Poems by Gargi Chatterjee


a poem by Gargi Chatterjee

Want to win a Ladies Heart;
Win it by a diamond;
Fix them in the flower,
They will look prettier
Fix it in the sky,
They will shine like the stars.
That ever lasting shine,
In rain or dust.
What kind of a precious mysterious smile,
Just like a lady with a smile,
Has a mystery behind it.

The Moon

a poem by Gargi Chatterjee

The Moon
Among the mist and clouds,
A faint light is shown.
Across the sky, over the trees,
The Red Moon is seen all over.

It is as round as an orange,
It’s reflection is over the gurgling brook.
It is all over the green vast meadows,
It looks here and there over every crook.

Far away through the trees
I lost sight of the moon
Where did it disappear?
Might be in my dreams!

It is a Lovely Place

a poem by Gargi Chatterjee

It is a lovely place
My house is in the country side
High on the Hill;
Far from the heat and smoke;
You can see no lights,
You can hear no music.
You could only see the tall mountains,
And the beautiful sunrise and sunset.
From all the side you could only see farms.
Sheep and cattle graze on the meadows
Every evening I go on the mountain,
From here you could see the workman march away with their axes.
And village dances,
Isn’t it beautiful place to live in?