Poems by Girish Elchuri


a poem by Girish Elchuri

Uncertainty is killing
It’s very unforgiving
Making life confusing
Not sure of future that’s coming.

Uncertainty is a state of our mind
When no answers can be found
For the situations that are not sound
As desperation is taking over the ground.

Uncertainty is always there
Feeling that life is going nowhere
Bringing sadness that’s difficult to bear
Pouring problems onto in full gear.

Uncertainty is not certain always
It comes and goes in life as phases
Bringing periods of dark days
Surely, they will be testing times.

Uncertainty will face the defeat
When you refuse to bend at its feet
Having will power stronger than concrete
And the readiness to fight it and beat.

Uncertainty can surely be handled
Have positive thoughts fully loaded
With determination to face the grind
Praying with faith and hopes abound.


a poem by Girish Elchuri

When you are in a crunch
Problems come in a bunch
You feel like digging a trench
And hide from the life’s stench.

Every phase in life is not the same
Ups and downs are part of the game
You need to learn on how to tame
Putting the hurdles to shame.

All thru it’s important to stay positive
In any situation, complex or primitive
Even you become emotionally negative
Deal with them by being creative.

Remember, you cannot run away
And have to face it, what may
Have faith in God and pray
To emerge victorious one day.

Put focus on your efforts
And hope in your prayers
It’s only hard work that matters
For you to punch and put the crunch in tatters.

Cute Little Girl

a poem by Girish Elchuri

If I am a little cute girl
And there’s a boy who loves me with all the will
I will not pain him in his heart
Nor run away from this thought

I will look into his eyes straight
Giving a smile that is warm and bright

I will go to him for a talk
Side-by-side round for a walk

I will seek to understand his love
Making him feel and say ‘wow’!

I will sense all his feelings and reciprocate
With a relationship that is pure and doesn’t depreciate

I will be honest in my words
Together in all our thoughts and deeds

I will make our love successful
For a life that’s happy and bountiful

Forever, forever, forever
I will stay with my cute little boy.


a poem by Girish Elchuri

Darkness may be there
But be fearless to dare
For the happiness to share
And the liveliness to care.

Darkness is a perception
For the illness that’s creation
Of our Imagination
To which happiness is the prescription.

Darkness is the silence
That represents peacefullness
To overcome our selfishness
And attain happiness.

Darkness is the beginning
With a dot of light that is growing
Into a ray of shining
With the happiness that is filling.

Darkness is Black
Gloominess is Grey
Bothersome is Brown
Happiness is pure White.

Bring happiness to your life
Chasing darkness out of sight
With a candle that is bright
And the dreams that are right.

The Hardest Beauty

a poem by Girish Elchuri

Diamond brings brightness,
Even in pitch darkness,
That is the inner beauty it possess,
Inspite of carrying all the curses.

Diamond is a thing of beauty,
That brings the richness in you – truly,
It’s the wealth of every family,
From big to small – it has created all the history.

Diamond is the tool to cut,
It’s the material that is hardest,
Of all that is in earth’s crest,
Surely not, it won’t rust.

Diamond is the universal gift of love,
Which is the dream of all above,
In the life of everyone,
From the past, in the present and of the future.

Really – it is the hardest beauty.