Poems published in December 2017

In His Wait!

a poem by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh

When did I say, like this you wait?
To fix your gaze on my portrait.
In yearning of me, she is dazed,
Thorns in hand firmly she seized,
Without a blink, her eyes freezed.

(A girl deep in love with poet waits for him,
when mirza is late enough to make her weep In His Wait.
Mirza Expresses his concern for beloved.)


a poem by Shimna Prasad

I don’t know how to define the word journey
It’s simple for someone
It’s so complicated for somebody
It’s thrilling for a few
It’s an end for others

But what really matters in a journey
Whether the starting point or the destination
What if the journey finds you a different destination
Whether to turn back or to continue or to end up?

Choice is yours to define that journey
Turning back will lead you back to where you started
Making no difference and no definition
Continue will welcome you with a new starting point

With handful of surprises and hopes to your new destination
Ending up will lead you nowhere else than to the darkness
Choice is yours to redefine your journey
It never starts… and it never ends…


a poem by Sunshine Anonymous

Every time
I try harder than before
But the distance between us
Forever seems to grow

You keep on going away
Filling me with nothingness, despair you spray
Yet the distance between us
Persists, to my dismay

A mirage, you seem to me
A silhouette so hard to see
A desire I have, to feel you, hold you
And so, the distance between us I wanna bridge

You’ve made me a recluse
Loneliness I effuse
Still, the distance between us
I can’t seem to reduce

The Sweetest You

a poem by Deepa Dash

I don’t want you to be a doctor,
I don’t want you to be a engineer,
No need of being a scientist,
Neither a lecturer not an artist.

I don’t want you to exert,
For in your field, You are an expert.
As so easily you stole my heart,
I don’t know when did it start.

I like you, what you are,
So, no need to go so far.
Just make a promise far future,
To trap me forever in the enclosed.

Your encloser means in your arms,
I swear I can never forget it’s charm.
In you heart, I wanna be caught,
For which I wanna be in your dreams and swim in your thoughts.

We are, were and always be friends,
Till in the earth life sustains.
May God almighty shower his blessings,
For us to be together forever and ever…

Kargil Soldier – A Tribute

a poem by Dhilla SamsonKumar

High on the mountain snow
I have taken a vow
To keep my country glow
In spite of infilters flow
I have given the unjust a blow

High on the mountain mist
I have taken the bullet on chest
To make my country the best
In spite of all odd test
I have given you all a safe best

High on the mountain bed
I have stained the snow in red
To give my country what I said
In spite of things I wed
I lay here on mountain dead

I painted

a poem by Sneha Harichandan

I painted the whole galaxy on my body
Blistering with dark stars that refused to glow.
No, my soul resembles a black hole
That ruined every damn thing on its way
But you still are on empty canvas
And my fingers are yet to find your colours!

I painted a world with the mixed colours of yours emotions
Wondering with lights that exictes me to burn
Yes, my soul resembles with your world
That charmed every single angle at the edge
But I still are on my full pouches
And my eyes are yet to tell a story!

Happiness galore!

a poem by Priyal Narang

When we get something unexpected
Or when we accomplish our goal
Or when we spend time with someone near
We experience a sudden feeling of joy
Which can’t be expressed
It can only be felt
That is that moment of a day
When we say that I am in seventh heaven
And no one can stop us
From enjoying this pleasure
And we keep savoring this hidden treasure!

What we experience is happiness galore,
But where does this feeling go when situations are sore?
Why do we need a reason for happiness?
We should be happy even in times of distress.
We should convince our heart,
That life is God’s art.
Along with water, there will also be drought,
Never give in easily,
Remember, your situation is not worst,
Be happy and hope for the best.
Find joy in little things.
Try to be ecstatic,
And you will never be pessimistic!

Happiness is like a tiny ball of light
Which comes from within
True happiness doesn’t come from achieving acquisitive things
It is beyond that
It is searching for contentment
And not always achievement.
Try to be glad
Because there is no rewind and forward button in life
So enjoy each moment
And make your life worthwhile!

Woman and her struggles

a poem by Priyal Narang

Women are born with great powers,
She is a life giver and a miracle creator.
Women are very beautiful.
They are worshiped as goddesses.
They are as precious as pearls.
Yet in the end it is she who suffers all twists and turns.

A woman has the power to heal,
But all she gets for herself is so many ordeals.
Not a single day passes,
When women are not dealt with abuses.
They are molested or beaten every day,
Which breaks them from inside.
God, keep me safe today is all that they pray.
So tough is their life!

Every year we celebrate Women’s day,
But do we have the guts to say?
That there exists a small place,
In this big world,
Where women can be safe.
Where there is someone whom they can trust,
Who is not craving for lust.

All women need to be strong,
You need to overcome all fright.
Remember that you were born with might,
And you have to win this fight!

Because men will be men.
Their nature will not change.
It’s their mentality.
It’s you who need to be firm.
And show them the reality!


a poem by Deepa Dash

Everyone was at a stir,
awaiting to receive your first roar
A prince-sweetest smile and cutest fingers
Was about to descend on the floor.

May be she was taken utmost care,
Like a queen in her empire.
which did give the best outbring,
As none about you were her offspring.

You are sweeter than rose and brighter than the sun,
A guy who can do everything for his fun.
Always a charming smile added to his look,
Attracts everyone towards him like a hook.

Today why remembering all these?
None but the auspicious day is this,
The day that comes once a year
To make us smile and fade our fear.

Proud to get a chance like this,
Just to open my mouth piece,
And for you utter a few words

To a Kite

a poem by Hridya .

Oh! Kite,
My beautiful kite,
You can fly,
But I can’t fly.

When I run with you,
You soar like
a falcon in the sky!

Oh! my sweet kite,
I can never miss you.
Even in my dreams,
You flutter like a butterfly!

The pages of Knowledge

a poem by Fathima Usman

The pages flutter every day, every minute
Every minute of every day.
Pens mercilessly scratch upon them,
But the mind cruelly remains blank.
Outside: winter, sunshine, birds,
Flowers and everything
They say is an illusion.
What do we learn where we are?
Loss of innocence.
Loss of the stars
When the sky is dark.

Writing again

a poem by Aryaindia

Sitting here surrounded by routine
Mind has subjected itself to circumstances
Toubled day and night – unable to write
A block – A writer’s block – right !

Now disappointment gives way to hope
Yes – to hope that I can write
Write for my own well being – a passion
Eating out of me for so many years

This joy seeps into my being
Tearing past the ache of knowing
Knowing not what to write about
I am flying high on the cloud of dreams

Writing again


a poem by Lopamudra .

You and me were friends before
Everything you did I tolerated
In me the song of trust for you serenaded.
I am sorry for hurting you till the core

But what did you do?
You left me and broke my trust,
Left me and our friendship to rust.
Those were great times that we had spent
But whatever starts has to have an end.

I thought that you were a bit irritated
So the hope of peace inside me waited.
But you turned your face and changed your colours
Went and gave me away to others.

The darkness about you is much more than I thought
Or wait! Was it me with whom you exactly fought?
After a few days I expected you to be as before
But now, to me you are the biggest whore.

You took people’s support to maintain your position
But this is only because I didn’t take action.
Don’t think that I’ll still be waiting for you
Because people like you for me are nothing new.

And please remember that if I ignore you
Doesn’t mean that I’m scared of you.
Because if I start speaking
For you voice you’ll keep begging.

The other way

a poem by Adner J

They chose the route to the right
But I picked the right path,
Theirs circumscribes their sight
Mine leads to the aftermath.

They have wings to fly around
I stick to the lowest ground,
For I know that fate brings down
Both unknown and renowned.

They carry their lofty misdeeds
that were once little seeds,
After their many years of sin
They are now the devil’s kin

They take pride in cunning
and embrace lies as their folks.
I have grown tired of running
from such falsity and hoax.

Passion – A big driving factor in life!

a poem by Priyal Narang

Passion is something which drives you,
To the sky on high.
“Follow your passion” this is really true,
Because it forces you to try and try!

Your passion is a giver of many things,
It gives you peace, joy and contentment.
It is like a heavenly brink,
Which gives you eternal fulfillment.

People are passionate about different things,
It could be small or big,
It doesn’t matter what others think,
Just follow your heart and desires,
Internally it will take you higher and higher!!

People who are passionate are generally enthusiastic,
They don’t find life monotonous.
Cause they know how to make it fantastic,
Because for them their passion is very precious!!

It motivates them to work hard,
And do something worthwhile in life.
Passion gives them a great start,
Thus their mind is free of any conflict or strife.

So all I am saying is this,
It’s your life.
Make it large.
Don’t let that tiny ball of light die.
Listen to your heart and follow it,
And stay inspired.
Cause if you make your passion your profession,
Then you will find a lot of happiness!