Poems by Punit N Parikh

Just Rock N’ Roll

a poem by Punit N Parikh

Their Tattooed skins
And raised vocal cords
The pulsating drums and guitars,
Just tune in to instant Nirvana.

There are thousands in crowds- waiting
Some with a broken heart
Some with frozen tears
Somehow trying to kill the pain.

And then the concert begins
There is no agony, no pain,
Hatred is no more in the air,
Just Rock N’ Roll.


a poem by Punit N Parikh

A bold sequence of conversation
A raw flare of emotion
Followed by flowing slang
That splutters around faces
Bringing out the devil in you
That often ends as thin sense of guilt.

The Public Enemy

a poem by Punit N Parikh

Come lets be frank and speak,
He has been living in our imaginations,
Sometimes termed as the public enemy,
Or, mildly known as, freak computer geek.

Whenever this system goes down
He has been cursed with merciless delight
His insane sense for creativity
That is often met with a frown

The head behind every malicious script
Sitting locked in his dark abyss
Churning numbers, decrypting your privacy
As away from imperfection he wishes to drift.

We have been taught to hate him
But in some corner of our heart
There is a person, who strives for perfection,
Who wishes to break shackles and fly free

Then why is his quest termed aimless?
His strife for perfection, misleading
And every thought of appreciating,
His computing genius, met with a pause?


a poem by Punit N Parikh

Staring at the setting sun,
Listening to rustlings of a river,
Alongside with my solitude on a shore,
My heart fills up with emotions,
And these eyes wish to speak out.

Coming up straight from within
Not as a bold array of words
But as a thin stretchable string
Trying to unwind me from burdens.

It all started a few years ago,
When this pen kissed the paper
And wrote a rhyming poetry
Unframed words, misplaced punctuations,
Yet true and close to my heart.

But things soon changed,
Words trying to mimic fake emotions
Following schemes to suit publishers’ tastes
Gathering appreciation from unknown eyes’
But never healing an aching heart.

My words have not always been true
False illusions presented with a delight
I still can’t promise you a divine poetry,
Nor assure that my words will stop your tears
But from now onwards,
They will at least be TRUE.

The Campus Interview

a poem by Punit N Parikh


There was nothing much to talk about,
Results were declared a few weeks ago,
The Cricket season was almost over.
Suddenly one of my friends shrieked,
‘Be prepared, InfoTech company recruiting.’

We all gathered around the notice board,
Opportunity stood right in front of our eyes.
Excitement was too infectious,
Passing from face to face,
Why not, it would be our first interview.


The transition was too sudden
From denim clad days to grey formals,
From friends and comrades in arms
With whom I shared my notes and thoughts,
To colleagues unveiled by a desire to succeed.

None of us argued about the changes,
As hidden dreams had taken over,
Though, I realized how selfish man could be?
But the thought was soon forgotten
As thrill of corporate world amused me!

There was gruel some test on logic,
Two hours to create ones destiny
But I was too busy building up my castles
That I almost forgot,
It’s essential to study before an interview.


I am standing around the same notice board,
But the excitement is all – dead
There is a small notice in the corner,
Names of few of my friends selected.
Along with scattered pieces of my dreams!

So what if no selection, no marks,
Life still rocks!
The sky will be all mine, one-day,
And it will be my day, someday
But I hope that day comes soon.

Hero at Heart

a poem by Punit N Parikh

Standing just around the corner,
Flashing his intoxicating smile.
Or, lost in the crowds,
Cheering for his superheroes,
Or, a face in millions,
Which passes our eyes – Unnoticed.
Does he, need an introduction?

Indeed this world belongs to him,
The common man,
The public rallies during elections,
The victory laps by superheroes,
Are incomplete without his mention.
Often remembered and soon forgotten,
Yet victimized by Life.

Little unknown to this world are,
His fantasies eclipsed by realities,
His strife for success
And his bouts with failure
Sorrow behind his smile
And selfless compromises made,
Just to ensure people around smile.

Their Icons, superheroes and stars
Amidst them a few bother,
To look besides their shoulders,
And there he stands,
Arms outstretched.
Just peep into his eyes,
To witness life distilled.

A salute to the hero at heart,
The common man.


a poem by Punit N Parikh

She said, “goodbye” and walked over,
I stared; she disappeared in the crowd cover.

Some relationships end with a goodbye,
Silent words and hearts left to suffer.
Pale faces beneath which dead emotions lie,
Coz’ perceptions and views of people differ.

People often dream of context free relationship.
And dreams often fail as reality takes over,
Which is strong enough to break bonds of friendship.
Coz’ virtual relationships have a fragile cover.

Can a silent goodbye end it all?
Crazy little word with varied dimensions.
But can emotions understand the call?
Over here its just words, emotions don’t get a mention.

Is it an illusion of a dry future?
Or sweet moments in past cherished together.
The clinging sounds of goodbye echo around,
Emphasizing a tale of broken heart narrated with tears.

Stranded on a lone highway

a poem by Punit N Parikh

Miles and miles of anonymity,
Waiting to greet you.
Far behind left is the city,
Which you really knew.

Green woods make you feel lost,
Charm of the busy city street,
Soon you have realized its cost.
Miles ahead, its just a dead-end you meet.

A carefree thought, a turn you missed,
Causes you to speed away from life.
It’s for those past moments of time you wished,
You should have listened to your wise wife.

Stranded on lone highway,
Good times don’t always last.
There is no eternal star to show you the way,
The highway just reflects your past.

Life is short,
So take care of your turns…

…and the stranger smiled!

a poem by Punit N Parikh

People wish for a fistful of happiness,
well I had loads of it.
People wish to feel fame,
well I touched pinnacle of glory.
…and the stranger smiled!

People dream wishing it to come true,
But dreams fade with passing night.
I desired and I achieved!
It’s I who talked, people listened.
…and the stranger smiled!

A gush of breeze and things changed,
Time passed I lost.
People turned their back; no one cared.
…and stranger still smiled once again!

This time I realized the importance of His smile,
Yes god’s always beside you!

Skyscrapers Fascinate Me!

a poem by Punit N Parikh

Stretching imaginations,
Seeking to touch infinity.
Beyond all horizons,
In the heart of the city.

To feel the clouds pass by,
In chorus with the stars.
Like an angel in the sky,
Dancing on strings of a guitar.

To see the world so small,
From here things look so similar.
There stands the skyscraper so tall,
Obliging us with deeds so familiar.

A concrete engineered so well,
That carves a place in every heart.
A look and every eye has a story to tell,
a place where all fears shall depart.

There stands the skyscraper so tall…

How is it justified?

a poem by Punit N Parikh

“Bow your heads”, they said.
Silent eyes; moan for a while.
Glorified images across the globe,
declaring them invincible, Immortal.

Its a fight against terror, they say,
They who made us cry shall die.
Destroying already dead cities,
In disguise of peace.

To replace pain with pain.
Leaving a bleeding mark behind.
Such that for generations to come,
The hatred is already sown.

Yes today you are Immortal.
With your definitions of peace,
being universally justified.

But there is a silent voice within,
…is it justified can we ever play God?

How far do I run?

a poem by Punit N Parikh

Following up some vague foot trails,
In sun burnt dead dessert sand,
In search of unknown, untouched solace.
The emptiness of infinitely vast sky,
Just a little example of my desolate soul.

Wandering up through the vast blue oceans,
Hiding from every dark scary night.
Searching for tranquility in the oceans heart
But after end of every rolling-rising tide,
Its just the cries of hatred that I find.

Fighting my way thru large human commune,
In midst of pain, hunger and jealousy.
Searching for innocent eyes, to cast a spell of love
But with every stranger that I pass,
It’s just the burden of tears that I get.

Now how far do I need to run?
To catch up with eternal guiding star.
To lead me on and on, forever
To find a cradle of love to rock my way.
Is this life just a run?

A crumpled piece of paper

a poem by Punit N Parikh

A sweet introduction to your soul,
An anchor for the purest thoughts,
A rendezvous with the tale of love,
Its presence dignified the Lords and Tsars
… but now lies a crumpled piece of paper!

A colorful blend of poets’ thoughts,
A messenger of the holy sermons,
A medium for the artists’ expressions,
A beginning to a sweet little dream!
… but now lies a crumpled piece of paper!

A friend of every innocent eyed child,
A tutor to the wise and blessed,
An inspiration for a life long renaissance,
Eternal like the drops of dew,
… but now lies a crumpled piece of paper!

How long does it take?
For the things to change…
For pain to unmask your life…
For the silent death to arrive…
From life to a crumpled piece of paper!

Tale of a Broken Heart…

a poem by Punit N Parikh

Smoke filled up the dark room,
Cigar stubs lying all around the floor,
Nor fatigued, nor blistered, nor bruised,
Yet life seems like a caged bird,
Alas, if pain could be measured…

The day laughter disappears,
The moon fails to inspire you,
Your dreams get washed away with rain,
Fire claims up all your desires,
And time comes to a standstill…

Life seems like a lost battle,
The vast universe challenging your identity,
Your shadow mocks at you,
When it becomes hard to believe in someone,
Love seems lost in the infinite space…

The feel of first morning ray,
The silent caress of the breeze,
The fragrance of lone lily,
The sweet smile of a stranger…
does someone care, mending this broken heart…

Lost in the Sands…

a poem by Punit N Parikh

The sun slowly crept behind the horizon,
and as it got darker it was much scarier.
As if vicious eyes constantly on a prowl,
there I stood all alone, lost in the sands.

Just two days ago life was never the same,
I, totally unaware of darkness that stretches up to infinity.
Unaware, that a habitat exists at 50 degrees centigrade.
Unaware, one day I too will be made equal to dust.

By now moon had crawled up to the zenith,
The ferocious wind made sand helter- skelter.
With every step, my heart sank a beat.
Of hope and confidence- none was left.

And dear nature it seemed was in no jovial mood,
There was a rush of wind or was it a sand storm.
My feet did not have to await the orders from the brain,
They just ran, a run for dear life!

For lust, love and power I didn’t even care,
For when death awaits life becomes major priority.
My eyes, my ears, my body were full of dust.
Nature, she didn’t even spare my thoughts.

Finally my poor feet could not bear my weight any more.
It seemed my stay on planet earth was over…
And suddenly lady luck smiled or was it nature’s miracle.
The ferocious winds calmed down.

The inspirational moon once again smiling bright.
It all seemed like a prelaid plan a nature’s game.
Challenging my existence, the human existence.
As if a war cry against man made world of lust.

It was almost like a rendezvous with nature’s worst.
Though I still cannot understand nature.
And at times cursed her for all this mess.
But have certainly realised how crucial she is to you and me.

Though she is everywhere, can be seen, touched and felt.
Stretches from our eyes right up to infinity.
Yet cannot be caged nor can she be won!
Cause she does not belong to you or me.
As she dwells in hearts full of love and care.