Poems by Aravindan Srinivasan

Give me a Sign!

a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

Day in day out
It was another freak out.
Today was a surprise
When I saw this lovely sunrise
She buzzed me in chat
There was a attraction in that
Along went my heart
Flying in her lovely words of cart
I became a puppy
And made this angel happy
Too much was the emotion
But there was no path to reach her in this nation
She kept her heart in control
That turned my blood to petrol
We told our feelings
And try to be each other’s healings
Who will give in more
Can turn our love sore
So my lovely darling
Let us give this a meaning
Waiting for a sign
That will make our love shine!

Love in Disguise

a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

Her wish was a nice childhood
With best love of parents
Alas, fate made it a rotten wood
Her life was like dried plants

A loving man sprinkled back her life
She felt it was pure love
Happily got married without any strife
Felt like in cloud nine and above

Days went by as love became sore
Her heart ached for thy love more
Came another man like a flying swan
Made her felt like he was her clan

She felt boundless joy
And they were coy
But fate had another ploy
That broke their sailing hoy

Back to their own world
With hearts so cold
Love became a mould
That cannot be told

Thy they parted
But their hearts did not
Love went darted
But their hopes did not

Love in molded form
Friendship was warm
It became a norm
That made them calm

It does not matter
The world might chatter
Love was back in platter
They were happy ever after


a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

When in a knot…
Thou shall not…
When I was caught…
I stood like a bot…
Senses are a lot…
But heart in drought…
Choices are hot…
But made to rott…
Without being fought…
Only achieved a nought…
In deepest thought…
Tried to win her heart…
Erased my blot…
Hope it is forgot…
If it is not…
My heart is out…

Love or Lust?

a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

I am going crazy
When I think of you
Everything that you do
Makes me fall for you
The way you smile and laugh
Feels like to make you mine
Every moment I think of you
But all my efforts end in vain
Before I didn’t remember your face
Now I cannot forget your grace

The way you express your shy
With fingers twisting side by
I wanted to hold your hands
Keep aside all errands
The fact that you belong to someone
Makes me pause but still you are the one
I am so much in love with you
Will you ever take me too

The world might call it affair
But to me its all fair
When you told me your other side
I saw slight tears on your eyes
If I could just reach out more to your hide
Everything can feel so nice
Just hold my hands and smile to me
I will take you to the destiny
If you are afraid of our relation
We can keep in secret elation
Just waiting for that sign
Waiting for you my sunshine

I am waiting for you
To open up to me
Cause when I see you
I go weak in the knee
Give me one Lovely Kiss
That will make me feel the heavenly bliss
Oh dear please don’t hesitate
Our love has more to taste

Agony of true love

a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

The first time I saw her
I admired her eyes…
The first time I spoke to her
I felt her soft nature…
The first time she smiled
I felt her inner spirit…
The first time she hugged
I felt a thousand sparks…
The first time she expressed care
I felt unbound joy…
The first time she kissed
I felt heaven…
The first time she expressed love
I felt true possession…
The first time she held me close
I felt frozen in time…
The first time I heard her heart beat
I felt motherly care…
The first time she allowed me to touch
I felt her love…

But then…

The first time I fought with her
I felt her pain…
The first time I was careless with words
I felt her hurt..
The first time I was angry
I felt her tremble in fear…
The first time I made these mistakes
I felt she was slipping away…
Alas, the first time I tried to get back
I felt she was gone…
The first time my heart realized
I felt the reality of love…

And till this day
I suffer for that fray
So for the very last time I decided to try when
I felt her crying from a distance…

As I ran towards her
The first time I told myself…
Never will I hurt this flower…

Swirl Wind

a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

You are so near yet you are so far away
You are so sexy yet you appear unreachable
You are so beautiful yet you are not mine till now
You are so silent yet you are so open through your eyes
You are so kind hearted yet you are so stubborn
You are so soft yet you are so hard at times
You are so lovely yet you appear irritated
You are so brilliant yet you act foolish
You are so full of love yet you aren’t in love
So tell me now sweetheart
I am so patient yet if i am to loose?


a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

When you laugh, I laugh in joy
When you cried, I made you coy
When you twitch, I solved your itch
When you rest, I made my best
When you ate, I wanted the plate
When you slept, I took care like a vet
When you woke, I smiled like a bloke
A kind heart that I found in you
That made me feel for you
I liked your style and liked your moves
That made me shed my woes
When you ran, I felt like a frying pan
Till this day, you left me in dismay!

Pure Love

a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

There was this beautiful angel
who provided me love when I was hurt
did I return the same affection?… No.

There was this beautiful angel
who made me happy when I was down
did I help in her sorrows?… No.

There was this beautiful angel
who shared my victories as hers
did I rejoice in her happiness?… No.

There was this beautiful angel
who filled my hunger with her food
did I ever think of her health?… No.

There was this beautiful angel
who gave in everything for me
did I ever care for her?… No.

Alas! what a selfish wreck I am…
Sorrow engulfed with sharp pain in my heart
And again there she was! The beautiful angel…
To prevent me from crying
But I cried.
This time I won’t repeat the mistake.

I heard the sweet voice once more…
I realised there is no boundaries…
As I shared my love with her…
I felt something unique…
Unconditional love…
And nothing can equal
This beautiful angel called mother..


a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

Her face reminded me the moon… she was a beauty…
Her eyes reminded me the god… it was full of care…
Her smile reminded me the childhood… it was full of joy…
Her cheeks reminded me the snow… she was a snow white…
Her ears reminded me the sweets… it was tempting to bite…
Her nose reminded me the kids… it was tempting to pinch…

Her neck reminded me the waterfall… it was so slender…
Her heart reminded me about mother… a humble abode…
Her hands reminded me the oil… it was so shiny…
Her hips reminded me the rainbow… it was so shapely…
Her legs reminded me the reeds… it was so long and lovely…

What can I say more? She is a beauty…

Tunes from the heart

a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

Love is like a fragrance
you can smell it
But you don’t see it coming ahead
Love is like a nectar from honey comb
it is sweet
but it will sting if you don’t handle carefully
Love is like water
you can have it all the time
Love is like Indian cricket fans
Loss or win, it supports you all the time
Love is like engine
the faster you drive the hotter it gets
Love is like a true friend
Comes back to you always
Love is like vacuum
once inside it you tend to float in space
Love is like infinity
its never ending
so love me girl cause its one thing
that you comes with you till the end…


a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

I Gazed at the evening sky
eyes wandering beyond blue horizon
thoughts split like the countless stars
I wish could travel
through space and time
leaving behind my worries and burdens
feel a new surge of freedom.
All of a sudden I saw a shooting star
which earlier was part of orion
now no more…
made me realize things fall out of place
even if one in a group absolves responsibilities
burden and worries became sweet and cherries
I moved along in my path
with a clear destiny laying ahead of me…

Early Morning Sunshine

a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

Joe and Jill short in size
went to see a shine of sunrise
Joe jumped up and Jill smiled up
seeing the half golden upside cup
blaze dawning on silver water
Joe and Jill were in laughter
had a splash and dash
making a bash
made fun and frolic
gasping for air like alcoholic
the birds across the bay
made the rest of their day.

For you my friend

a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

Hey my friend
I will be yours till the end
forget the hurts
and remember the fruits
in the midst of your sorrows
I will cover your spaces and hollows
we share our joys
together we rejoice
life is short
but you are in my heart
let me be the one
who will not be gone
open up your shell
and everything will end well.

My Dream World

a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

I used to have a dream
wherein was a clear running stream
with cuckoos filling the warm breeze
that makes one relax and freeze
beautiful fishes moving in the clear water
that glittered like a fine polished silver
air blowing across the branches of trees
and the slight moaning of the bees
sambhar’s footsteps thumping on the banks
nature atop of its ranks
voice of the myna’s
and with a distant howling of hyenas
lions sleeping on their backs
prying vultures covering their tracks
and this was nature at its best
I am in search of this dreamy quest
one will realise the dream
if they protect the forest cream!

True Heart

a poem by Aravindan Srinivasan

There was once a beggar named Su
Who lived his life like a dew
Early to bed and early to rise
He had seen everything from sunrise
And thy he went looking for his destiny
Mark my words “he wasn’t any little pony”
Su came across this little boy one day
Who stuck himself in a corner of the highway
Alas came a speeding truck
The boy started crossing the road and he was awe struck
Voice didn’t emanate from his mouth
The beggar was stuck in shock as a strut
As he heard the screeching of the wheel
The beggar came to his senses in a feel
Made a dive and rescued the boy
Giving into eternal joy.
Destiny unfold, thy he wished would be everyone
Until this day he regrets none.