Poems by Karthikeyan Osho N

Without Withal and Wilt

a poem by Karthikeyan Osho N

Life is so sweet as breeze,
Will fill us with faith and grace;
Where heart is pure, there turns peace.

Life is so sweet as music,
Singing, swinging inside, reside in us, as magic;
Like little light of candle, kindle and kind to drive the tragic.

Life is so sweet as bud,
Wafting wings of invisible, immense incense above the mud;
AS Divine wind to overture thy wand to bless, recess in mute mind.

Love is Divine

a poem by Karthikeyan Osho N

The beauty will fill all heart,
But the rare and real is the peart!

The most liked and linked love
Needs not the outer charm, but will move,
To follow the true and path;
Not to change with time and commit crime.

But love is all, if it is full,
Like the full ripen fruits
Love will cover my pathos path,
Turns and burns my sin, makes me calm and worth.

Thanking God

a poem by Karthikeyan Osho N

Glad God! thy Glory Grace spread!
Glittering fame unfetter my fate’s thread
Where thy magical thought
Makes me mute… My start
Towards thee! in woo I decide
My heart tells not where Ye reside!
Thinking thy sparkling holiness Ye shine
Thanking thy Grace charm fills thy shrine
Perilous path where I may land, lorn
Precious! thy wrought, Eternal Ken Ye worn!
Soft, waft Divine follows our path
Sacred relume, illume flee illusion’s wrath
Thro’ Scriptures, Sacrament saviour manifest, Eternal scabbard
Scrolls immaculate Soul lore nature, nectar’s Bard.