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Death Call

Unfortunately, I feel a sense of Death,
Which knocked thinkin’ door ugly unnatural world,
I feel death like a rainbow scattering unhappiness,
Between happiness and unhappiness,
You’re thinkin’ and causing grief in human relations,
My life being a color and it don’t matter if you’re,
For such reasons unexplained beat it,
If you like my death call, you will be dead or
If you dislike my death call, you will be dead.

Silence is a beautiful miracle

I think about myself,
Who am I?
If she loves me, I feel good
If he loves me, I feel best
But god loves me, I feel miracles
Because I feel happiness forever
I am a silence flying bird
I feel my own smiles, tear drops ever
Where my poem, I am present their ever
I feel nature has given us beautiful friends
That is day and night
I have expressed my silence, miracles

Hello, Yes First Smile

Hello why are you coming here
You called me for smile.
Tell me yours works
No first smile, yes little bit
Without you, I can’t live smile.

Please cooperate with me, smile
You enjoying lovely night
May every effort be rewarded with success
My happiness is cooperation smile.

You stop your worry, start new jokes
With me, for a new happiness thought
Lord send a holy star to Bethlehem made this
Globe filled with prosperity come true
New year wish for the best Christmas smile.

Be happy…

Musical smile please
Be happy, blissful, all true
Why do we ever do else
Be ye all spiritual
Yes first realization
I am knowledge
That dispelling darkness calmer
We are living in one spiritual world
Observe the love and how could we find God
We are living under God colour sky
Yes, once more for wonderful god love
My love to you, poor or rich but one god
Be with you, small ice cube love
With ice hill, talk to me please
I see you and feel you
Be a musical tribute, ever smile

To know, yes My Lord

To know your greatness, my Lord
Speaking noble words, my Lord
Receive with best, my Lord
Quality dream call, my Lord
Please don’t look back, my Lord
One more smile please, my Lord
Natural beautiful world, my Lord
Music in my mind, my Lord
Lovely smiling face, my Lord
King of oceans, my Lord
Just loves me ever, my Lord
Inspire your intelligence, my Lord
Hello, yes first smile, my Lord
God Almighty says, my Lord
Feels with you always, my Lord
Ever best thanks, my Lord
Please smile forever, my Lord

Musical and Smile

Musical smile, we are looking in skylight,
All is true for genius smile for spiritual,
Be all spiritual, yes first colorful sky,
I am knowledge, that dispelling darkness,
We are living in a beautiful, natural world,
Observe the truth and path way to God,
We are living under one blessing tree,
Yes, we must pray only purify god love,
Green card poor or rich but butterfly freedom,
Be with you, small ice cube makes ice hill think,
Talk to me please,I will see you and feel you,
Be musical limelight lord blessed smile…

Season Loves Dream Bird

Please don’t tell me, who I am?
After all I am from
An unknown way to god,
Yes I had crossed many a country
To reach any country
There is no need for passport
Nor a visa
Because my name is a dream bird
And this temporary clouds are our best friends
Near and dear to each other
And we never know each other
Nor whether we will reach our destiny or not
What we know
That life is tearful smiles
In our day to day life

One love for the 365 days need

One love for year, that’s all right
One love for month, the natural world
One love for week, hello first smile
One love for day, love me please
One love for hour, hi day dreamer
One love for seconds, new happy jokes
One love for Sunday, light of life
One love for Monday, ok sit there
One love for Tuesday, hello black one
One love for Thursday, hello blue one
One love for Friday, hello white one
One love for Saturday, hello green one

Please love me

Where do you play, my love is there
Where do you play, my girl friend there
Where do you play, my boy friend there
Where do you play, my galaxy there
Where do you play, my planet there
Where do you play, my world there
Where do you play, my UN there
Where do you play, my Asia there
Where do you play, my India there
Where do you play, my Orissa there
Where do you play, my Bhubaneswar there
Where do you play, my Lover is there

Back Street Lover

Tell me why you are sitting there
Tell me why you are upset there
Tell me why you feel alone there
Tell me why you are a day dreamer there
Come on, join me, with your answer
Because we are living in one world
Because we are in it day and night
Because life is small, enjoy it full
Because this temporary clouds are friends
Hopes back street lover feels comfortable


Spirituality is ever beautiful
Secular sensation best
Winner living beauty brain
Calling with imagination
Celebrate ocean smile
Purify love is glories bless
I am emperor of emperors
Receive with best happy ever
I feeling happiness forever
True love is natural world
Thankful miracles ever truth
Universes live in god wisdom
God is all to be me forever
Always happiness my beloved
All blessing devotion ever
Comeback spiritual rainbow
Lover beauty bliss flow
Love is god ever smiling faces

By Truth Vision

The world and skies are equal by vision
To the grace of divine lord
The heaven and paradises are equal by nature
To the love of my beloved god mother
She guarded me as a pearl in the necklace
Her words and love will blessed here
She fed me with her blood and
Gave me a life and soul here but not misuse
My every pound of flesh,
My every turns and moves in temporary lives
Are her precious sacrifices in the natures
The God and fairies will ever be equal to destiny
She is my darling. I love her forever till my ego end.

God never says, He is a God

Common one love, one god
Celebrate one love, one god
Winner one love, one god
Spirituality one love, one god
Secular feel one love, one god
Pleasure one love, one god
Lover smile one love, one god
Love me one love, one god
God bless one love, one god
Adore god one love, one god
Abhor sin one love, one god
Comeback one love, one god
I cannot forget one love, one god
I can forgive one love, one god
God never says, he is a god

A Lovely Divine Smile

A lovely divine shipping smile
Forces waves which was vanished
My whole tearful oceans forever,
And I feeling forever with my
Beloved divine lord graces,I
Got waves seashores lovely divine
Smile coming from the spiritual
Kingdom, where I was coming like a
Small bird in the spiritual
Divine smile oceans, where my
Lord called me common join with
Yours answer, a lovely divine
Smile forever to me.