Poems by Rini Antony


a poem by Rini Antony

She’s an integral part of me
The sunshine in my life
Her smile could launch a thousand ships
Her tears could break my heart

Her innocence reminds me
Of a forgotten childhood
Of memories diminished
Of faded bliss

She gazes at my eyes
And probes into my heart
Her face inquires only once
Am I with her all the way

She ignores my fears
She ignores my anxiety
She places herself in my hands
And that strengthens me


a poem by Rini Antony

And she rises like the phoenix
From the dark ashes
Her eyes sparkle with the embers
Of days long ago

Her gaze sweeps down
At her trembling minions
Her awesome presence
Has stunned them into silence

Her head held high
Her wings take flight
She ascends to the heavens
And fades away into the sky


a poem by Rini Antony

I close my eyes
And see the waves
That shatter in my heart
and echoes in octaves

The seagulls cry
at the horizon far east
my gaze wanders
and my eyes feast

At the setting ball
of mouldening fire
that pierces my heart
with its fierce ire

The wind coos in my ear
as I’m aware of another
someone who’s gazing at me
and yet hiding farther

Within myself I find myself
My own identity, yet detached
each aware of the other, yet
out of the same egg hatched