Poems by Himani Arora

The game called love and life

a poem by Himani Arora

Come along with me, says love ‘n’ life. Yes they say
Ride over my back and smile a ton, they say
I will make you see a new horizon, they say
Be mine and I will be yours forever, they say

They say and they always say, I’m with you always
Don’t worry, we will cross all the rivers together, they say
They say we will cross the mountains and touch the sky
I will take you beyond the realities, they say

They promise you everything, they stay with you always, they give you everything
And takes everything from you too

Yes, they make you smile once, but make you cry hundred times
Yes, they make you see the horizon, but beyond which you find yourself standing alone
Yes, they stay with you forever, but till your and their time gets over

Yes, they make you cross all the rivers, but they don’t make you return back to your land
Yes, they make you cross the mountains, but beyond which they don’t accompany you
Yes, they take you beyond the realities, but nothing seems real when they part away

Yes, they promise you everything and break each one
Yes, they give you everything, but take the most precious thing from you, your time
This is the game of life ‘n’ love, which every being plays
Till the end of their time and looses the one to win forever

My India

a poem by Himani Arora

A land of love and peace.
A land where sun showers its rays of hope
Which enlightens the minds of millions here…
A land of hope which never lets people down!!
A land where Sky is not the limit!!
A land where people make the difference…
A land where borders are no barriers…
To hinder its gushing waves of love, peace and
Harmony from engulfing everyone…

With dreams people live…
With smiles they cover miles…
With fierce determination they reach to zenith…
In every nook and corner,
Minds work… even in atrocitic haze…
To establish a landmark in the history of mankind…

The country’s pride is beheld by the high thoughts
And not by high buildings…
The golden bird may have flown but
The golden ideas are still perched…

Showering love is the pride of my India
Nothing can disconcert its deep roots of humanity…

The awakening is there…
I can see!!
My India will definitely become an impeccable one…


a poem by Himani Arora

We cannot define him, cannot see him
but still we believe him…

What is the nexus, which relates us?
We leave everything to him!!! Why?

When we need help why
the first word we speak” Oh god! Help”

When we are thankful
why our heart speaks ‘thank god’!

When situations become impasse,
Dreams turn to fiasco,
When there’s a deadlock,
When we are not absolved from any guilty,
Then why this word ‘god’ gives us the hope
Of a new beautiful morning…
A morning, with no fear, no tensions
A morning of happiness
A morning of calmness
A morning with peace
A soothing morning with the rays of
Sun showering strength on all of us!!

Why some of us search HIM
Around ourselves when he is within us?

Every single soul, on this beautiful creation of god,
Is bestowed by equal power and
Strength but what distinguishes
A being is the manifestation of this divine power…
Edification and introspection are
The means through
Which a man can embellish his life
And which acts as an anodyne in despair.

The Vicious Circle

a poem by Himani Arora

The dreams open the door to hopes
The hopes open the door of beginnings
The beginnings open the door of failures
The failures open the door to success
The success opens the door to happiness
The happiness opens the door to courage
The courage opens the door to wisdom
The wisdom opens the door to satisfaction
The satisfaction opens the door to peace
The peace opens the door to soul
The soul opens the door to Almighty
And… the Almighty opens the door to new dreams and hopes
This vicious circle moves on and on in our lives

My Shadow

a poem by Himani Arora

With the soothing swirls of wind on that sunny Sunday
on that lonely beach
I found myself alone
Standing on the lonely beach, I found my shadow is playing with me
Sometimes it moves behind me
and sometimes it’s ahead of me
But it never left me alone

A thought came and it winded around my head and heart as it said
I may not meet my shadow everyday
but it stays with me, always
In dusty haze, in frozen winters, in sunny summers
In times of grief… in times of happiness
In times of failures, in times of success!!
It was there, yes it was there, always
without letting me know, that it cares!!

I don’t know what is it made of, the shadow…
Is it My shadow, or an angel of Almighty who followed me
Is it my imagination or a concealed truth of life
I don’t know!!

But whatever it is, it always makes me feel
that I can never be alone in this world
even at the deadliest ends, even at the darkest street of the world
even if the whole world stands against me
It will never ever leave me, never…

Only God knows, what it is
My shadow or shadow of His/Her own with me!

There is definitely a supernatural power
which takes care of all of us everywhere and everytime…
its upon us, that whether we realise it or not… in our lifetime…

I don’t know why?

a poem by Himani Arora

I don’t know why… the simplest of all phrases to rescue from any kind of situation
Is that really so, that “I don’t know” or is it that I never wanted to know
Everyday, life throws me on a different bay
With strange situations and with mystical omens
Which sometimes enlightened my heart
But I don’t know why I dragged myself towards the valley of pain

With my lonely heart, I have traveled far in life… I don’t know why?
I had dreamt thousands dreams… I don’t know why?
I have lived thousands of lives…I don’t know why?
I have waited long for my special someone… I don’t know why?
Really I don’t know why??

Deep inside my heart, a hope survives
A ray of hope… which says that I would be a better person with the rising sun
A ray of hope… which promises to find my special someone
But this hope… never became a rope
To fulfill my dreams
To climb up the hill and see the new horizon of life
I don’t know why?
May be the clouds of fear always shelled my heart or
May be I never had the courage to blow those clouds
Away from my heart… away from my life… forever
I really don’t know why?

I don’t know why I don’t want to stop for a while and solve this clutter
I don’t know why I don’t want to realize my dreams and
Outshine one day on this Earth… and on that very day… those clouds will part away
And that Almighty in the sky will shower His blessings upon me by my Awaited Rose

I don’t know why…
I still want to dream high
I still want to cry
I still want to fly
I still want to start over ‘n’ again… to take a step ahead and never look back…

I Don’t know why?