Poems by Bhavna Kothari


a poem by Bhavna Kothari

My mother I know
slipping through my finger
are the memories of you.

This night lay wrapped
under the star studded sky
in scent of jasmine.

My days are usual
some wandering memories
everything else is dull.

Look at the window
distant moon is framed there
so forlone and cold.


a poem by Bhavna Kothari

Fierce scarlet like blood
Vernal blue like Sky
With cool breeze they dance
Or sway with the winds so shy.

Hum with the bees
Or with dew they shine
Stay like gypsies on hills
Or sing in unison in rhyme

Stay for ages
or from dust to dawn
They grow to touch the sky
Or creep gently on tended lawn

However they look
And whatever the abode
They are the signature of nature
And the crayons of God

My Child sleeps in my arms

a poem by Bhavna Kothari

Your heartbeat next to mine
You hold my finger so tight
You smell of mint and milk
Your skin softer then silk
You yawn like a little Kitten
Watching you sleep is pure fun
I feel so smug and warm
When you sleep in my arms.

Mere Roses and Wine

a poem by Bhavna Kothari

I watch you from the distance
surrounded by dollars and yen
I watch you change with season
and living on the edge.

I watch your heart loose real passion
and replaced by mere roses and wine
I watch love drained from your eyes
and replaced by the glitter of dime.

Money and Roses

a poem by Bhavna Kothari

Rose smell nice
so the money
former is just sweet
but later is honey

Rose may wither and wilt
money evergreen
former is lovely to eyes
but later a yummy treat.