Poems by Gayathri E


a poem by Gayathri E

The sun is harsh,
The ground is dry,
Air is thick,
And hot,
Very hot,
Trees stand still,
The scene is still,
Still like a picture.

We can think of water,
But thinking won’t do,
Keeps getting hotter,
Hotter, hotter, hotter

We long for a breeze,
That sweeps through our hair,
We seek the help of trees,
As the sun keeps up the glaze.

But there is no place to hide,
Hide from the light,
That roasts the place,
The place we live in.

We want to escape,
Escape this summer,
We want to escape,
Escape from SUN


a poem by Gayathri E

Nature’s fury,
Nature’s anger,
Tsunami, cyclones,
Earthquakes, fire
We blame the nature.
The fire and rain and
Sky and earth
We blame it behalf trees,
We blame it behalf animals,
We blame it behalf ourselves,
We blame it again,
Again and again
Aren’t these nature?
Aren’t we nature?
Why is this prejudice?
Prejudice against one’s self

Sixth sense technology,
Evolution, big brain
Let’s justify, justify the mistakes done,
And the ones to be done.
We cut down trees,
Make tables and chairs,
Alter air,
With smoke and conditioning
Ruin water,
Spoil air,
Leave them to rot,
After we’ve used them though.
We destruct, demolish,
Spoil and ruin.
Are we angry?
Are we furious?
When these are borne,
By our co-habitants,
Let us bear
Bear with their change.

I’m searching…

a poem by Gayathri E

Far into the deepest unknown,
I searched through the trees and bushes,
Walked down the mountains and across rivers,
I asked a traveler,
“You know of a man?”
“A man so fair, so kind and gentle”
“Yes” said he,
“Go deeper, go deeper”
I walked and walked
My legs wouldn’t stop
I forgot pain
Forgot sorrow
Forgot the danger that lurked around me.
I walked, I walked
You are there somewhere
You are there to be mine
You are there, waiting
Waiting for my kiss.
I walked, I walked.
Far into the deepest unknown
To reach you
To hold you
To kiss you
To be yours.


a poem by Gayathri E

Green blanket, spread all over,
Vast blue sky with white patches,
Brown carpets here and there,
Plantations and blooms-
For exotic decorations,
Music everywhere,
Music everywhere,
Fresh water-with
Green Fragrance,
Clean air and cleaner souls.
These will be there,
Until the time-
The time we reach there.


a poem by Gayathri E

My life did not stop,
Nor did my heart,
The gift that I got,
Is the gift that I regret.

“I won’t let you go”
“I won’t let you go”
I fought till the end,
I fought till your end.

Life is precious,
Neither you were cautious,
Nor was I.

I got away, away from death.
You got away, away from life.
You left me dear,
And this empty sphere.

Sharp as a spear,
It cuts through my heart.
But not as sharp.
I’m still alive.

Alive and cursed.
Cursed with solitude.
I cared for you,
Hath you no gratitude.

I’m counting my days,
The days to my birth.
’cause without you my love,
I’m not complete.

Full as I’d seem,
Less I am than empty.
Less than space,
Lesser than vacuum.

Hath you no mercy?
You left me by myself…
Hath you no mercy?
Mercy to take me with you!

Cruel you are my love,
Cruel you are my god,
Cruel as you are,
Cruel is my death.

Take me away,
Take me to the heaven.
Take me to the light.
To the light.my God,
The light of my life… to my love.

Night Sky

a poem by Gayathri E

Little stars shining,
Little lights smiling at me,
Beautiful moon light spreads a cooling blanket.
I walk along with my shadow,
Forgetting to feel lonely.
Lovely it is,
This lovable piece if time.