Poems by Anil Patil

Wish to be a Poet

a poem by Anil Patil

I wish to be a poet
Singing and dancing
In the greens of nature
Reading the books of great authors
Writing sonnets
Mimicking the cuckoos and nightingales
Waiting for the rains to come
The peacocks to dance
Here blooms the nature day and night.


a poem by Anil Patil

Dedicated to the pleasure of mankind
being part of sorrows
embracing the daring
sulking away from cowards
In love with challengers
slipping away now and then
oceaning with some
remaining parched with many
appearing in dreams
acting as a mirage
you O all powerful darling
silvery mermaid
shower your strength on
me and others.


a poem by Anil Patil

Descending down from the heaven
spurting off from kimberly
shaped like an angel
draped in silk
rich man’s companion and
poor man’s dream
O you beauty of multichroma
adorn me, embrace me
transfer me your rich heritage.