Poems by Ameet Nair

Diamondz Unlimited

a poem by Ameet Nair

Gone are the days when gold did reign,
In the limelight now do diamonds lay;
This century heralds the diamond as
– The uncrowned ‘KING’ of stones today.

Like a solitary ray from a distant star
The diamond stakes its claim,
On our mind and on our heart
and on our soul to tame.

The diamond stands for life itself
– A symbol of strength and power;
But yet so pure and ever so bright
Like dew on a tender flower.

Of all the visions that have met my eye
None compare to that fulfiling sight –
Of a splendid diamond on a ring
Like a radiant moon at night.

Some hail the diamond for its cut
Some hail it for its shine;
But of all the reasons the masses give
I know the best is mine.

‘Coz, I revere the diamond not for its cut
Nor for its glowing part;
I revere the diamond for its power
– to win a woman’s heart.

Aishwarya Rai

a poem by Ameet Nair

This poem is dedicated to Miss World 1994 – Aishwarya Rai

Dearest ASH,

You are a gorgeous woman – a delicate soul;
One with exotic beauty and a matching brain,
I’ve looked once and I’ve looked again
but from looking once more I cannot refrain.

Although your negligence torments me
my love shall never fade,
I shall wait for that glorious day
when you embrace me in your shade.

I am a confident and aspiring one;
To lose I’ve never learnt,
The flame of love within me
still burns and has always burnt.

The world mocks me and my love;
But the consequences I do not fear,
For envious people and their words
to spare I have no tear.

My love shall scale all barriers
that lie between you and me,
Our love shall be eternal
for the future generations to see.