Poems by Mahendra Bhatnagar Dr.


a poem by Mahendra Bhatnagar Dr.

Slowly descended
The dew-drops
All through the night!
An ice-cold silence
Shields the sleeping earth,
On leaves and flowers danced
The love-puppet night,
The artist mist
Constructed a canopied dwelling!

Here, there and everywhere,
Like scattered diamonds are drops of water,
Stealthily prowl about
The gusts of wind,
Like a guard
Woke the waterfall ringing!

Lively is the gathering
Presided over by the night,
Her lover tightly held in her arms,
Wakes and sleeps the beloved,
Hidden somewhere
Is the frightened dawn!


a poem by Mahendra Bhatnagar Dr.

Wet and heavy is the night,
And far away is sleep!

A deep murkiness is all around,
And a long way off is the crimson morning,
All sounds are still,
At such a time, why are you silent,
Do share a secret with me!

The fog rains quietly,
Cooled has been the sky’s heat,
Silently meet the earth and sky,
At such a moment be with me,
Or else, the cold body will shiver!

Only the silence reigns
Trees sway beyond the fields,
Unexpectedly do the doors rattle,
Do not open the window and peep out,
There is intoxicating wind lies in wait!


a poem by Mahendra Bhatnagar Dr.

As the day breaks
Little and gentle birds
Wake and get rise me up
Flying, peeping curiously
And chirping melodiously
Through doors and windows!

When the night falls
Now and then
Crickets and frogs
Make me sleep
From ponds nearby,
By their incessant singing,
Make me wander
And take me to those
New realms of fancy!

Throughout the day
The blue sky, formless and infinite
Bewitches me
Through its colourful scenes!

Throughout the night
How much
The moonlight
Sleeping on the bed of the sky
Covered by a bed sheet
With beautiful silvery-golden stars,
Charms me how much!
She invites me to sleep in her lap.

How I can run away
From such a beloved?
How can I leave the earth
So charming and captivating!

The Wintry Sun

a poem by Mahendra Bhatnagar Dr.

How pleasing
the wintry sun!

Heart never feels content
even after bathing in it
from morn to eve,
mind never wills
to part with
and get away from it,
Oh, how sweet
the wintry sun!

Let us sleep
in its lap
as of a beloved,
and be lost
for the day!

How desirable
how charming
the wintry sun!
How pleasing
the wintry sun!


a poem by Mahendra Bhatnagar Dr.

You are a deep puzzle,
O, creeper, jasmine!

From where
You brought
Such fascinating fragrance
In your flowers / in your body!

O the fair coloured!
O the glittering coloured!
O my companion,
Soft and delicate!
From where
You have snatched / stolen
Such bewitching beauty!

I experience
This fragrance,
Outer and inner
Of the body and soul
I forget
And my own existence!
For some moments
I lose myself
in this world
I submit myself
Before you
With devotion utmost!

The fragrant one!
The beautiful one!
You the creeper, jasmine!


a poem by Mahendra Bhatnagar Dr.

An unbreakable string
Tied to birth,

One end;
The other extreme end!

Birth – a shore
Death – an opposite bank;
Why a jubliation?

Birth – death
When equal?

One / well shaped;
The other / completely invisible!

A beginning,
Destruction : an assault!

Birth… known,
Death… un-known!

Birth: beginning
Death: end,

Birth – initiation
Death – an earthly end!

Birth: yes, a being,
Death: ah! a non-being!

Birth: a new dawn,
Death: a horrendous night!