Poems by Krishna P

Mother Nature

a poem by Krishna P

On a lazy morning of a Sunday
Thought everyone its another day.
But Mother Nature thought it other way
And wanted to show its great presence.

Came one massive earthquake
To keep us all awake.
Followed by one too many Tsunamis
To gobble up many lives that were still asleep.

Now we lost the count of those dying
And people all over are still crying
Losing their near and dear ones
Standing on the same earth homeless and helpless.

Oh Mother Nature, we are your children
Whom you feed and nurture
But now you think us as a burden
And displayed one of your indelible signatures.

New Year

a poem by Krishna P

A Day filled with a bright sunshine
Birds chirping happily to make it fine.
Let this year be filled with many such Days
And dispel the darkness and fear away.
So with a hope and a loud cheer
Let’s usher into this New Year.

My Love

a poem by Krishna P

You are one among the few
Who made me to look at you
You showed love of a different kind
And occupied whole of my mind!

Without you I had all the strife
With you I found all the peace in life!
You gave me all your Love
I will give you nothing but my Life!

You are my world

a poem by Krishna P

You are like a sunshine
Making my days brighter
And making it nice and fine!

You are like a moonlight
Making me cool
And softening my thoughts!

You are like a lodestar
Showing me the direction
And you lure
Me to stare at you!

You are like the air
That I breath
Day-in, day-out
To live happily here!


a poem by Krishna P

Something is happening in my heart
Because you have become its part

Something is happening to my thoughts
Because you are its roots!

Something is happening to my time
Because you move it fast with your smiles

Something great is happening in me
Because I Love You!