Poems by Arun Kumar

The Child and the Rhyme

a poem by Arun Kumar

‘Twas the month of October
The world had a new Member.
Time was passing by,
And the world was Sober.

The sounds of Laughter,
Just another acoustic Projection.
He had just one Thought.
What would happen After?

To be with the World and Belong!
He would move with the Flow
But when with himself,
His mind would break into a Song!

The time he fell in Love,
Was like an Atomic Reaction,
Their philosophy matched
Like a hand in a Glove.

We believe that was the Time
He acknowledged the psychological Proposal
His ideas found superior Transmission
The song was now a Rhyme.

The Journey Man

a poem by Arun Kumar

The Alarm startled Me
Woke up at Dawn.
A journey in the offing,
Stifled a Yawn.

Have to leave – my Friend
While you were Asleep.
If I tell you my plans
You’ll do nothing but Weep.

Deep down in your heart
I’m no one to You.
‘Am no Lover
Just the morning Dew!

Contemplating about Life
Why is it all so?
(I) Don’t hold on for eternity
Always have to Go.

You had asked me to Stay,
And stay with you Forever.
It’s not your heart asking me,
Your words – No eternal River!

With all my heart,
I want to Stay.
But me leaving you.
Is for what you Pray!

For so long now,
I saw it in your Eyes.
Asking me to love you
With your clear Disguise!

Everything has a Price
Really wanted to Keep,
Realized with sadness (happiness)
‘Twas pretty Cheap

Now it’s more clearer
(I) Don’t have to Lie,
Left at your bedside
A note of ‘GoodBye’

Romeo and Juliet – Rewritten

a poem by Arun Kumar

Romeo and Juliet
The Eternal Lovers
Their Love was pure
Like the dew on Flowers.

Juliet says, ‘Romeo,
Would you love me this Way?
If another came along
(And) said the same things that I now Say?’

Romeo was Dumstruck,
‘How couldn’t she Believe,
I am just Me,
It’s not in me to Deceive!’

Poor old Romeo
Said he would face any Test,
He said, ‘Juliet,
I would give my Best!’

Romeo said, ‘Hey Juliet,
What am I to Do?
If you test me so,
This love of mine to Prove?’

‘Are you really so Secure
Free from all Fears?
‘Cos you words of acid
Are your swords and spears!’

Juliet says, ‘Romeo, It ain’t that way
It ain’t your words I like – its You!
People like you on Earth
There’s only one, and not even a Few!’

The Last Stanza (The choice is yours!):

1. Romeo was silent and sad,
Deep down he had played his Part
Life was different now
Stabbed himself through the Heart!

2. Romeo was silent and sad,
Thought about today and Tomorrow,
Now lives with Juliet
In happiness and in Sorrow!

3. Romeo was silent and sad,
Juliet had made in his heart – a Hole!
He left the place – A sad Pilgrim,
Lives among us – looking for his lost Soul!

An Eternal Love

a poem by Arun Kumar

Love knows no passion,
Like the one I have for you.
Its now and forever,
(And) Not the morning dew.

Who would’ve thought,
My symbol was but a stone.
A ring on your finger,
Sparkling as it shone.

Death may take me away.
As this lifetime flies.
But memories remain,
In our children’s eyes.

When you wish to see,
The love that we share.
Look at your hands,
Its (I’m) always there!