Poems by Debika

The call that never came

a poem by Debika

The watch struck 10,
I knew it’s time,
For the phone to ring…
I wait awhile,
He’ll call I tell…
It’s Saturday…
He’ll come in late…
I bathe, my ears on the phone,
Should it ring,
I’ll rush
The clock struck 12…
I still await.

I call his place,
The phone just rings…
He’ll come in late.
I tell myself
And wait and wait…

I call again,
Sylvester tells,
“He’ll be in any moment now…”
I keep the phone
And wait again…

It’s 3:00
I still await,
I know where he’s gone…
But why no call?

I think and tell myself…
He’s hurt at what I said…
Had he not told,
“Where there is a will there is a way?”
Guess it is purposefully done…
To keep some distance.
I feel numbed…
I still await…

Can’t log on…
What if I miss the call?
I simply wait…

The clock struck 11:45
It is night,
I make one last try
Call again…
No response…

I wished he’d not punished me such…
Just wished I could tell him…
I love him just too much
And say “Forgive me please…
Will try and never repeat…
Such hurtful words again…
Please forgive me… just once more.”

Wished I had You

a poem by Debika

I met him just by chance one day,
The man I always wanted by my side,
To hold me as I cried
And make my gray day look ever so bright

I fell so deeply in love with him,
Felt scared when not close to him,
Needed his warmth and comforting words,
To make me feel I have some worth
In his life.

Every now and then
I would get the lonesome feelings
And then would I but tell him things
I did not mean

I would accuse and make him low
But Lord, did he just know
How to make me his own.
His love for me knew no bounds
I knew this too
Yet I just felt so scared
Wanted him for all time’s sakes
He had a wife
Who had her stake
In his life as well.

Strength Personified

a poem by Debika

She was there when her baby wailed for the very first time,
Bearing labor pain
Through the hours of the night.

She stood by, as her child took the first few steps,
Cleansing her clean,
When she fell ill!
Not for once feeling sick of the stench.

She played with her, and heard her secrets,
I saw them, holding hands!
Saw the looks in her eyes as she went out alone for the very first time.
Her shoulders wetted when her child wailed, leaning against her,
She was there when her child failed and when she won,
Teaching life’s values, life’s fun!

She is there, even when not seen!
Her love is so deep!
She is a Mother!
Earth reincarnate!
Could I ever be one?
Would I be able to feed her too?
And would anyone ever tell me!
“Mummy I love you!”