Poems by Kanishka J


a poem by Kanishka J

God has gifted us this beautiful nature,
But we humans are very mean creatures.
Trees are the green lungs of the earth,
But we humans are cutting them since birth.
Rivers are our country’s lifeline,
But due to our foolish activities they are in decline.
Glaciers are melting and global warming is increasing,
But we humans are least bothering.
Now it is time to take serious actions,
So we can save our Earth from dangerous reactions.
Now it is time to plant more trees,
So our future generations can freely breathe.
So let’s make this planet green again,
So we can dance again in rain.


a poem by Kanishka J

Life is but one,
enjoy success and failure at once.
For the man who has never cried,
will never know the gift called smile!

My Boon

a poem by Kanishka J

Through her we see the world,
its she who builds the nest.
Who else knew the cause of my frown,
or the fact that I was alone
she who knew to ward off my blues
she who knew my powerless.
For her and to her I owe my all.