to hold on to my fond memories,
But the milestones in my life are all forgotten places.
I try to reach out to take control
While I try mend my tormented soul.
My entangled brain eludes reasoning and reality
A stranger takes over but that is just not me.
All my loved ones are all gone to be with the stars
Here I am still left behind numb with my fears.
Hold me tight, my dear children, remember you are my heartbeat
My love for you will remain with me for eternity.

India – A Paradox

a poem by Godavari

There are two worlds in India,
One world that is rich and the other is poor.
One that is hungry and lives on one meal,
The other has the option of a five-course meal.
One that wears only designer wear,
The other has nothing but tatters to wear.
One whose celebrations are reported on Page three,
The other’s miseries are reported only for TRPs.
One that has just one family living in a building with 25 floors
The other has no home and sleeps outdoors.
One that has spas and showers with hot and cold water
The other has to walk miles to fetch a pot of water.
And yet in between these two worlds is the middle-class family.
Sandwiched and exploited by both the worlds callously.
One that struggles and toils to pay their taxes and bills,
Who has to fight reservation, inflation and has dreams to fulfill.
A paradox of poverty within a world of plenty,
Only education can free us from this disparity

A corrupt politician’s story

a poem by Godavari

An over sized coat, a pot belly,
Has no shame but lots of money.
A story from rags to riches, a very humble beginning,
A leader with a massive following.
He charged a commission for his misdeeds
Passing a tender, flouting norms which he could easily supersede.
Soon his wealth and arrogance swelled, from zero to 1 leading 10 zeros
As a leader his morals plummeted down to a zero.
A scam or two did not matter,
All charges against him were ripped to tatters.
A Swiss account, a swanky car, a vacation abroad
He got away with one too many frauds.
Soon his luck ran out,
He was going to jail without any doubt.
The media haunted him, people taunted him
His bulb fused out, his future was dim.
He was behind bars without bail
The rest of his life was spent in jail.
Soon death arrived without a warning
He went to Hell groaning.
God asked ‘O immoral soul, where is the wealth you were given?
Did it help you to go to heaven?’
‘No’ said the wretched soul as he cried loudly
‘I was a fool to think I could get anywhere with my money’.

The Journey of Life

a poem by Godavari

Every step that I take is a struggle,
Nothing can stop me from clearing the rubble.
A long journey on a rocky terrain
Every part of my body is in pain.
With a song on my lips and a prayer in my heart,
I continue the journey of life with a fresh start.
I will not give up I have to strife,
I have to survive, I have to thrive.
Every hurdle every mountain enlightened me–
It is the journey and not the destination that defines thee.

God’s Appeal

a poem by Godavari

Streams of blood on the street,
The crimson color of blood is paler than the rage of a beast.
And who is this beast? you may wonder,
It’s the human being – Gods biggest blunder.
A boom of a bomb, a swish of the sword and then a deafening scream
This is all it took to end a mother’s dream.

‘You kill and destroy my creation’ says God,
‘Why are you so intolerant? You are all peas of the same pod.’
You kill each other because you think, “my God is greater than yours”?
You nincompoop I am the same God in different forms.

Fight not for me, instead take care of my creation
Seek the righteous path to show your devotion.

Fight pollution, corruption, poverty and disease
Let there be happiness prosperity and peace.