Poems by Amit Singh


a poem by Amit Singh

They say time heals all kinds of wounds.

Even of love that can’t come true
Between two hearts that time has changed
Forgotten not, the past remains
And even if we cannot be
Together like I hoped and dreamed
You’ll always be inside of me
The light that shines so constantly
Sometimes some loves last for all time
The kind of love not quite like mine
Time heals all wounds, or so they say
But time can never take you away…


a poem by Amit Singh

How do I describe a love,
That has no roots in reality?

How do I define a need,
That has no basis in experience?

I see you in my dreams;
Both waking and sleeping.

I close my eyes and
Flashes of your smile
Dashes of your eyes
Color my imagination.

I shut my ears to noise and
Bits of your voice
Snips of your laughter
Water my daydreams.

I see it in your eyes
When we meet
You assess me
And smile.

Perhaps one day
Not so far away
I will look at you
With all your charm
And tell you openly
That it is our future
You see waiting in my eyes.