A Slice of Rainbow

a poem by Devika

Slice a piece of rainbow for me
and make sure the edge is smooth-
Sometimes rainbows hurt…
I want to colour some part of life
and match the colours right-
Sometimes they spurt…
And when I think of a special blue
I find myself with turquoise light-
This time I want it right…
And when I want some green or red
I find myself with brown instead-
Not something really bright…
How can you think a piece of lime
is the golden shade I want-
It’s real gold I mean…
And when I say a little orange please
don’t give me rust or brick-
Something like orange peel…
I have a purpose here you see
in taking rainbow hues-
No variations will do…
For the white, grey, black,
and beige has touched
my life so long ago…
That now when sunset is not far
and I see shadows on my face,
I want to hold a rainbow
and take joy as the final grace…