Poems published in January 2018

Writing again…

a poem by Shailesh .

Took years to pen down
Looked many places of town

Found nothing to crown
Earth is still brown

Trying to keep day slow down
Sleeping is became really grown

Took years to pen down
Looked many places of town

Scattered Beauty

a poem by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh

And then
When the night nighed
Her beauty sighed
She looked again into mirror
Beauty scattered by any error
Her face is a piece of cheater
Expert as liar quite neater
Then smoke emanated
As if my wishes detonated
Glasses broke into pieces
Ashamed of reflecting her face
To my Love, this is disgrace

Common Man through a Magnifying Lens

a poem by Dharitri Bharatbhai Ramanlal

My glance at the common man makes me feel weird,
Always I do wonder where they get this worries reared,
Deity’s puja with which they have their morning geared,
‘Tilak’ with which they always have their foreheads smeared.

With enormous belief system, they always bow down in submission,
The causes of such devotions always being random,
Few of their minds filled with the dreams of mansion,
While the others busy thinking about today’s ration.

Some have their house keys hanging around their waist,
For safekeeping, their owner’s paradise leaves their places in haste,
The warmth of early morning sun, all seasons they get to taste,
Opportunity to earn the single holy bread they don’t want to waste.

Marriages being an integral part of their age,
Invest all their sweat in making this golden cage,
Sooner they start overwriting on their page,
In penning down the needs of their lineage

This monotonous regime takes a toll on their health,
But yet they haven’t amassed any wealth,
All they can do is teach their children about commonwealth,
For them, this is the only way living with stealth.

This is how the ego melts,
The juice of which we all smelt,
Thousands of stories whose depth we felt,
The way in which life is dealt


a poem by Shubham Kamble

Her musky, aged, antique smell.
Every Wrinkle on her face had a tale to tell.
Cracks on her palms, treasured stories of hardships and struggles.
Walked with a limp, like a boulder on her shoulder back.
Didn’t fall even with the deepest toe crack.
I lay my head on her motherly warm lap.
Her silvery smooth flowing hair,
gleamed with pride for her only heir.
She caressed my hair, sent chills down my spine.
Don’t you worry grandma, down here everything is (not so) fine.
Wish you were there for me when I needed you the most.
I will be there in the stars, will meet you once I’m mighty close.

Wishing You

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Hello, my sweet and cute being
I am your friend
How you consider?
I be the same

Your frenzy emotions sound good
And your caring heart just melts me
As I say, you assemble as divinity source
When I am stuck

My heart gets warm, happy
When your cheeks look like glaciers
And your smile just be the childish
Be the person you are

May be principled, weird, crazy, cool
Everything goes when it poisons
I know Sweety you know the act of society
Make your opportunities good

Happy birthday to the dearest friend
And a consern to the society in front
May God give all the happiness
And wish you a bright future

Live, smile, love, LOL
And make your day
As you have to live in present
Wishing you a happy being for your prospects

Invaded Identity

a poem by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh

I am me
Who said this?
So is my body
An invaded custody
Occupied by her
Thoughts and memories
Two sided glossaries
Not a reflection is mine
That would determine
My own identity
Out of my sanctity

I may be a string
Of any cacophonous Sitar
Where she creates
On my wounds
Riot of sounds
Without bounds

Words about to break

a poem by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh

Why don’t you kill me
By the speed of light
And forget those times
When evenings vanished
On our wet heads
And when we together
Sighed so much that
We were prone to break
Let me hold you
In my endless arms
Where I will lose you
In the depth of Love
And I will find you
Again in the dreams
The dreams those
Crave for my sleep
In my sleepless nights