a poem by Kamar Sultana Sheik

How would it feel to be,
At the Queen of Bees’ honey-party???
Or to be invited at Madame Lioness’s den-parlor
To take a look at her just-born cubs-with-wet fur??

If to visit their Ocean home, the Whales should ask
Or Crocodiles, on soft sands to sunshine-bask.
Enjoy Tea at the Turtle’s Place,
To engage with the Leopard in a sprint race?

From the Porpoise, swimming lessons take-
Join the Full-Moon-Night feasting in the hide-out of the Chieftain Snake;
Ask the Elephant for a piggy-back ride,
On a wintry eve, dance to a Camp-Fire by the Ant-Hill side.

If Zebras would on a Jungle Safari take,
And Beavers took supervision, our dams to make,
The secrets of Desert Survival, if a Camel told
To open her eaglet’s eyes, the Eagle, where she got the Gold?

On sunny morns, if moths and butterflies should with youngsters play,
And glow-worm and fire-fly, in darkness light our way…
If Song-Birds should music lessons take,
And Infants, cuckoos every morning awake.

Such wondrous things would have come to happen.
If only Man had not made his first weapon!
In trying to set the tune of Civilization,
Upset the harmonious harp of Creation!!!

If the Ape that had stood up, had understood,
What he had done, when he first hunted and killed for food.
If he had known, when he bound his fellow brute in fetter,
Than living in Power, living in Peace how better.

Tigers would have been welcome
At the doorstep of every human home,
And every mother let her children in the deepest Forest safely play,
For surely, any Wolf would show the way!