Poems by Kumar I D

Kapil’s Devils

a poem by Kumar I D

Once, their dashing deeds, we thought,
Spoke of divine grace;
Their idols in our minds we wrought
For long we sang their praise.

In homage to these radiant beings,
We bent our knees to pray;
Till, upon a closer look,
We saw the feet of clay!

Today, we tear these idols down
And smash the spurious busts,
We batter them within our minds
We grind our gods to dust.

When our anger’s spent, may be we’ll find:
‘Twas wrong to blame our idols so;
We were, perhaps, much more to blame:
For the halos ’round their human frames.

The Diamond Ring

a poem by Kumar I D

When first, my love, your hand I held
And on your finger slipped this ring-
An ageless diamond set in gold-
That, fifty years and more, you’ve worn;

Upon this burning gem I swore-
Bear witness ancient, precious stone-
These downcast eyes, these trusting hands
A moments hurt will never know.

Full fifty years, my word I’ve kept
But now the time to part has come
Your trembling hands will soon be still,
But your memories in this ring will live!

Soon, my dear, I too will sleep,
Until that time, this ring I’ll keep-
For every ray of light within
This stone, to me, of you it speaks!