Poems by Raj Nair


a poem by Raj Nair

Feelings that run between tender hearts
Hearts that pound for the make of bonds
Bonds that teach the reason to care
Care that dwells in everything together
Together that makes time sublime
Sublime that life which binds the other
Other that graceful making friends
Friends that got defined by friendship
Friendship that forths heart over mind


a poem by Raj Nair

A pique placid across the wings
of the amorphous voyageur as clear
as the crystal moon sails to meditated heights
All when the beacon’s fade casts fear

The sun dowdy drifts into chimeric palanquins
of hills unfettered by clouds that risques
Chirping symphonies carry the gospel playbacks
“Yet we enliven the world’s days”

Masqueraders and the Primrose

a poem by Raj Nair

Impromptu: God blesseth thy herd, vagabond whoseth
carnals have the vanguards belittled

The night dawned over the sullen shine
famished to witnesseth the callous whispers
dark horses bridled with incestuous malign
unruffling the innocuous in swiny vespers

The day lethargic broods in stealthy pace
frogs swirl the wetlands for insatiable mates
solemn, spellbound is she as her days
in this sweet sojourn- seems all pass

Wet eyes run her cheeks dry
joys oxymoronous in her life’s palate
nature cast-on the gloom with a wry
heavens damn as the brittle heart scathe

Conscience alludes seldom to her forceful recall
to memorabilia wrapped and spanked by the odds
she writhes in anomalous pain and foul
once a sweet sojourn- seemed all pass

Gotcha! Us bluebloods, she a congenital disgrace!
Society that hallows her genre, plays prank!
Heinous demons heed not to tenderous sighs.
Lo! Masqueraders say not to the budding pariah

The twilight in her eyes scorned the night
lustrous contours lost their illustrious lustre
the gobbles smite her aplomb to retreat
jaywalkers make her their jamboree’s pasture

Her forgone home holds abysmal signs
wrecked, wretched by a savage storm
Mom- her only acquiesce in heavier veins
lived sans jauntiness in a besmirched form

Death rescued her from its lingering knell
but for her girl, fresh from her chord
salacious world unleashed a malicious spell
traders besieged her, disporting in discord

Marred by lusty overtures and perverse gestures
caressed by the delinquents brutally naive
she-“the irony of her age”-succumbs
of moral blemishes when the vanguards maim

Is she THE SORT of masochists fame?
Though not by choice as nature’s child
call it thy blindspots of heavenly grace
lest decadence in the sneak of the wild.


a poem by Raj Nair

Skewing for hours on a smoggy morning
Hovering around the drumbeats of renaissance
Stumbling across the pile of burned trashes
Huh! Reached home from the wildish taverns

The pleasant artifacts of the rangoli
Swarming aroma of the sweet jaggery
Cackling rejoices and the strewn footwear
Celebrations- while the Sun shines sky high

The mud pot with religious undertones
Rests beneath the arching sugar canes
The simmering celebrity draws a million smiles
As she broods over, bidding for a perfect squib

An orchestrated call from the herd
As she skits through the squinted corners
With canes that flex their onus
Alas! Ripped by unscathed canines

She is the gourmet for the day
In affirmation to the Sun- that shines-
Thy bestows over lands which mimes
The chants of the PONGAL theme


Ours Truly

a poem by Raj Nair

Clad in my tidy uniform
As fresh as the day
Back to school in the New Year
Shining shoes and the bloated tie

‘Grown up’ as my parents grin
Blushing purple, I waited for him
His yelling that triggers my day
Bang, I grab the bag in style

‘Hurry up! An early assembly’
His shouts subdued as he drools
Eyes that caressed my flashy attire
We mirrored each other to perfection

All the way in pride and esteem
We walked together a long walk
A whimsical walk that neither forgets
Sharing joys that holidays hath brought

A walk too long with the shortest steps
A talk too long in aimless bliss
A longing for those days to return
Another year in school- too long to bear

At last we reached the school
The compromise that we ought to make
Hands clasped together in fear
As the gates closed for the day’s prayer

Left stranded together in the kerb
We waited for the doors to budge
While we row up for the meet
Together we cooked up stories to please

Canes whipped our hands red
A roughshod very early in the year
Long since tears have blocked our eyes
More on offer, as the holidays bygone

Teachers badge us the ‘naughty two’
They scorn us sitting together always
Punishments were the order of the day
Scions of nonsense did we represent

We reveled in those subtle moments
That severe storm had got in store
A longed break from the demonic school
Many like souls joined our bandwagon

Scenes in those mid- terms
Parents and teachers meet for worse
The burgeoning ball of wrath
And the silhouetting face of terror

Bashing black and blue, my dad rests
-Common offerings wagered for discipline-
Rather unbiased gesture for both of us
But sobbing got bitten shy in togetherness

Those days we seldom dissuade
From childish skirmishes and satirical joys
Both, youngest for our moms ‘n’ pops
Pampered, Tender, adored and the gambles

Yes, he was my great mate
We made good friends together
In the Hamlet as interesting as our days
Far secluded from the material world

We owed joy to each other
Life got defined by friendship
Where isolation meant austerity
Great times were they forever

The erring Phenomenon

a poem by Raj Nair

A wake-up call sets the Goliath
Against the avarice of the night
The chirping delights counsel the world
That they are the precursors seldom heard

Fields lush green, gushing water streams
Flashing ravines, palpable mates of the grass
Interludes that hiss in the silent nights
That they are the precursors seldom heard

Avalanche from the amorphous clouds
Drifting along the dizzying heights
Servile inmates of the pond enlightens
That they are the precursors seldom heard

In the midst of the lush meadows
Rock that pops still, devours the awe
With feelings that enmasse its calm posture
That they are the precursors seldom heard

Fields that trysts with the chimeric hills
Conjure up the nomadic white mermaid
In smokes that choke Gods-Magnanimous
That they are the precursors seldom heard

Swirling winds, whirling waters
Broaching overtones of frisky frogs
Breeze, which sets the bamboo wrecks
That they are the precursors seldom heard

A spectacle held in delight as nature
Unleashes the gory of a dark caricature
Battered she looks bewildered for answers
In to the concoction of beauty, so raucous

A loathsome alley of abandoned fame
Abode to a mirthful lot of serpents
At the farthest point is a hazy home
Where nature browbeats her life’s bliss

” A Trojan horse, horrendous catastrophe
Simmering genocide, callous conundrum
Brooding death knell, whirling sabotage”
When nature browbeats her life’s bliss

Happy times hath harvest brought
Good crop owes a thousand smiles
Nature the Maverick had sought
A Faustian deal – her life’s bliss

A roar sheared the daze skies
With glittering light of anguish
The jolt that stunned the fields
That they are the precursors often heard

Menacing shroud of darkness
Tantalizing gestures of wrong spirits
Traumatizing reminiscence of aghast
That they are the precursors often heard

The waters untamed splashed wild
In to the tranquil ravines of wonder
Nature, grotesque jettisoned the flood
Treacherous wind- a holocaust in yonder

Gullible earth and the gutsy winds
Scare so ominous ripped her mind
Ramming through the winds, midst of jinx
Reaches her abode where her muses unwind

A streak of grief- an abhorred acquiesce
Engulfed her in a vicious discord
As she wailed over the bloody remains
Of her cuddly kid- her own world


a poem by Raj Nair

Another day in an August sunshine
Remembrance basked in the chants of history
Elitists thronged the dais in rhetorics pristine
School-gripped in silence, commotions weren’t free

An aberrant day, I always think
For the lustre of rhetorics swayed my mind
Freedom – solace to a million of my ilk
always appeared elusive for him – my fiend

He was a crank, at times I wonder
Asserts his view, bereft of my call
I scorn his gibs that make me ponder
over truth ‘n’ real that lend me a swivel

Lo! we grasp an air of muse
With pride of benevolence in retrospect
struggles abluted in diversity, souls aplomb
but unfretted he is, a vicarious circumspect

We get in rows, aghast ‘n’ mystified
reality unravels where truth succumbs
when experiences play prank, gloss gets demystified
“Freedom claims the right of choice” he clamours

The Raison d’etre for his deriding fuss
rests intact during horrendous times
in the northern pillory with a throbbing gush
of blood and anguish – freedom lends the tact

Born as a pundit in the sliding hills
where the picturesque nature abodes in camouflage
where carcass of his folk dropped like nine pins
Beleaguered he was to the evasive freedom

Factions, renegades with gutsy overtones
Bullied peace, seldom silhouetted to justify freedom
Everyone, Everything, near ‘n’ dear turned out Martyrs
The paranoia never augusted freedom to his Fiefdom

I was shrieked from my sack
by emotions that run deep in my heart
thee my SELF rendered me the flak
For sanctifying freedom despite the gruesome past

Give me a ride…

a poem by Raj Nair

I long for one I lived him most
A good friend he was, agile in need
He guided me along, wished my intent
A silent witness to my deed and misdeed

I wish I had a friend like him
so cute ’n’ pretty, an icon of my times
In wee hours, we’re together in bloom
Merry his lovely tail all that entails

Care ‘n’ respect for his juvenile companion
He loved the compassion of my fingers
He tested my instincts without a grim
Prolific his breed churning out wonders

Times I detested him of his kind
For he got along in a promiscuous flair
with anyone, anything, both friend and fiend
until he spew cues of a torrid affair

All his life was a streak of bliss
He clicked me to awareness till his death
cluck! cluck! I got up in a fuss
Gosh! it’s time to part with my lovely MOUSE


a poem by Raj Nair

A cornerstone in a democracy
An act bereft of prejudices
A gesture that cajoles morality
A system that regulates societies

Such rhetorics stir the hornest’s nest
For justice fondles the bastions of Rich
A pragmatic nuance, condones the brut
A system that ablutes in stealth

Justices adheres to what is Right
When values tumble Justice is Alibi
stampedes on morality, a horrendous holocaust
Justice – an incognito Injustice to many

Justice – caressed in the mighty abodes
Abodes of the nefarious, the rustic
Its trajectory abstains from the Gods
For many it’s a courteous illusion, Mystique

Symphony in tranquil, opera of woes
Trifles of bliss, deluge of agony
Nations imbibe the bouts of trepidations
Melee- what Justice seeks in melancholy

Indian Ghettos

a poem by Raj Nair

In the reigns of the past
From the shackles of tribulations
System(s) detour in aghast and unjust
Gotcha! fifty years of celebrations???

A colossal nation uniquely plural
Plural in its Godly creation
A pompous nation!…as epithets lull
Plural in its succumbs to ovation

The wealthiest in a millennium
Emperors erred in a streak of disgust
Saw themselves in ominous pits of their chum(s)
“Once were warriors” – the rhetoric in jest

Haymakers made a tryst with our destiny
Bullied the nation of its immaculate galore
Strategists they were in their demonic gene
Bravo! Demeanours that pilloried the nations valour

The nation’s valour yet not so nascent
Stood up to resurrect the souls from despise
Marched perfect to blemish the mighty crescent
The traders bygone but the trade remains!!!


a poem by Raj Nair

Fashion is an epithet
It’s an appetite for passion and style
It’s a process intertwined with life
Something that continues in discontinuities

Fashion is an all-pervasive lure
All of us mortals are fashionable of sorts
It’s marked by a feeling of dejavu
Evolves and smites the vulnerable

Fashion is a mediocre per se
It’s an exhibitionist of the inhibitions of culture(s)
It’s knowledge bereft of facts
Something that influences the rational

Fashion is an overwhelming reality
It creates an epoch for the world of convergence
By its very mettle forms an organised industry
Something that emulates popular paradigms and lifestyles.